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Helios N
Ainsworth living in
Abled by
a Player’s Paradise
PRODUCT: Players Paradise
PRODUCT TYPE: 4 Level Progressive
CONCEPT: Players Paradise is
Ainsworth’s spectacular link progres-
sive. Players Paradise features three
brilliant new Vegas themed games:
Vegas Fantasy, Vegas Fever and Vegas
CONCEPT: With the introduction of the
Based on max bet jackpot play; Players
Helios cabinet, Orion Gaming continues
Paradise provides 4-levels of link pro-
to develop and strengthen its product
gressive jackpots, 4-levels of explosive
line-up, to provide a unique selection of
bonus prizes and a rapid free games
products for various player types. Helios
feature. In addition, Players Paradise is
offers an ideal value-oriented solution
Ainsworth’s stunning new innovation,
when the best of gaming content is
where with each increased bet, extra
long arrays of stacked wilds are added
Powered by the N-Able platform, Helios
to provide players with even greater
game offerings include: standalone
games with TwinHit Dual-level Stand-
Players Paradise games are available in
alone Progressive functionality as a stan-
various denominations and in 40 and 50
dard option, O.N. Product games
Line configurations.
featuring the new communal gaming
Complemented by the Ambassador SL
highly flexible server based gaming solu-
experience Group Wins, and Game Pack
cabinet and striking Ainsworth’s graph-
tions that power a range of products,
monds Deluxe and Year of the Ox. The
video-reel and poker multi-games.
ics package that will truly enthral all slot
including, local and wide-area and net-
successful Play 50Lines/ Play 40Lines
players. Just like Vegas, Players Para-
worked executions as well as player
range delivers more quality math models
the company’s Systems in Progress (SiP)
dise has something for everyone.
tracking, cashless gaming, and player
with Busta Bucks, Dolphins, Dragon
server based gaming solutions will be
ALSO ON THE STAND: The market dom-
loyalty and bonusing solutions.
Lines Hold ‘Em, Dragon Festival, Sheer
showcased as an SiP system will be con-
inating Double Hit has been further
Magic and Wild Jester.
nected to a game in both the Bluebird2 Manufacturer: Orion Gaming
expanded with four spectacular new
and a Helios gaming cabinet. SiP offers Stand number: 3400
mid-denomination additions: Enchanted Manufacturer: Ainsworth
World, Fortune Fountain, Royal Dia- Stand number: 3440
Added security
Casino Technology
with fixed dome
shows Paris chic
PRODUCT: Gourmet de Paris 100-line video slots conceptually based on
PRODUCT TYPE: 25-line Video Slot, free spins combined with additional multi-
MANUFACTURER: Casino Technology level progressive jackpot feature, guaran-
CONCEPT: Gourmet de Paris is teeing higher attraction and longer playing
25-line video slot which fea- time. Using the latest technolo-
PRODUCT: HDTV camera proven Cam_inPIX technology and are
tures the innovative concept gies in game design and visual-
PRODUCT TYPE: Security thus suited to meet even the highest
where every symbol position isation 3D Powered series is
MANUFACTURER: Dallmeier demands, such as those which can be
independently spins as a sepa- aiming to provide an extraordi-
CONCEPT: Highlights at the Dallmeier found in the casino environment.
rate reel. This increases a lot the nary level of attraction. The
booth will be the two full HDTV cameras, ADDITIONAL FEATURES: The high-
winning chances through the exclusive 3D graphics are
the fixed dome camera DDF4010HDV end fixed dome camera DDF4010HDV is
special screen fill feature where bringing new dimensions of
and the PTZ dome DDZ4010-YY/HS/HD characterised by the following features:
the whole screen fills with the entertainment and gaming
DOMERA. Both cameras use a native HD 1/3" full high-definition CMOS image
same symbol. power for the players. The
sensor with a true resolution of 1920 x sensor with Cam_inPIX technology. Pure
ADDITIONAL FEATURES: series includes games like
1080 pixels and offer 16:9 image format Digital Signal Processing 10x optical
All the games will be presented Princess Of Speed and Born
and a five times higher resolution than zoom, additionally 12x digital zoom.
in the latest series of hi-end to Ride, thematically com-
the best conventional SD cameras. More-
gaming machines from the plemented by a new multi-
over, the cameras are prepared for ONVIF
Manufacturer: Dallmeier
company, including Gemini level Jackpot system Motor
requirements. The Dallmeier high defini-
Stand number: 3184
Sensa Plus upright and Tangra Mania. On the multi-game
tion cameras are also equipped with the
Touch slant top. Gemini Sensa side the next version of the
Plus is an enhanced version of popular Gamopolis series,
the highly successful Gemini very successful in Europe,
Sensa launched last year, incorpo- Gamopolis III featuring selection of some of
rating the latest trends in industrial design, the best performing games, especially com-
featuring slimmer shape, dual 22’’ LCD piled for the European markets: Queen Of
screens, along with a range of additional Fruits, Blazing Dice, Aztec Gold, Girls & Dia-
features ensuring interactive and comfort- monds and a keno game. Also look out for
able environment for the player. Rumble In The Jungle, African Moon, Cage
ALSO ON THE STAND: More than 15 King, African Magic and Prarie Dancer.
new video slot releases will be demon-
strated at Casino Technology’s stand at the
Manufacturer: Casino Technology
show. The Pro series includes 25, 50 and
Stand number: 3290
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