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New spin on slot play on
Bally’s biggest ever stand
Focusing on a Your
Partner, Your Bally
theme, Bally had its
broadest array ever
of products designed
to help its customer-
partners increase
revenue; attract,
reward, and delight
players; and derive
efficiencies. The
2009 Playboy
Playmate of the Year
company’s 14,400
Ida Ljungqvist
square foot booth
was its largest G2E
exhibit in history, 30
any size of casino operation.
The server-based offering
per cent larger than so far has boasted the iVIEW
last year’s exhibit.
Display manager, an intelligent
controller that enables casinos
to present messages anywhere
on the main game screen or
youreverything the top game display, can
BALLY TECHNOLOGIES enhance customer service
with a new beverage-ordering
One of the most exciting function through iVIEW DM’s
games in Bally’s 2010 collec- touch-screen interface.
tion is undoubtedly Cash Bally Business Intelligence
Spin, an industry first, on is an important tool in Bally’s
theV32 slot platform featur- innovation arsenal. This
ing a spinning wheel on the advanced application allows
top two-thirds of the video gaming operators to analyse
display above mechanical gaming-floor performance;
reels. player and game interaction;
This groundbreaking player behaviour and trend-
game allows the player to use ing; and player loyalty and
their hand to spin the wheel value.
during the bonus round via a Bally CoolSign, another
unique touch-enabled screen
Bally’s John Connolly and
server-based solution, would
above the reels, providing a
Andres Chacon Moreno Bally’s Laura Olson-
have been seen for the first
new level of player control
with Free for All on Reyes shows Cash
time by many visitors. This
and interaction. This USpin American Original Spin on the V-32 property-wide media man-
feature will also be available agement system lets gaming
on Cash Meteor and a number operators take control of all
of new titles currently in Royale (featuring several compatible with Bally’s exist- Using proprietary software sion cabinet, the industry’s the digital signage through
development. different titles), and both ing library of game titles. and hardware, Reel Image first two-player cabinet fea- the operation and deliver
Bally’s Laura Olson-Reyes single and five-line versions On the Pro Series Upright, presents a series of three, turing comfortable bench powerful and consistent mes-
said: “The ALPHA Elite V32 of Cash Wheel. two 22-inch, high-definition four, or five video reels that seating for a unique co-oper- sages and bonusing events
platform has performed Bally’s largest G2e games LCD video displays stacked actually curve to resemble ative play experience. on a variety of displays across
really well and as a result showcase ever reflected its above the button deck are the look, feel, and play Bally also presented two the casino resort.
we’re now doubling the commitment to increase its positioned for optimal dynamics of a mechanical new penny-denomination New to G2e this year was
number of titles on it. We games portfolio in fiscal year viewing. A custom-designed reel-spinner. multi-area progressive (MAP) the Bally Power Card, a mar-
think the level of interaction 2010 by 100 per cent and stereo “sound bar” posi- Standing tall and follow- titles on the company’s keting and promotions tool
with Cash Spin will really included 214 unique game tioned above and across the ing on the success of its first $250,000 link - Ultimate for gaming operators. This
capture player imagination. titles and more than 300 total width of the lower display two Digital Tower games, Tower of Power, a Digital stored-value card solution,
There’s an abundance of new games for Class III, Class II, provides an extraordinary Fireball and 77777 Jackpot, Tower series game; and the first of its kind to enable
game titles designed to take central determination, and range of audio-phile sound the company also introduced Instant Fortune, featuring stored-value cards to be
advantage of this nearly 6- video lottery (VLT) markets that cuts through noisy three new Digital Tower three, oversized attention- redeemed at any game con-
foot tall gaming platform. worldwide. casino environments. games led by Vegas Hits, a grabbing reels. nected to a Bally system, is an
Some of our most significant There were also two sleek Bally’s Pro Series Slant unique stacked-wheel video Olson-Reyes was also keen “electronic wallet” for
V32 titles include the new new cabinets on show. The provides video slot and video slot with a dual spinning- to promote Bally’s work in players to safely store their
Playboy - Girls of Canada, company’s new Pro Series poker players with a new level wheel top box. Other Bally systems, with its full Net- gaming dollars rather than
Hee Haw, Breeders’ Cup, Reel family features Bally’s first of comfort and engagement. Digital Tower innovations worked Floor of the Future carrying cash.
Money, and two entirely new dual-screen Slant cabinet as The video display and arm- included Ultimate Tower of suite, including an array of Finally, Bally Biometric
game series expressly made well as a sleek new Upright rests are slanted at the ideal Power on Bally’s $250,000 server-based solutions with Recognition is the first
for the V32 platform - Crazy cabinet. Key enhancements angles for optimal player multi-area progressive link; cutting-edge marketing, product to incorporate dis-
Cash and Magic Money.” included lowered button comfort, thereby reducing and Draw, Match, Win. bonusing, and player-com- tributed surveillance and
Bally’s new Spinnation decks with integrated arm- fatigue and enhancing player Innovations in community munication technologies. biometric recognition to
series of spinning-wheel rests for player comfort; new enjoyment. A 26-inch display and group play included New world-class Version solve real business problems
video and mechanical-reel OLED and programmable eliminates traditional top Blazing Hot Tournament, a 11 SDS and ACSC slot and at the point of play. This solu-
slots also stood out. Featur- video buttons for ease of glass, and is perfect for pro- new community-based casino-management tion comprises a network of
ing a mystery or symbol-trig- play; and redesigned bill gressive and other top-box gaming product with a systems, were shown with cameras installed in the
gered spinning-wheel bonus acceptor/ticket printers that features. Bally’s Slant features unique “thermometer-style” SDS, now available on a casino’s gaming machines.
top box Spinnation adds an utilise the same access for dimensions designed to on-screen bonus meter that Microsoft Windows plat- Each time a patron activates
extra level of anticipation. easier service and mainte- improve sight lines on the promotes an up-tempo form, delivering flexibility, a game, a camera captures
Some of the games featured nance (Pro Series Upright casino floor. rhythm of play. easy maintainability, interna- the patron’s biometric iden-
in this series include Hot Shot only). Bally’s Pro Series cabi- Reel Image was another Bally is also showcasing tionalisation, and horizontal tity and compares it to a data-
Cash Wheel, Monte Carlo nets are fully backwards industry first from Bally. two game titles on its DualVi- and vertical scalability for base of patrons.
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