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last year, I was buying PS2 games
on clearance at a local Target for a
mere $1.80.
Don’t always just look for what
Video games are a unique medium Shop for Sales you want, look for value
format. A video game comes out in One thing about buying video games
stores ranging in approximate price Video games are sold year round, on sale and value…it is always im-
from $15 to $60. It often is avail- and there is a heavy emphasis to portant to look for deals. Early in
able at retail stores for about 2 to release a video game at the holiday my video game collecting, I found
12 months, depending on company season. What this creates is a mad that if I buy games that others are
and distribution. After that, a video crazy fight for shelf space during the wanting on sale, I can use them as
game title often then gets a “second holidays. Sometimes there are sev- trade for the video games that I
chance” at second-hand retail, eral deals that can be made from wanted. Often, I came out ahead
pawn, and online stores. As a shopping around during the annual and was even profitable at flipping
video game gets older and older, holidays. This is the time to hit games that were sought after to
often the price of the game is USU- newspaper ads and go to online others that were more than happy
ALLY reduced, unless it is a sought forums to listen for what stores are to pay more to locate rarer games
after title or low distribution title. having the best sales. After Christ- and popular titles.
While these timelines are not set in mas, there are even better deals to
stone, many video games released find out when game stores are Online forums…a great way to
follow this basic format, until the clearing out and making way for collaborate/trade for games
video game system that the game new upcoming titles. One thing that I always encourage
was released on becomes obso- other gamers to pursue is to join
lete. At this point, remaining titles an online forum that specialized in
are often clearance out at seri- video games. Some of my very
ously reduced prices. best video game deals I have ever
Like many other collectors out gotten was from a fellow online
there, I personally have a collector gamer I met online that was more
problem. As time goes on and than willing to sell to me at a dis-
months roll by, I continue to get count knowing that I would be
backlogged on my game wants giving their video games a good
and needs. On a very limited home. There are several video
budget, I have to be very frugal game forums that can be found
with what I can afford, what I can easily and recommended.
find, and what I want to play. or
Collecting on a budget can be ful- are often the ones that I person-
filling, fun, and sometimes profit- ally use to collaborate and sell
able as an added bonus. After video games.
collecting seriously for 15 years, I Don’t Forget about Video Game
have some great tips on how to Conventions/Flea Markets
get the most bang for your buck.
Of all of the above recommenda-Best Tips on Stretching Your
tions I have to save money on video Video Game Money Sometimes Older is Better
games, by far, the most money I
Don’t Buy New Our society is wired to buy new and have every saved on video games
current entertainment. Often, was by attending video game con-In this day and age with a video
something out of the limelight, ad- ventions held often in more popu-game store at every corner, it
vertising dollars, and general con- lated cities throughout the United seems that video games are every-
versation is forgotten about, only States. Often these conventions where. The day and age of just
finding a second life with avid collec- offer serious deals on mostly older buying video games at Toys R Us or
tors. A perfect example of this cur- video games and can range from Sears are over. From local game
rently is original Xbox games. Now small gatherings of 25 people to a stores (my favorite), pawn shops,
that the 360 has been out a couple couple of hundred. A great way to and national game stores, you can
of years, original Xbox games are see if any video game conventions often find a typical used complete
now being sold dirt cheap every- are located in your area is to ask on copy of a video game for sometimes
where. What once was sold at $50 a video game forum (yet another 30 percent cheaper. Often, many
is now averaging from $5 to $15 reason to join one). If you are un-people trade-in their older video
dollars. fortunate and do not have a game games for newer ones. If you can
convention in your area, the next
be patient, you can save hundreds Clearance Bins best thing is to search at local flea
of dollars if you don’t mind buying
second-hand. With this recommen- The clearance bins are sometimes
markets and yard sales. While deals
dation, I encourage savvy gamers to your best friend. A few times each
in these places are becoming less
check the condition of these video year, major retail stores will clear
common, there are always deals to
games before purchase…and AL- out the older video games and
be made and more importantly…
WAYS ask to check multiple copies games that usually did not sell well
often the price is negotiable.
of a game at a game store for the at rock bottom prices. This is an
best copy they have! excellent time to buy a game for the fraction of the retail price. Just this - John Hancock
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