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The NCA visit Vince Friery
of Swift Despatch
How do you achieve a positive
customer service experience?
To remember that whatever you do for the
customer is really important to them, plus
if you don’t do a great job then someone
else will.
How are you harnessing new
We have invested significantly in IT and
see it as critical in achieving success. We
offer online booking, online POD’s via
signature capture devices we also email
invoices and other communication as well
as POD’s.
In the future what external factors will
impact on the courier industry?
The cost of fuel has to be the most
When was the company set up and being a fixed overhead. We did however
significant threat. I also think that
who initiated it? recently buy 5 new Mercedes LWB
congestion charging and motorway tolls
I started Swift Despatch in 1984 as ‘One
Sprinter vans for APC Overnight duties
will impact significantly on regional
man and his bike’. I was working as a
which cost £80k.
couriers over the next few years.
youth worker when unfortunately the
Are you expanding your business and Where do you see the company in five
funding for the project ran out. At that
how are you doing it? year’s time?
time Liverpool didn’t have a Motorcycle
We have grown year on year for the past I anticipate that we will double in size with
Courier firm which struck me as an
24. We have two sales people on the most of our growth stemming from our
amazing opportunity so after conducting
road plus we advertise extensively on work with APC Overnight as there
limited market research I decided to take
radio, and Yellow pages. Having appears to be an inexorable shift from
the plunge.
a good reputation also helps because we same day to next day delivery.
What is your background?
get many recommendations.
Have you anything to add, in
I used to manage a large International
What opportunities have you been summary?
Campsite in Italy for many years. I then
presented with in recent times?
taught horse riding there for a couple of
The NCA has contributed enormously to
years before returning to the UK to work
We recently took over half of the our success and the quality of the
as a youth worker.
Warrington post code area for APC membership is what has allowed us to
Overnight which has given us a golden work with clients nationwide without
How do you differ from other courier
opportunity to expand the business. compromising Swift Despatch’s integrity.
Swift Despatch knows that its employees
are a major asset and has always striven
to look after them. As a consequence, the
longevity of service in our team is virtually
un-paralleled. This leads to
professionalism and therefore to a very
high degree of customer satisfaction and
How many offices do you have?
Swift Despatch now operates from its
premises in Liverpool City Centre. We
used to have offices in Liverpool,
Warrington & Chester but technology now
means you can have single control centre
and a national courier presence without
having multiple offices.
Have you recently invested in your
vehicle fleet?
We rent most of our fleet which has the
benefit of keeping it up to date and of
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