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NCA Guest columnist Chris Abbey from Giles Insurance Brokers
is able to answer your questions on all aspects of insurance
related topics. You can contact Chris Abbey on 0870 787 8887
or email him at
Q. We run a fleet of over twenty vehicles some of which
small items of Plant
are used for courier work, some light haulage and two
and Machinery. These
are private cars used for social purposes only.
items are only of low
According to our policy schedule, the premium is
value and therefore
calculated as a single rate per vehicle and this seems
they will fall within
unfair to me, as clearly they are very different risks.
the limits of the
R.H.A conditions,
A. Without actually seeing your schedule, it is difficult to however do we need
make comment on your particular fleet. I have certainly special insurance
come across fleets where the commercial vehicles have because of the nature of the goods?
all been rated for full courier use, for example and yet
some vehicles were only used for carriage of own goods.
A. Your current policy is covering you for carriage of General
Correcting this has resulted in substantial reduced
Goods, and Plant and Machinery would not fall under this
premiums and it is important that you ensure that you
description. It is therefore essential that you advise your
vehicles are covered only for the risks that they should be.
Insurers of the change of risk. Even though the value of
Private cars under a fleet policy can benefit from a fleet
the Plant and Machinery may fall within the £1,300 per
discount however; with such competitive premiums
tonne limit, R.H.A. conditions do not cover the loading
available throughout the market, you may find it more
and unloading. It will therefore be necessary for part of
beneficial to insure these separately. When your policy is
your Goods in Transit policy to be written on an All Risks
next due for renewal it will be worthwhile asking for a
basis for these items. Your Insurers will ask for a
premium with and without the private cars, so that you
maximum sum insured per load and All Risks will cover
can make your comparisons.
the loading and unloading.
Q. I am thinking of setting up my own courier business
running just one vehicle. I have had quotes for the Van
Q. I am thinking of fitting a Gas Conversion kit to my
insurance itself, but am wondering how much I should
vehicle in an effort to reduce my fuel bills. Do I need
expect to pay for Goods in Transit cover.
to tell my Insurers if I convert my vehicle to LPG?
A. There are various Goods in Transit schemes available but
A. It is essential that you advise your insurers of any
the most competitive I am aware of is £127 based on a
changes to the specification of your vehicle. You may well
limit of £10,000 per load limit. As this covers you on an All
find that they require a mechanical engineer to approve
Risks cover, this should be the ideal policy for normal
the installation and provide a certificate as proof. You
courier carryings.
should also enquire if your insurance premium will be
We carry light haulage under R.H.A. conditions of
affected as some insurers may increase their premium or
carriage but have recently been asked to carry some
policy excesses.
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