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Atronic plays wild card
with slot innovations
Atronic and Spielo were
highlighting a number of
proven core games that have
passed extensive market val-
idation tests and are top per-
formers in many
jurisdictions, many of which
include special features such
as Wild Stays Until It Pays.
The concepts are geared
up to give players greater
freedom in the rules of the
game they choose to play.
When the Wild Stays Until
It Pays feature is activated, all
Wilds stay on the screen until
Atronic’s Sylvia Dietz and
Nadine Levermann with
they become part of a
Eagle Peaks the first game
winning combination. The demonstrating Wild Banks
innovation was perfectly
demonstrated on Mystic
Manta where players are Atronic was at G2e presenting a wide range of new core games all available in unique self-merchandising dual
asked to plumb the depths of
screen cabinets. These games offer one-of-a kind and innovative features such as Wild Stays Until it Pays, Wild
the ocean and discover its
treasures. Players activate the
Stays and Multiplies, Wild Stays Nudges and Pays, Wild Bank, Multi-Rules and more.
Wild Stays Until it Pays feature
by playing the Bonus Bet. The ality called Wild Banks. The five distinct bonuses and four bonus game triggers. server-assisted gaming ready. prodiGi Vu slot machines,
Shell symbol is wild and sub- eagle and his furry friends progressive levels. TEAL’C is Available in North America, Available on the prodiGi enabling on-the-fly, on-
stitutes for all symbols except will bring players the Trail a new 5-reel game where Return of the Sphinx is a high Vu terminal, the Jewelly demand switching between
Treasure and stays on the Bonus where free games, players activate the Stargate value 3-reel stepper with a 3- Bonus Feature Game is the multiple progressives, tourna-
screen until the player wins. multipliers and wild symbols bonus by wagering max lines level progressive and non- first of its kind in North ments, or community games.
The slot concept is also seen will be uncovered. plus a 10-credit Bonus Bet. linear paytable that rewards America to add a multi-level For example, operators can
on Egyptian Dreams. Multi Rules really brings Already installed in numer- high-bet players and features stand-alone progressive to a switch between a tournament
Wild Stays Until It Multi- this new genre of games to ous locations throughout the unique “buy-a-feature” multigame line-up. To make with 40 games spread out over
plies was exemplified on life allowing players to Europe, Africa, and Latin option. Jewelly appear, players four banks including an over-
Moonstone whilst Wild Stays choose their own game America, Stargate SG-1 has Visitors to the show also wager on all pay-lines and head screen, to a 15-game pro-
Nudges and Pays adds a touch rules, which is exactly the proven an immediate top saw the value and design of also bet on an extra five gressive with corresponding
of magic to Wizards Gold. If a case in Mysteries of India. performer, generating excite- the prodiGi Vu cabinet, which credits times the current line overhead display, to a 10-game
stacked wild occurs, it pays During the Free Game Bonus ment with players and oper- has already successfully bet during standard game linked community title- with
(substitutes) and in the next all wins are multiplied by 3 ators alike. Stargate SG-1 will launched in a number of play. Because Jewelly just a few clicks of a mouse. It
game it nudges down by two and free games can be re-trig- soon make its debut in North North American territories. bonuses are activated by a can transform banks of
positions and pays (substi- gered up to a maximum America as a 25-line, 5-reel With its colourful high-res- side wager, the base games prodiGi Vu cabinets into Bingo
tutes) again. Moonstone also number of 500. game with an additional olution graphics, crisp, digital keep their bonus games Factory, the only bingo-based
features a Bonus Player Selec- Elsewhere on the stand, forced bonus bet and a multi-channel sound, LCD intact. Any player can switch community casino game on
tion, where the player can Atronic was adding a fourth variety of exciting bonuses. button panel, and player- from game to game on the the North American market.
choose between three differ- title to its new multi- bonus The Passion Slots cabinet friendly ergonomics, the same terminal and still have It’s a five reel, 50-payline game
ent ways to play the bonus. progressive link, Stargate SG- was also standing tall. At an prodiGi Vu comes fully access to the progressives. that allows qualified players
Eagle Peaks, meanwhile, is 1, which is based on the impressive eight feet it fea- equipped with the sensys plat- Gamebos, meanwhile, was to compete together, and fea-
the first game with the popular film and TV series. tures a 4th LCD display reel form, which can handle fully a linked gaming controller tures a two-level progressive
binding base game function- Each Stargate SG-1 title offers with multiplier symbols and downloadable content and is that connects multiple as part of the bonus.
Belatra working on US vision for gold star
US certification
Gold Club
northernlights certification for several States in North goingforgold
Gold Club’s Bostan
BELATRA America and with GLI 11 already, we GOLD CLUB Rupnik and
hope this will not be too complicated. In Bostjan Stopar
Belatra was back at G2e, building its terms of new product we are showing Although not licensed yet for sales into the
brand whilst closing in on lining up a new developments from our M25 line United States, Gold Club reported an excel-
distributor for North America. from the Multi-Vision range, a brand lent showing at G2e, which it said would
Belatra’s Dimitri Degtiarev said: “G2e new platform called Multi-Millionaire provide a lot of opportunity once licensing
provides an excellent chance for us to and our more economically priced is complete.
meet with many of our customers from range of slots boasting our secondary Gold Club’s Bostjan Stopar said: “We
Latin America but we are working on brand BGM.” hope quite soon to be bringing machines
to the States. Certainly we are very strong in
The Belatra team at G2e Columbia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico and
with Cashcode’s Boris Dominican Republic and we have high
Gitlin, third from the left
hopes for a new law in Brazil. At the moment, with 37 or 38 numbered balls and a com-
G2e is most important for Gold Club due to pressor which blows the air and mixes the
the presence of visitors from Latin America.” balls inside the bowl. Players bet on roulette
Known most for its work in developing style betting terminals with either tradi-
electronic roulette, Gold Club has moved tional roulette views or a stadium presenta-
into new game sectors in recent years with tion.
its multi-player automated blackjack and Club’s Blackjack meanwhile is a five
bingo roulette products. player simulation with an interactive
Super Bingo circumnavigates any croupier animation on 42 inch plasma
roulette bans by presenting the same screen combining the advantages of a live
betting opportunities via a bingo platform and video game.
40 January 2010 • G2ereport
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