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Esprit Europe is growing faster and greener than ever
On the 14th November last year
Eurostars’ Esprit Europe, the leading
supplier of timetabled parcel services
between Central London, Paris and
Brussels, moved from London Waterloo
International to St Pancras International.
The move sees Eurostar now using HS1,
the new 300kph route to the channel
tunnel, and gives the UK access to the
European high speed rail network.
Journey times from London to Paris are
now only 2 hours 15 minutes and
Brussels is just 1 hour 51 minutes away.
Peter Risebrow, Eurostars’ Business
Manager for Esprit said “There is no
doubt the move has been a huge
success for us insofar as our traffic
growth this year mirrors what has been
happening with the passenger service.
Our analysis of the factors behind this
by the other key factor in our growth. This companies included environmental
growth has been interesting. It is rapidly
becoming apparent that we can now offer
year we have seen environmental issues impact in their decision making criteria,
even better services to existing Esprit
directly influencing business decisions in and Eurostar won hands down against
clients, and moving to St Pancras
our market. Eurostar commissioned one road and air line-haul. The logistics
International has opened up Esprit
of the first really in depth reports on manager of one of the client companies
Europe to new users around Heathrow,
carbon footprint and was able to show who recently came for a tour of our
North London and beyond.
our emissions are 10 times less than that facilities at St Pancras told me he is
The move to St Pancras International has
of an equivalent air flight. convinced that high speed rail is the only
cut transit times by at least 20 minutes
On two separate occasions a major end
way forward for their London – Paris and
and perhaps more significantly, trains are
user has introduced environmental
Brussels traffic. Eurostar’s access,
now arriving pre 0900 in Paris and criteria into a review of their courier
handling time, security, reliability and
Brussels. supply. In both instances this has opened
frequency of service are now, in his
St Pancras is also outside the London
up an opportunity for a new courier to bid
opinion, simply unbeatable.
Congestion Charging zone which is
successfully for the work by using rail
It has led us to believe that we can offer
important because many Esprit [Eurostar] as the line-haul. It is always a
couriers and freight forwarders a new way
customers use the service on a ‘station to challenge to win business from an
to win business from their competitors
station’ basis. established supplier – of course we have
who currently use air for line haul to near-
We expected these factors would prove
to offer a competitive rate and high levels
Europe. The relative cost bases of air
to be successful attracting new business, of service - but there is no doubt these
and rail line haul have changed radically,
but were even more pleasantly surprised changes were because the client
and specifically the cost of oil for the air
based operators. Fuel now constitutes a
higher proportion of costs than labour for
airlines and although perhaps current oil
prices won’t be sustained, neither are
there high expectations of consistently
lower prices in the long term. This relative
situation is set to change even further as
the EC has secured agreement for the
inclusion of airlines in the EU’s Emission
Trading System. This is a further cost that
air as a line-haul will have to bear that the
electrified rail network won’t.
We are hoping that couriers and freight
forwarders visiting the Courier and Parcel
Logistics Expo at the London Excel
centre next month will come and chat to
us about this opportunity.
We are on stand 2322 –
it would be good to see you!
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