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High measure of
acceptance for MEI
There is theoretically a point where the
performance of a bill validator cannot get
any better: it detects and accepts all
genuine notes and rejects counterfeits all
in an instant. Perfection is a high aim but
MEI thinks it is within spitting distance,
which is why the company has managed
to secure another OEMs backing as
preferred supplier.
valuetech be happier with where we
MEI are in the US. It shows that
the gaming industry does
Bill validators or note accep- embrace new technology:
tors are not the sexiest part we are not the cheapest on
of the casino industry, but the market but if you have
they are, of course, essential. the best product, customers
Many operators accept what will accept that. Now, four of
they are given by OEMs, so it the largest OEMs have chosen
can be difficult to get them us as the preferred supplier.”
to try new things. MEI’s strat- The company got a big
egy over the last three or four boost just before G2E when
MEI’s president of gaming
years has been to persuade WMS Industries, now making
Tom Nugent with the new The EasiTrax Soft Count system allows operators to
operators to conduct a free some of the most exciting
completely modular bill swiftly and accurately reconcile cashboxes using easily
trial in order to compare the games on the market, recycler, designed for kiosk retrofittable RFID technology.
performance of the existing selected the Cashflow SC as
acceptor against MEI’s Cash- its default bill validator for
flow SC. sales and gaming operations tally the contents of the drop Seattle, Washington. the game. But we also have a new gen-
“Our Value-Added Trials in Canada and the US. box and to make sure those Earlier in the year, MEI “Longevity is an important eration of SC acceptors in
programme allows cus- Technology that is specifi- contents have been licensed use of EasiTrax to concept for us because our the pipeline, something that
tomers to make their own cally designed for the high- accounted for, saving time competitor Money Controls, customers need to know that does the same job but even
judgements,” said marketing volume, highly regulated and effort both initially and expanding the product’s our products are long-lasting better. There’s no revolution
director Andy Reichlin. “It’s casino environment is MEI’s in trying to correct errors. reach. and very reliable,” said Reich- coming – we are pushing the
proved so popular that we EasiTrax Soft Count system, The company recently If there was little that was lin. “A lot of our competitors boundaries of acceptance
are now looking at a 90 per which ensures seamless installed the system across brand new for the casino are putting out new products and security but we can still
cent market share of new US accounting in the back office the entire slot floor in the market, MEI makes no all the time - I believe they’ve work on speed and rates of
casino openings. We couldn’t by using RFID technology to Snoqualmie Casino near apology for being ahead of been inspired to follow us. ticket acceptance.”
New beginnings abound
for Casino Technology
baccarat from
americandream and Peru. shoein
installations in Peru for the
In some respects it has not last two years,” said Latin G2E 2009 saw the launch of
been a good year for Casino America sales manager Fournier’s security baccarat
Technology as two of its Stefan Enchev, “it’s a good shoe into the US market, where
major markets shut down: market for us that I think we the game - certainly in Las
the closure in Russia was will be able to grow and gain Vegas - is now the fastest
long expected, in Ukraine a much bigger market share. growing on the traditional floor.
not at all. However, those They are very keen on our Originally developed for
were not the company’s only Wild Wild Africa title with it Macau, the shoe detects and
markets, so it is able to con- mid-level volatility. Enter- reads each card as it is drawn
Javier Berasategui, export
manager of Fournier
centrate more on those now. tainment is key for a suc- from the shoe and shows the
“We are making inroads cessful game in that result on a discreet LCD display.
into the US,” said Casino market.” It alerts the dealer if too many with its the sister company US
Technology’s Las Vegas- Casino Technology is cards are drawn and helps the Playing Cards 35 per cent of the
based vice president Rossi gearing itself up for some operator detect fraudulent play. market. However, competition
McKee. “We have some big launches: “For the next “This was such a success in is increasing as more compa-
installations of our Gemini year, we are releasing a Macau that we launched it nies move into this ultimate
series of games just going great many new games for worldwide,” said Javier casino consumable.
into casinos in California all markets,” said McKee, Berasategui, export manager “What sets us apart,” said
and if the tests go well we “especially for the US for the company. “There are Berasategui, “is our ISO 9001 -
will certainly be approaching market.” more than 1,000 in operation 2000 certification. It’s not just
other states.” She continued: “Also at now and they reduce remark- about printing cards, it’s about
The company was the London show, we are ably the risk of losses from ensuring consistent high
also using G2E to meet planning launch a new Pro cheating or errors.” quality. Cards have to be free of
some of its growing number and 3D series, which we will Fournier is, of course, also defects in order to work in shuf-
of Latin American clients, then also send for approval the market-leading playing card flers for example. We are the
particularly from Columbia in the US.” Casino Technology’s representative in the US, Rossi McKee manufacturer, holding together benchmark standard.”
50 January 2010 • G2ereport
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