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Bred in quality
Founded in 1919, the Czech company
Avia began by manufacturing aircraft and
engines. Involvement in truck production
began in 1946. This was followed by an
important license agreement with Renault
in 1967, which resulted in the production
of the famous 'A' range. In 1995 the
South Korea-based Daewoo Motors
purchased a 50.2% majority stake of the
company. This resulted in the company
being known as 'Daewoo Avia' and a
significant investment in both product
development and facilities was
undertaken. In 2006, Avia was purchased
by Ashkok Leyland, a member of the
Hinduja Group, who created Avia
Leyland, launching a new era for the Avia
brand. Market leader in its home country,
body. The heavy duty front axle also gives lowered a full 100mm from it's normal ride
the Czech Republic, Avia is gradually
a high degree of axle tolerance permitting height within a couple of seconds.
spreading its influence across the rest of
un-loading from the rear of the body with
Standard fitment of a 160 BHP Cummins
mainland Europe. Following its
reduced risk of overloading the front axle.
ISBe Euro 4 engine, gives ample power
acquisition by Ashok Leyland, the UK arm
Avia Trucks UK engineers can calculate
of the company is now consolidating its
for all applications. ZF transmission is
the likely axle loadings under variable and
position and is in the process of
also standard on all models. The full
diminishing load conditions using their
expanding its dealer network.
specification of “extra items” at no extra
sophisticated Dae-Care Tec™ Program,
cost is impressive. Cruise control, drivers’
Designed to meet the requirements of helping you stay the right side of the law.
air seat, rear differential lock, exhaust
todays’ businesses the Avia D75 is
With 160bhp, this truck is equally at home
purpose designed for the highly
brakes, CD player, heated mirrors, electric
night-trunking between urban centres or
competitive UK 7.5 tonne market. With a
windows, central door locking and 3
running door to door deliveries around
high degree of UK content, including a
years unlimited mileage manufactures
conurbations. The cruise control ensures
Cummins engine built in Darlington and
warranty. Avia Truck Finance offers a full
steady economical progress on main
engineering by UK specialists Hawtal
roads and motorways and the powerful
spectrum of funding options. From low
Whiting and design styling by I.D.E.A, this
programmable exhaust brake ensures a
deposit hire purchase agreements to a
truck is really "at home" on the UK streets.
high degree of retardation both on hills
fully inclusive contract hire package. Avia
D75 is sturdy yet light weight - unladen
and in stop-start traffic. Road tests have
Trucks Finance has the ability to provide
weights start at 2920 kg including side
repeatedly praised this truck's firm
a suitable funding option for your
guards and rear under-run. This can
handling and efficient brakes which show
business, so whether you’re a new start
translate to a payload of up to 4500kg
consistently high retardation under
owner operator or a blue chip multi
when the chassis is fitted with a
repeated application. From a short 3.6m
national Avia Trucks offers a one stop
lightweight box, curtainside or dropside
(12 ft) tipper to a long 7.3m (24ft)
curtainsider, D75 takes a wide range of
bodies. Using Avia Trucks UK Truck
Partners program, you can buy a fully
bodied vehicle for a highly competitive
price with the assurance that Avia
engineers have approved the body
mounting and superstructure. Optional
air suspension is available for those
operators transporting delicate loads or
for those drivers wishing an ultra low
loading height, where the chassis can be
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