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to make larger commitments than usual to his designs.” Retail-
3,000 + d

e s i g n s av a i L a b L e f o r Li c e n s i n g
ers who regularly carry Brent’s products are Kohl’s, Coldwater
Creek, Target, Steinmart, Beall’s Department Store and Bed, Bath
& Beyond to name a few.
Recently, Paul Brent has added a new aspect to his career in
art licensing. He has launched a website,,
which includes art licensing information for other artists who are
entering the field. Given the benefit of twenty years in the licens-
ing business, Brent is offering a seminar of questions and answers
about licensing that has been recorded with the audio available
without charge on his new website. He is also offering consulting
and portfolio reviews and will be completing two new e-books,
As in the past, Brent is confident that manufacturers will look to him How to Keep Fresh in the Marketplace and The Designer Life
when choosing designs for 2010 and beyond. Brent’s longevity and success Cycle, which will give guidance to artists who are building their
as an individual artist in the industry speaks for itself and his reputation as a career or growing their business. A live seminar will be offered visit u s a t t h e u p c o m i n g
England scenes, fall foliage, hot air balloons, rabbits and orchids have talented artist as well as having a team of experienced professionals working free to interested artists on June 24, at 7:30 pm central time.
all been successful subjects for me in my career.” More recently he for him has set this artist apart from others in the industry. Brent has had Participants can log in to his website, , and
has painted two series of owls and a collection of “Green” designs recent success with extensive collections from Gallerie II in decorative home type in their question to be answered during the seminar. After L i c e n s i n g s h o w s !
that will accommodate the number of green, sustainable, and eco- accessories and holiday gifts, Evergreen Enterprises has introduced a line of the live seminar, the audio will be available for a nominal fee.
friendly products that are coming to market. eco-friendly bamboo melamine, Cape Craftsman launched a line of home décor
Paul Brent works with his wife, Lana Jane Lewis-Brent, who
products such as ceramic dessert plates, metal planters, marble coasters as
Never one to rest on his laurels, Brent has created new
is president of their company and supervises the management
well as ceramic tile trays featuring a distressed beadboard image with seashells,
design collections for the current year. These collections include a
aspects of the business leaving the creation and art direction to
su r t e x sh o w - bo o t h 403, 405
Conimar/Counter Art with a series of glass and ceramic products in a non-tra-
series of lodge inspired fish signs that feature four different types of
Brent. Together they have created a unique business that has im-
ditional Brent design of a Fleur de Lis, Allure Home Creations producing two Li c e n s i n g sh o w - bo o t h 1357
fresh water fish set into a distressed lake scene background, a set of
pacted the world of design in a distinctive style. In addition to
complete bath coordinates exclusively for Bed, Bath & Beyond and Precidio has
brightly colored palms that have a rustic feel, several new floral col-
their licensing business they operate the Paul Brent Gallery in
created several melamine and ceramic dinnerware collections which have been
lections, one featuring more muted tones of yellow and pink tones
Panama City, Florida. For more information on the gallery, go to
selected by retailers such as Steinmart.
set on a beige background as well as a series that showcases red and or you can join the facebook group, Paul
oranges hues collaged with tulip and amaryllis flowers. Additional With over 80 licensees and growing, Brent saw more than 900 new
Brent Gallery. The Brent’s enjoy hearing the stories from their
visitors around the world of where they have seen his artwork
fo r L i c e n s i n g i n f o r m a t i o n
collections are a series of seahorses using light blue and coral tones, products introduced during the 1st quarter of 2009, with the majority of them
sophisticated palms featuring beautiful border treatments, two col- being at the January Atlanta Gift Market. Into 2009, Brent’s licensees are con-
and products. The duo’s energy and hard work are testament to
lections of shorebirds in an earthy muted palette and a series of tinuing to make substantial comments to the artists’ work for collections that
the continued success of their business. For further information c o n t a c t
distressed nautical motif designs.
are slated for introduction in 2010. Licensing about art licensing by Paul Brent contact Ellen Seay at licensing@
Director, Ellen Seay comments, “I continue to be or call 850-785-2684 x14. You can also visit Paul
eL L e n se a Y , Li c e n s i n g di r e c t o r
amazed at the commitments that our existing Brent’s licensing website at
and well as new licensees are willing to make
to Paul’s work during these difficult economic
850.785.2684 x14
times. I believe that this shows that his work has
proven to be very successful in the marketplace
L i c e n s i n g @p a u L b r e n t .c o m
and our manufacturers who have experienced
this success along with us are more than willing
w w w .p a u L b r e n t L i c e n s i n g .c o m
w w w .a s k p a u L b r e n t .c o m

pa u L br e n t ’s n e w w e b s i t e o f f e r i n g L i c e n s i n g
a d v i c e , c o n s u L t i n g a n d p o r t f o L i o r e v i e w. go
t o t h e w e b s i t e a n d r e g i s t e r f o r t h e n e x t f r e e
BIRDS t e L e -s e m i n a r o n Ju n e 24t h , 7:30 p m c e n t r a L
t i m e . Yo u c a n L e a v e a q u e s t i o n t o b e a n -
s w e r e d d u r i n g t h e L i v e q u e s t i o n a n d a n s w e r
s e s s i o n .
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