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Topping if off in style
the way to
PRODUCT: Polygon and Pill Toppers asking for a high quality lock at a very rea-
PRODUCT TYPE: Locks/Toppers sonable price. Suzo Happ has managed to
MANUFACTURER: Suzo Happ answer market demands again with a reli-
CONCEPT: The new RGB Polygon and Pill able, solid lock that incorporates a 10 pin
Toppers have been designed for IGT slots. high-security solution. The keys are made
The USB version is plugged into the IGT from nickel-silver and are strong and
host for complete game control of unique durable. All standard lengths are available
colours and flashing patterns sent from the from stock, also in switch lock option. Natu-
PRODUCT: Towerlight Toppers
USB host. They are completely backlit by 4 rally, the X-lock is available with its own
PRODUCT TYPE: Slot Signage
SHARP Super bright white LEDs for the unique key code. The Maxi III Changer
Polygon Topper and 3 for the Pill Topper. includes the dedicated product features
CONCEPT: Signs4U’s Towerlight
They include a tower light with colour foils. with a larger coin capacity. Customer can
Toppers are built in co-operation with
The on-board PCB allows stand alone oper- choose between a banknote reader and
SUZO Netherlands. They consist of cus-
ation or synchronisation of up to eight topper coin acceptor. Furthermore, the modularity
tomized shaped- and engraved plex
boxes. Individual patterns can be created, of the coin pay-out design allows customers
glasses and are equipped with colour
for example a snake pattern that runs from to choose between the Suzo Happ Cube or
changing leds. The big advantage of this
one topper to the next. There are seven Evolution hoppers. The Electro-luminis-
is that our customers themselves have
pre-programmed flashing pat- cent Panel can bring your machine
the opportunity to fix it to one of the
terns. The ultra bright graphics to life. This ultra-thin foil can be
many available colours or choose for the
RGB LED’s guaran- programmed to bring the graphics to life
attractive colour changing effect. All the
tee unequalled light on the machine belly glass and
toppers run the latest LED technology
output for a spectac- topper display.
and operate entirely on 12 volts. Their
ular multi-colored Suzo Happ Europe
low energy consumption and long lifes-
lightshow. Further- will also be demon-
pan make them a relatively cheap and,
more, the opaque bezel contains 48 strating its new
also very important, an environmentally
IGT, Novomatic, WMS and Orion. A
bright Nichia multi-color LED’s distribution con-
friendly solution.
novelty this year is the collaboration with
for the Polygon topper and 44 for tract with Talaris,
ALSO ON THE STAND: Sign4U will have
Magic Dreams. The Italian based slot
the Pill Topper. There are different whose product
around 30 of its signs present at this
manufacturer will display its brand new
attract modes including full on, rotat- range includes the entry-level model
year’s edition of the IGE. Besides two
special Pirates themed Mystery-Pro-
ing left to right and right to left , flashing and EV8626 counting machine and the Nvision
signs, bank-ends and the toppers on its
gressive Jackpot Captain Cash.
more. desktop sorter.
own stand, visitors can find its signage
scattered around at the stands of all
Manufacturer: Signs4U
New Products from both Suzo Happ include
Manufacturer: Suzo Happ
major slot manufacturers such as Atronic,
Stand number: 3412
the X-Lock. Various companies have been
Stand number: 4240
Atronic Systems
New Bluebird
raises its bar
spreads its
PRODUCT: Bluebird XD cabinet.
MANUFACTURER: Atronic Systems
PRODUCT TYPE: slot cabinet
CONCEPT:The latest Player Service added
on the online platform is
CONCEPT: In addition to the latest slot
myBar, allowing players to order their drinks
product offerings, WMS will showcase
directly from the EGM and paying with their
the sleek Bluebird2 cabinet and debut
loyalty points. myBar increases conven-
the new, state-of-the-art Bluebird XD
ience of ordering and reduces time of unin-
cabinet. This stunning, first-of-its-
terrupted game play, ensuring not only an
kind cabinet features an ergonomic
increase of F&B revenues but also of gaming
design with 22” LCD upright screens in a
cash system and other major ticketing
revenues and customer loyalty.
slant form and emotive lighting to
include all the
systems. The ecash CRT, which features
enhance game play and deliver players
brand recognizable and
the smallest footprint on the market will also
nised industry standards with proven hard-
with a first class gaming experience. Add
proven, player-favourite G+ mechanics.
be made compatible with chip cash smart
ware, gives the casino floor
to that full networked gaming enable-
New features on the G+ Mechanical
card solution in the near future.
more efficiency, flexibility, entertainment,
ment, and you have two premium cabinet
games include Bonus Jackpots, Super
Demonstrating its unique WAP expertise at
and power, so operators can spend more
offerings that empower operators with
Big Win, and color accentuated reel light-
IGE, Atronic’s Systems Division recently cel-
time on strategic initiatives and less on
multiple ways to dynamically change the
ing effects. Innovation Series games at
ebrated the go-live of two national WAPs -
downtime and operating costs.
player’s experience on the casino slot
IGE in the Money Burst, Super Multi-Pay
the Mega Million jackpot at Casinos Austria
ALSO ON THE STAND: With a compre-
and Spinning Streak series, which feature
with 140 e² machines across 12 casinos
hensive suit of bonusing features and player
unique player interfaces and revolution-
and the Magic Casinos Jackpot, the first-of-
rewards, Star|Bonus Fever adapts to cus-
ing Sensory Immersion product line will
ary game mechanics that add completely
its-kind national progressive jackpot in
tomers’ specific needs and boosts retention
be represented by the new Wizard of Oz
new dimensions of game play for video
France and the largest network of intercon-
rates and profit-per customer by exciting
Ruby Slipper game, for an unmatched
reel players, include Monkees, Mystical
nected casinos in the world with 100 casinos
players with incentives and improved com-
sensory experience enhanced by real-
Dragons and Samurai Master. WMS will
and 338 machines connected.
munication. Star|Bonus Fever is designed
time 3D graphics, a built-in BOSE 3Space
also bring its innovative approach and
Atronic’s Systems Division will also unveil a
to create the right experience at the right
audio system and a mesmerizing top box
player-favourite products directly to the
unique offline, entry-level systems solution.
time, in the right way and for the right cost!
to aid players in their journeys through
Central Determination sector.
ecash, an innovative cash redemption ter-
time. The Community Gaming category
Manufacturer: Atronic Systems
minal (CRT) which is compatible with qpon Stand number: 3015
will showcase, Reel ‘em In! Compete to
Manufacturer: WMS Gaming
Win. WMS’ G+ 5-Reel Mechanical
Stand number: 3400
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