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(Continued from page 31) trol over the price charged by retail-
ers. Mr. Greenberg, the top execu-Additional Microprocessors History of Coleco
tive, said today that he had heard
Coleco officials said its engineers had reports of some retailers planning to
redesigned Adam, increasing from charge as much as $700 for the ma-  1932: - Coleco (COnneticut LEather COmpany) Industries is
four to six the number of electronic chine. Asked if this higher price might founded as a leather products com-
''brains'' known as microprocessors deter middle-class buyers, Mr. Green- pany.
inside each machine. Coleco said the berg said: ''It's not too much for the  1960: - Coleco is the world's larg-
change would quicken Adam's ability mass of Americans. Anything under est manufacturer of above-ground
to search for and retrieve data from $1,000 that is a complete computer swimming pools.
memory and would also improve system like Adam is an easy value.''  1976: - Coleco released the Telstar
Adam's ability to do ''multi-tasking'' - Mr. Greenberg repeated his com- Arcade.
many computer assignments at the pany's claim that Coleco would be  1982: June - Coleco announces
same time. able to sell 500,000 machines by the ColecoVision video game sys-
tem. ''The access time is now comparable Christmas - either Adam itself or a
to that of lower-priced disk drives,'' smaller system, retailing for about  1983: June - Coleco announces
the Coleco Adam, at the Summer Mr. Greenberg said. He added that $450, that will enable owners of Cole-
Coleco had redesigned Adam's printer covision to convert their game ma-  1983: October - Coleco begins
to make it ''noticeably quieter'' than chines to Adam. He said the 400,000 shipping the Adam. System prob-
the printer that was displayed at the Adam machines already ordered can- lems caused them to stop shipping
Chicago show. And he said Adam's not be returned to Coleco, regardless until 1984.
word-processing program had also of how they fare on retailers' shelves.  1985: January - Coleco sells off
been reworked to make it faster and Stores Not Yet Identified its Adam inventory and leaves the
more powerful than the Chicago ver- computer business.
sion. Although Mr. Greenberg declined to  1988: - Coleco files for bank-
release the names of stores that will ruptcy. Coleco said the new computer would
sell Adam, analysts believe they are have about 80,000 bytes of internal  1989: - Coleco is bought-out by
the same stores that sell Colecovi- Hasbro. memory and that it
would use the Zilog from a 1983 high of
Z-80 microproces- more than 60, when
sor, a popular mi- Adam was intro-
croprocessor made duced. The shares,
by a subsidiary of traded on the New
the Exxon Corpora- York Stock Ex-
tion. The machine change, closed to-
will not operate with day at 43 1/2, up 2
any computer pro- for the day. Some
grams now on the analysts at today's
market, but Coleco news conference
said it would soon continued to express
issue a wide range concern about pro-
of software. duction delays as
well as the long-Conjecture on Retail
term outlook for Price
Although Coleco
''The basic design had not set a sug-
and production con-gested retail price
cepts are fabulous, for Adam - a com-
The Coleco Adam Home Computer but if they can't
plete computer
begin production by Oct. 1 or 15, it system consisting of keyboard, mem-
sion. These include such mass mer- will be bad news for Coleco,'' said ory, printer and programs - most
chandisers as Sears, Roebuck & Com- Douglas A. Cayne, a vice president of analysts had estimated, before today,
pany, the J. C. Penney Company and the Gartner Group Inc., a Stamford, that the machine would sell for $600
the Zayre Corporation. Conn., market research concern. ''To at retail. They arrived at this figure
produce 400,000 machines is a really by adding roughly 15 percent, a stan- Whether Coleco will be able to pro-
ambitious target. It is the type of dard markup for products of this duce 500,000 machines by Christmas
thing that if one or two things go type, to Adam's wholesale price of remains unclear, analysts said. Partly
wrong the whole thing is off and $525. as a result of fears that the company
Coleco has lost the ball game.'' might not be able to meet its produc-
Coleco, however, said it has no con- tion target, Coleco stock has skidded
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