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Anyway, you can also download the arcade version of
the game on Xbox Live Arcade. It costs five dollars and
if you are a major fan like me, the five dollars will be
gone faster than a German chocolate cake at a Weight
Watchers convention. If you do happen to pick up the
game on XBLA, then I would recommend picking up a
Hori Arcade Controller, which is basically an arcade
deck that you can put on your lap. It‘s more on the
expensive side, but well worth it for any of those side-
scrolling beat‘em up‘s or fighting games you get for
your Xbox 360.
A screenshot from the NES port showing Shredder holding April captive again,
but this time he’s with the fly form of Dr. Baxter who replaces the fight with So why did they make an NES version of the game?
Beebop and Rocksteady at the end of the parking lot level.
The answer is very simple, money! Thankfully, they
didn‘t just ―dumb down‖ the graphics and port it one-to noses at you. Carrots? Yeah, carrots, rocket carrots!
-one and be done with it. They actually put some de- Those snowmen do turn into robots after you beat the
cent time and effort into the game. crap out of them, but they‘re really not that hard. With
To start, they extended all of the levels by 25+% and enough practice, neither game is that hard really.
added two brand new levels! The two new levels are The second of the new levels, which is a temple, comes
long and have new bosses at the end of them. This after the secret factory level. At the end of this level
gives the game eight levels and ten bosses compared you get to fight Shogun, who‘s just another hired gun
to the six levels and seven bosses in the arcade ver- by Shredder to stop those waskaly wabbits…I mean
sion. Turtles. Shogun tries to put up a good fight, but in the
One of the new levels is a frozen city after the sewer end I‘ll always win like when I compete against people
stage and at the end you get to fight Tora, an alien with one leg in a limbo competition. The frozen city
bounty hunter level may have introduced new enemies like killer
hired by Shredder snowmen, but the temple level introduces paper tigers!
to take out the They unleash a devastating paper cut in hopes that
Turtles. He uses you‘ll bleed to death, muahahaha! Seriously though,
his fists and enor- those tigers are annoying.
mous pieces of hail Of course, the graphics have been degraded, but with
to (attempt to) the hardware running in the NES, the graphics are
pound you into about as good as they could be. The degraded graph-
oblivion. He‘s ics do not mess with the controls though. The controls
never known de- are very tight and spot-on compared to the stand-up
feat in his 2000 arcade version. I would recommend getting an NES
years of being…until he messed with me. I guess he Advantage controller if you plan on putting any time
should have taken a second look at Shredder‘s con- into this game. You can pick one up for around ten
tract, better luck next time. This level also adds some dollars and it‘s worth every penny.
new enemies like killer snowmen that shoot their carrot
So am I really just a hardcore fanboy and there is
nothing wrong with either version of those game?
Well… yes, I‘m pretty much a fanboy of this game, but
I do have one complaint and it‘s on the NES side of
things. You see, Nintendo released a product called,
―The Nintendo Four
Score.‖ You
plugged it into your
NES and it gave you
the ability to plug in
four controllers.
You would think
that something like
that would be com-
A screenshot from the Original 1989 Standup Arcade machine showing Shred- (Continued on page 28)
der holding April captive along with Beebop and Rocksteady who you actually
have to fight together at the end of the parking lot level.
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