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- Pat ―Coldguy‖ but did not execute it well; also the Perfect Dark gun-
fire sound effects are simply recycled for many of the
newer weapons.

Round 4: Story
This is a tricky one to call. GoldenEye has the advan-
tage of being based on a movie and has an existing
story to follow, while Perfect Dark does not. Perfect
Dark approaches their missions in an episodic manner
with the overall plot being revealed a little at a time.
For those who are unfamiliar with game battles, here The problem with this is the leap into fiction of the alien
are the basic rules: two games that are somewhat intervention. Sure, it is set in the future, which allowed
linked to one another are chosen. These games then them to create some kickass weapons, but toward the
enter into combat, thunder-done style, to determine end it felt like they were pulling straws to make sense.
which one is better. There are 7 different criteria that GoldenEye, on the other hand, took some liberties by
these games go through: Graphics/Animation, Game- adding to the story in an appropriate manner and en-
play, Sound/Music, Story, Challenge, Controls, and a hancing the existing story that the movie made. Win-
final wildcard category that could be anything. All deci- ner goes to GoldenEye for a better execution.
sions are final. Don‘t complain to me that your game Winner:
lost, suck it up! This is a Game Battle!
Now it‘s time to talk about GoldenEye 007 & Perfect Round 5: Challenge
Dark for the Nintendo 64, a system that will either give THIS is one of the toughest to decide upon. GoldenEye
you fond memories or cringe in a nightmare. There is has the better mission layout, but cheat codes are diffi-
no middle ground when it comes to this system; how- cult to enter. Perfect Dark, on the other hand, has bet-
ever, one thing that everyone agrees on, is that these ter objectives in single player mode and its cheat codes
two games are great. However the questions remains, were slightly easier to unlock thanks to the built-in
which game is better? Let the battle begin! clock display. However, Perfect Dark comes up with
something out of the blue — challenge mode. Simply
Round 1: Graphics/Animation put, you are thrown into matches to achieve a goal in
the variety of multiplayer maps, as well as the shooting Just because a game uses the expansion pack doesn‘t
gallery, to unlock ―classic‖ guns. And I didn‘t even mean the graphics are better by default. GoldenEye
mention the Cheese runs either…these features give pushed graphical prowess of the cart while Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark the victory. took full advantage of the additional memory given by
the expansion pak. This was a tough one to call, but Winner:
the nod goes to Perfect Dark for its animations with the
NPCs, and the uniqueness of them. Round 6: Controls
Winner: I am going to be honest, they rate exactly the same.
Perfect Dark has a unique gun selection method and Round 2: Gameplay
GoldenEye has some peeking techniques. But I hon-
When I talk gameplay, I am focusing on the single estly have to call this one a tie.
player campaigns. Both games have missions and both
Winner: have unique locations and secrets to help you out. Both
games also have defined difficulty levels. So, how
could you pick one over the other? Simple, Perfect Round 7: Multiplayer
Dark has something GoldenEye does not have... Co-op! You all knew this was going to be the wildcard; both of
Yes, you can have a friend assist you in missions, and these games were excellent in multiplayer. To this day,
they don‘t even need to be a human! You could let the people still go to parties and play in multiplayer
AI kick in and help you achieve your mission. matches (yes including myself). So how can you figure
Winner: out which one is better? By figuring out what type of
experience you want.
Round 3: Sound/Music GoldenEye has maps that reflected the single player
Now this one is an easy pick. GoldenEye, hands down, and had options that were innovative at the time. Its
has the better soundtrack. Not only does the music fit character selection was amazing, allowing you to
the mood of the game, but it also enhances the action choose from the main characters to every NPC in the
in dramatic scenes. Perfect Dark attempted to do this (Continued on page 23)
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