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Electric vehicles: Past, Present and Future
The first electric vehicle (EV) was
Challenges &
invented in Scotland in the 1830s. By the
late 1890s EVs were so popular in
America they outsold combustion engine
Who knows where we’d be if the
vehicles ten to one. By 1902 electric
prevailing technology of the early 20th
vehicles such as the Phaeton became a
century had been electric rather than
common sigh with a range of 18miles,
combustion engine? Current commercial
top speed of 14mph and cost $2,000.
vehicle options show a promising leap
After a strong start electric vehicles were
overtaken by internal combustions The Modec travels over 100miles carrying
engines simply due to a change in
“Horses for courses”
up to 2 tonnes at speeds up to 50mph
Part of the challenge is not the
using current technology.This vehicle has
technology, but the application.
been designed from the ground up to be
EV revival
Organisations such as UPS are
“future proof”.
Having been superseded by petrol and reconsidering their operations and are
Modec’s unique removable battery
diesel engines for a century, electric
looking to electric vehicles for urban
cassette can be exchanged in 15 minutes
vehicles enjoyed a rebirth in the 1960s-
deliveries. La Poste in France operate
allowing two major advantages. Round-
1970s. Concerns about air pollution and
EVs and are huge advocates of the
the-clock operation, one battery charges
the OPEC oil embargo prompted the u-
electric option. Electric vehicles have
while the other is in use, also one vehicle
turn and these issues continue to drive
played a significant role for companies
can quickly be upgraded to the latest
the EV revolution. With environmental
technology as it becomes available.
concerns and the cost of fuel topping the
such as AcordMp who have won major
Almost every commercial property in the
political agenda, the enthusiasm for
contracts on the back of their green
Western world has access to mains
electric vehicles is growing significantly.
initiatives. "One of the promises at the
electricity, making it easier to adopt EVs.
Since 2007 British manufacturers,
start of the contract was for a greener
The future is extremely positive for
Modec and Smith Electric Vehicles, have
ethos and having done our research, we
electric vehicles as the infrastructure is in
launched viable commercial EVs to the
opted for 10 Modecs." Gary Burt, place and viable solutions such as Modec
delight of many organisations AccordMP. already exist.
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