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One112 One with Stuart Miller
Chief Executive Officer of ByBox
When did you join the company Does money motivate you?
and what does your role involve?
Yes, because it gives you choice this
I co-founded ByBox in February
can help to give you freedom.
2000 and I am the CEO.
There’s nothing wrong with making
Give us a brief overview of your
a lot of money providing you are
career to date?
responsible about how you spend it.
I left school at 18 and went to work
What business man or woman do
for Unilever in their shipping
you most admire and why?
department. My main job was to fill
James Dyson. He is genuine creator
spare capacity on flights with a
of new things that make our lives
product called Fullers Earth Cream
better and who refused to give-up
which is a belter for chapped lips.
even when failure looked inevitable.
Very hard to buy these days though
If you could employ anyone, dead
– I can only imagine that either the
or alive, who would it be and why?
person who took over from me was James Dyson as a non-exec on our
rubbish at the job. After three board. His natural ability to solve
months at Unilever I was bored and problems would be a tremendous
left to apply for a place at university. asset.
I was accepted at Loughborough to
In your opinion, what's the best
do a business degree; my dad went
way to motivate people?
bananas as he couldn’t understand
Most people wake-up in the morning
the point of university. When I left
and want to do a good job. Very few
Loughborough I joined Andersen
people are determined to
Consulting (now Accenture) in their
If you could have any job in the world, deliberately screw things up. But during
Financial Services Division. I worked in
what would it be? the day there are barriers that get in their
Finland on the project to build the
way. The best way to motivate people is
computer system for the first Helsinki
Owner of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club.
to trust them to do a good job, knock
Money Market Centre and then went to
If you could change one thing in the
down the barriers and shout from the
work in the US, where I ended up being
UK economy what would it be?
rooftops when they win. And don’t waste
the Technical Architect on the World’s Introduce grammar schools nationwide. I
time nit-picking on things that don’t
largest relationship database. I left didn’t go to one myself (I went to a
Andersen Consulting when I was 26 and standard comp) but we can’t pretend that
What’s the biggest challenge you have
started what was effectively a software we are all as bright as each other.
had to face in business?
company called Octopus, which lurched Selective education is critical to drawing
from one financial disaster to another. We the most from a country’s most important
Trying to keep everybody up to date with
finally got it sorted and sold Octopus in natural resource.
ByBox’ plans. This is difficult enough
1999. I co-founded ByBox a few months
when you’re a small company but is
What is the best business advice
tricky as you get bigger and really tricky
anyone has given you?
when you launch into other countries. It’s
How would you describe yourself?
“All the business skills you need for life
also critical otherwise people lose sight of
Dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to are learnt on the playground.” My dad.
the adventure and why they should be so
winning as part of a team.
What is more important-what you know
proud to work at ByBox. Without their
What aspect of your job most interest or who you know?
commitment there wouldn’t be a
you and why?
Neither. It’s what you do that really
distribution revolution.
Working with talented people to turn matters.
Plans for the future?
good ideas into reality.
What do you think are the major
Use the ByBox network to help solve the
What keeps you motivated?
challenges facing the industry?
online delivery problem.
No surprises here: congestion and the
Finally how do you relax?
Are you competitive?
chronic fuel problem, both of which will
Kids, recumbent cycling (Trice and
require a complete re-think of how we
Kingcycle), wine and playing the
Not half.
deliver goods to people.
saxophone, usually in that order.
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