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APC Overnight takes a local view
APC Overnight’s operation also led to crucial fuel savings, faster response times
bold move to boost and reduction in environmental impact. The service is proving
business in particularly popular with the luxury food sector, with fresh
Scotland has paid produce businesses such as meat, pie and bacon suppliers
off with a big finding APC Overnight’s early deliveries the best choice for
increase in
their perishable items. At Bellshill a third of all parcels received
business north of
are sorted and distributed in Scotland without ever crossing
the border. APC
the border. This enables the Scottish depots to offer much
Overnight has
earlier deliveries. Not only does this improve efficiency it also
taken an innovative
helps APC to reduce the carbon footprint of its business and
approach by
manage the drivers’ Working Time better. In addition, by
retaining all consignments for Scottish destinations within
keeping these consignments within Scotland the Essington
Scotland, allowing their Scottish depots to offer much earlier
hub in the Midlands is able it to optimize its services for the
deliveries than rivals. The expansion of its Bellshill hub
rest of the UK.
Can supply chains be
New electronic hubdometer
environmentally friendly?
clocks trailer miles
An innovation in hubdometer
The logistics industry has a reputation as major
technology from Secureseal
contributors to the greenhouse effect and having
will make it much easier for
significant carbon footprints. The reality is that they are not
the biggest sinners. The problem is that transport and
carriers to monitor use of
logistics are highly visible to consumers! Malcolm
their trailers. The new
Wilson, Managing Director of UK Logistics believes that
electronic hubodometer is a
the Logistics industry is not as bad as its perception - just
cost-effective universal
very visible. “Public opinion and the media traditionally
solution that can be used with
associate logistics with high Green House Gas emissions.
any size tyre and is easily
However, recent carbon footprint lifecycle assessments on
programmed for measuring
products such as beer, crisps and smoothies showed that
distance travelled in miles or
the distribution element of the total footprint was only
kilometres. The device is
around 10%. Although we are working towards targets set
attached to a wheel hub to
on the continent, the UK market places higher
precisely record the distance
environmental demands than any other market in Europe”.
travelled relative to wheel
“Sharing resources is core to our business so multi-user
revolutions. This new device
warehouses and transport networks with their associated
replaces mechanical hubodometers that have to be purchased
environmental benefits are at the heart of our culture.
according to specific tyre sizes and measurement requirement.
Collaboration with our customers and suppliers remains
Featuring a robust design, large LCD, and no moving parts it
instrumental in the development and achievement of
also offers an exceptionally long battery life giving up to 4
environmental goals”, Mr Wilson added. “The current
years of constant and consistent monitoring. Secureseal has
costs of fuel intensify the pressure to find ways to use
been supplying hubodometers to bus and logistics operators
resources more sparingly. Logistics providers have a
for more than 30 years. The new device adds to the
contribution to make towards Environmentally Efficient
company’s respected range of robust, sealed mechanical
Supply Chains, and we should do so - this is our bread & hubodometers, giving customers a wider choice of solutions
butter”, Mr Wilson concluded. for monitoring of truck trailers and buses.
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