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Transforming the way mail is handled and moved
is now in use or being piloted by a
number of national postal carriers and
entrepreneurial DSA operators.
Following the successful introduction of
15,000 reusable pallet lids into Posten
The Pally, as the name would indicate is a
Norgen during 2007 and the start of 2008,
Pallet and Dolly in one. The Pally will
Loadhog has launched its latest
function completely as a pallet or
innovation called the Pally.
completely as a mobile dolly. According
to Sales Manager, Ed Fanshawe this is
With the Pally, Loadhog have successfully
fundamental to the success of the
combined the advantages of a pallet and
development. “With one pedal push at
a dolly in one versatile 800mm by 600mm
either end of the unit the user is able to
unit that looks set to transform the way
completely transfer the payload of up to
trayed mail can be moved through the
500kg off the dolly wheels and onto pallet
supply chain.
bearers or vice versa. In pallet form the
Pally must be immobile and secure; safe
ORIGINAL CONCEPT for transit, racking, storage and
Loadhog identified the development
automation. Therefore the wheels must
opportunity whilst working with Royal Mail
not be load bearing and be disengaged.”
on their Half Euro sized self -securing Loadhog have designed a simple and
pallet lid. At the time Royal Mail were compact mechanism, which allows an
looking at alternatives to the traditional average worker to easily lift 500kg with
York Cage and one option in one pedal press. When comparing this to,
consideration was a dolly type base to for example, the time and effort required
In the postal industry the Pally is being
move product from client to mail centres to locate and use a pump truck in an
used with the 800mm x 600mm Loadhog
and on to local delivery offices. The often space restricted operating
Lid, which integrates retractable,
problem, they were told, with any environment one starts to realise the real
tensionable straps that allow a load to be
wheeled solution is breaking it, to make it benefits that the integrated Pally solution
secured quickly, on demand and with
secure and stable for transit and offers. Mail can simply be pushed directly
zero one trip packaging waste.
potentially automation. Loadhog's on to/off trailers or within mail centres and The lid also provides the potential to
response? – “The best way to brake delivery offices before being secured for double stack secured Pally loads of
something is to take the wheels away, picking again with one more pedal press. trayed mail on vehicles and in storage.
then it physically cannot move.”
Used as a pallet the Pally can be handled
It was this concept which Loadhog took by forklift / pump trucks if required,
away and developed, three years later the although eliminates the need for both. It
Pally is now a finished product and has been designed to be compatible with
commercially available. And it has not high-speed automation lines and storage
Once introduced, there have been a
taken long for the Pally to get noticed, it racking.
number of significant contracts signed
and pilot schemes in place, moving mail
from clients (Banks, Businesses and
Public Services etc) into Mail Centres and
also from Mail Centres to Delivery Offices,
often in remote areas – providing a truly
end-to-end solution.
Every day use of the system has
highlighted and proven some pretty major
benefits to Loadhog’s clients says
“The Pally & Lid system weighs a total of
21kg, 29kg less than the York Cage.
That’s a 58% saving in equipment weight
from the outset, making it easier to
handle for operators and providing an
opportunity to safely increase the amount
of mail moved per unit. This alone can
yield a c.25% increase in mail handling
We have also seen that the smaller foot
print of the Pally when compared to a
cage allows more Pally units to be loaded
per vehicle – up to 64 units (loaded with
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