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JENSI a new
A chip off the
face at IGE
old Euroblock
PRODUCT: Internet PRODUCT: Euroblock Star
Lottery Terminal Roulette
Lottery Terminal Roulette
SIgame CONCEPT: Electro-mechanical
CONCEPT: JENSIgame Euroblock Star Roulette is an
SE will be presenting the automated gaming device, con-
next generation of video sisting of real casino roulette
lottery terminals (VLT’s) wheel with automatic ball blow-
called the Internet Lottery out and wheel hood lifting. Its
Terminal (ILT). electronic and mechanical fea-
The ILT has been tures add to the appeal of the
designed with the highest classic game. This brand new
security and players key multi-player product line is aimed
interests in mind. JEN- towards more price sensitive
SIgame has four decades
Jens Göransson markets.
of experience in the
from JENSI
game with
gaming industry which
Multiplayer can be custom made
has flowed into the ILT to any casino or arcade environ-
multi-game environment builds revenues
offers 16 separate games in either a
ment with an extensive choice of games
for the owner, whether it is a full-scale
This technology offers total player, game
server-based or web-based version. This
and a limitless number of play stations.
casino or a small arcade - limited by size
and financial/accounting tracking to
system allows customers many payment
State of the art solution by Interblock is
rather than by the number of stations
ensure the highest available technology
options - such as bank cards, cash,
based on the modularity of organic
which they may be permitted and broad-
for all parties involved. This technology
scratch cards or other cashless forms of
gaming machines, which are comprised
ens the game portfolio and answer
is coupled with an extremely strong web
of two completely independent units:
players’ game preferences instantly.
and/or server based library of games the center game unit and the play station,
known as Fortune Predator to ensure
Manufacturer: JENSIgame
offering a variety of choices in games, Manufacturer: Electroncek
player appeal. Fortune Predator already
Stand number: 4460
design, shape and functionality. The
Stand number: 3200
New roll of the dice
players with a new level of comfort and
for TouchTable
standing tall
Bally will also showcase its new SpinNa-
tion series of spinning-wheel video and
with Magic
mechanical-reel slots: Cash Spin
and Vegas Hits. Both games
PRODUCT: TouchTable MultiPLAY craps reacting to the time of day and player
Money series
feature Bally’s new U-Spin
PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic Caps demand. Indeed, when used effectively on a
technology, allowing
MANUFACTURER: TCS John Huxley double/triple table, different games can be
players to spin a virtual
CONCEPT: New for IGE is the addition of played consecutively, all from the same
PRODUCT: Wizard’s Wreath
wheel on the display back-
craps game functionality to the award dealer.
PRODUCT TYPE: six foot tall slot
wards, forward, slow or
winning TouchTable MultiPLAY platform. ALSO ON THE STAND: Two brand new
MANUFACTURER: Bally Technol-
fast as if it was an actual
TouchTable MultiPLAY identifies individual roulette wheels (Double Action and Gemini)
physical spinning wheel.
players and specific bets with its Touch ID will be launched as well as the company’s
CONCEPT: Bally’s ALPHA Elite V32
Bally will also present an
technology - worldwide patents pending. ground breaking Gaming Floor Live. This
platform will see an abundance of
expanded line-up of core
TouchTable MultiPLAY offers an effective Roulette optimisation system automatically
new game titles designed to take
video products at the IGE
way of quickly delivering live Roulette, Sic captures key data streams, allowing opera-
advantage of this nearly six-foot tall
show. Some of the many
Bo or Craps to a great many people. From a tors to measure real-time performance and
gaming platform. V32 titles that will
new titles on display
single dealer and electronic multi-player benchmark optimum results, providing
be on display include Reel Money
include the Gangster
betting surface, the system can simultane- essential live feedback to Dealers, further
Scatter and the new Magic Money
Series (Choo Choo Conti
ously serve up to twenty one player posi- floor staff and management. Gaming Floor
series, which features three new
and Tommy the Gun), the
tions. By giving operators the ability to adjust Live tracks all aspects of the casino floor
game titles: Wizard’s Wreath,
Femme Felone Series
games at the flick of a switch, the system Roulette system, increasing table turnover,
Golden Scepter, and Ring of
(Night Shift and Object of
maximises game play and revenue, quickly reducing operating costs and maximising
Desire), Fortunes of the
various key performance areas. In fact, the
Deep Series (Atlantic and
system optimises chip turnover, table utili-
their towering digital top boxes,
Mediterranean), Money
sation and maximum/minimum bets as well
dramatic animations, surround-
Multiplier Series (Mega
as Dealer performance to ensure optimal
sound audio and thrilling game play,
Fruits and Fantastic Fruits),
practices and wheel/table operation. With
Bally’s Digital Tower Series video slots
and the Mega Winner Series (Sparkling
real-time wheel analysis of winning numbers,
are magnets of excitement. Two of Bally’s
Diamonds, Hot Rocks, Emerald Treas-
hot spots and potential sector bias, Gaming
most successful Digital Tower Series
ures and Mega Winner II).
Floor Live offers operators complete control
titles Fireball and 77777 Jackpot, will be
Bally will also present an extensive
over Roulette table performance. Further-
prominently featured.
assortment of new stepper titles at IGE
more, it can monitor everything remotely via
ALSO ON THE STAND: Bally will intro-
on the ALPHA Elite S9E upright or the
LAN and WAN connectivity.
duce its sleek new Pro Series Slant Top
CineReels widescreen platforms.
cabinet to the international gaming
Manufacturer: TCS John Huxley market at the IGE show. The Pro Series
Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
Stand number: 3000 Slant provides video slot and video poker
Stand number: 3540 and 3550
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