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Building for the future
Slovenian company Alfastreet has carved
quite a niche for itself with its electronic
Matjaž Petek with x
the brand new
versions of classic casino games, roulette,
of course, but also keno and poker. It is
blackjack game
now turning its attention to blackjack in
order to keep the flow of new ideas and
product lines strong.
ideasflow tive and offers easy connec-
ALFASTREET tivity for tournament play and
for integration into any casino
It wasn’t so long ago that management system. We’ve
Alfastreet was showing the put in a lot of effort to make
prototype of its electronic sure that players have the best
poker table: comfortable but experience possible so that
compact it provides opera- they are comfortable, easy to
tors with an attractive understand and to play with a
machine positioned to allow clean minimalist style.”
them to make a return. The company was also
“Alfastreet Poker is now showing its very latest proto-
one of our most successful type for a blackjack game:
product lines,” said Matjaž again it features clean lines
Petek, the company’s sales and importantly for the
and marketing manager. player, lots of legroom.
“There’s lots of demand par- “It’s something com-
ticularly in Latin America and pletely new and fresh and
Europe. We believe we’ve we’re testing the response
taken a different approach to from customers and to keep
the poker machine that helps them involved through feed-
make it profitable. For back in the development gameplay similar to punto machines in their latest gen- latest generation of bingo coming out of recession, there
example, we offer flexibility process,” said Petek. “We’ve banco with poker-style erations,” said Petek. “We machines, based on a similar is hope that casinos will again
to the operator either to buy kept to the principle of betting rounds and makes have made improvements to technological platform to feel the benefit of and con-
or lease the game - we recog- making the interface simple happy transfer on to tables all of them but to be honest, roulette, is doing well. tribute to growth. Alfastreet
nise some people have financ- and we think we’re going to similar to Alfastreet Poker. they are already very good “We’ve created a new gen- wants to do its part: “We are
ing difficulties so we help be able to provide very good Alfastreet’s core product machines and we’ve been eration machine that is per- investing a lot in R&D this year
them out. Over the last couple value for operators.” is, of course, electronic tweaking them.” forming well in that market,” in order to offer new solutions
of years, many operators have The company was also roulette, for which the With plenty of visitors to said Petek. “A broadly similar to our customers,” said Petek.
had little purchasing power.” showing its electronic company has an enviable G2E from one of few gaming unit is doing well for keno in “In this way we are helping
He continued: “This poker version of Tago in the US for reputation. “We have been markets that is still growing, North America.” the recovery of the sector,
machine is simple and effec- the first time. Tago combines showing our classic roulette Latin America, the company’s With most of the world now which really needs a boost.”
A new vizion from
Stuffed with
JCM Global
validpoints give it the most power access to detailed In these days of TITO, opera-
JCM GLOBAL sensor capabilities avail- reports tors need reliable, fast print-
able. It gives opera- What players will ers that take up as little staff
The importance of bill tor a 99 per notice is a high-con- time as possible. At G2E,
acceptors to the way casino cent-plus accept- trast LCD display on manufacturer TransAct
operations function is one of ance rate on valid JCM’s Sentry 2.0 bezel. revealed what it believes is
the main reasons why there banknotes and the “Bezels play a critical the fastest and most reliable
is such competition in this most diligent role in guiding and edu- thermal printer on the market,
rather specialised sector. counterfeit pro- cating the play on a slot the new Epic Ten80.
JCM Global has an hon- tection.” machine via symbols, flash- “This printer, the newest in
ourable history in the field The sensors ing lights and subtle the Epic series, is so flexible,
and at G2E this year read both front reminders,” said Nieman. there’s really no need to
launched two new high tech and back of the “They also help floor techni- upgrade in the future,” said
products that it believes will bank-note or cians with self-diagnostics Tracey Chernay, SVP of sales
take it to the fore. ticket resulting, and can display the denomi- and marketing. “It is suitable
iVizion is a validator that says the nation of the last banknote for all slot machines, comes
the company says “sees company, in faster played.” equipped with a new and
better, thinks smarter and banknote-to-ban- The Sentry 2.0 bezel is bigger processor and allows
runs faster than any compa- knote processing programmable so that an for even faster firmware
rable product in the indus- speed. It has a
The new iVizion
operator can display a wide downloads with a USB
try”. wide banknote with Sentry 2.0 range of messages - such as imPort. Our patented dual-
Tracey Chernay with
TransAct’s brand new
“iVizion’s ability to see path entry, allow-
bezel and RFID
the property logo or a good port technology is now inte-
Epic Ten80 thermal printer
better comes from its ing notes to be
enabled Intelligent
luck message - all in bright, grated internally in the printer,
Contact Image Sensor tech- inserted quickly
Cash Box
fully functional two-colour which allows operators to
nology,” said senior vice and easily, com- LCD graphics. When the drive promotions and printed before it is presented
president of operations, Tom bined with optical gent bezel is in attract mode, it coupons. Transaction time is and the ability to hot swap the
Nieman. “That combined alignment and patented Cash Box, which operates at full light inten- around 30 per cent faster and unit.”
with transparency and mechanical anti-stringing captures every transaction sity; when a player begins to it has 33 per cent more paper The Epic Ten80 will be with
reflective sensors that scan device. to ensure the most accurate play, it automatically dims to capacity, this in addition to OEMs in the first part of 2010
75 times more data point The reader is backed up data reconciliation possible create a more comfortable our Ticketburst technology and universally available from
that competitive products by an RFID enabled Intelli- and allows the management gaming experience. that sees the whole ticket around the middle of the year.
48 January 2010 • G2ereport
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