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Mitsubishi Outlander Commercial
electronically by twisting a knob mounted storages areas for all your bits and bobs,
just to the rear of the gearstick. Turn it to there’s a bin in each door with a
4WD and torque is routed to the wheels
moulding to hold a soft drink can, a 12v
with the most grip. If things start to get
power point, plus a covered tray in the lid
rough then you turn it to Lock. Capable of
and a lockable glovebox. Air-conditioning
handling a 705kg payload, Outlander
forms part of the heating and ventilation
Commercial can haul a braked trailer
system with electric windows and exterior
grossing at 2,000kg. The vehicle itself
mirrors are standard features. The large
grosses at 2,360kg.
door mirrors can be folded in at the touch
Access to the vehicle's 2.0m
cargo bay is
of a button. You can adjust the height of
“Ready 4Work”
by means of an unglazed hinged door on
the driver's seat and the steering column.
each side plus a rear hatch with a heated
Remote central locking controls all the
Mitsubishi has proved remarkably
window and a wash/wipe system. Our
successful in developing a useful range
test model was fitted with a purpose-built
On the road the Outlander Commercial is
of 4x4 light commercials. The five-door
load bed and a full height bulkhead at the
enjoyable to drive and offers ample
Outlander is also produced as a car, with
cab end to stop loads sliding forward.
performance and delivers it smoothly too.
the 4Work commercial variant based on
The van's cargo area is comprehensively
the entry-level Equippe derivative.
protected from scratches and scrapes by
Its mid-range get-up-and-go proved
plastic cladding that covers the wheel invaluable when it came to overtaking
The Outlander Commercial is powered by
boxes, the sides and the doors. Maximum slower-moving traffic on single-
a 1,968cc four-cylinder engine generating
load length is 1,800mm. Maximum width carriageway roads. It corners with
138hp at 4,000rpm and is married to a
is 1,335mm narrowing to 950mm
precision, with no excess rolling and
six-speed manual gearbox.
between the wheel arches, while
providing plenty of feedback through the
In 4x2 mode drive goes to the front
maximum height is 930mm.
steering. There’s no question about it the
wheels, with four-wheel drive engaged Inside the cabin you'll find plenty of Outlander does the business.
Volkswagen Tiguan
The Tiguan scores well where it matters semi-automatic transmission. For those
and one of those areas is on-road that want even more power there is the
driveability. It is certainly the most 2.0-litre petrol turbo engine, developing
capable of its type on tarmac and it 170ps and 200ps.
handles more or less the same as a large
As you would expect from Volkswagen,
family hatchback or MPV. The road
the interior is nicely styled and well
holding is first class and the vehicle
equipped with all the controls logically
proved to be pretty agile, both on and off
placed and easy to use. The rear row of
road. The 4Motion system gives enough
seats have a 60/40 fold-down split and
grip to cope with muddy off-road driving
slide backwards into the load space to
and the Escape variants have added
“Strong muscular lines”
increase rear legroom. They are also
underbody protection and a shorter front
mounted slightly higher in the vehicle
Taking its design from its Touareg big
overhang to assist with such conditions.
than the front ones so visibility for rear
brother, the new Tiguan is a handsome
All the driver has to do is push the off-
passengers is good. The base model S,
model, with sharp, muscular lines and
road button and the computer takes over includes air-conditioning, driver’s seat
good on-road presence. Combine those
the traction distribution to all four wheels, height adjustment, rake- and reach-
with VW’s proven 4Motion all wheel drive
adjusts the throttle settings, applies hill- adjustable steering column, electric
system, which in normal mode drives the
descent and climb control when needed windows front and rear, electrically heated
front wheels but as and when needed
and adjusts the anti-lock braking. and operated door mirrors and an
transfers power to the rear axle as well, Under the bonnet, power comes from
electronic parking brake with auto-hold.
and the Tiguan looks a creditable SUV. It VW’s new common-rail 140psp or 170ps
The centre console houses a radio/CD
is no longer than a popular sized five- 2.0-litre TDI engine, or a 150ps 1.4-litre
with MP3 capability and an AUX socket
door hatchback and its conservative TSI turbocharged and supercharged
for external media. The Tiguan is certainly
exterior styling doesn’t shout ‘4x4 off- petrol, both units are available with VW’s
user-friendly and well up to coping with
roader’ at you either. six-speed manual or DSG twin-clutch
every day life and wear and tear.
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