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Record visitors at GC Lucerne
The average daily number of visitors to Grand
Casino Lucerne in Switzerland reached 649 in
2008, the best since the casino opened in
2002. GGR rose slightly to 52.8m francs
(E34.7m) despite a tailing off in the last quarter.
Higher taxes and the impending smoking ban
NEWS will affect 2009 figures but the casino will be
allowed to operate separate areas
Austrian casino profits
rise despite visitor drop
The 12 casinos in
great challenge for the 12 Aus- draw for players, attracting birthdaytreat
Austria have
trian casinos but it was a more than 364,000 in 2008 CASINO KURSAAL INTERLAKEN
chance to play on their and generating a GGR of
performed a
strengths as compared to E43.6m. Casino Baden, which Located in the heart of
remarkable feat in
other gambling providers - a had the second highest Switzerland, both geo-
chance the company has used number of visitors (322,000), graphically and emotion-
the current market,
impressively. The figures have however, could only claim ally, the Casino Kursaal in
turning a profit. While
surprised even the optimists.” sixth place for GGR, which Interlaken benefits from
The company was particu- reached E17.1m. In total GGR the tourist trade all year
there are challenges
larly proud of the Beat’em All for the Austrian venues round. The international
both home and
poker tournament that saw amounted to E196.9m, up economic difficulties had
the simultaneous participa- 1.75 per cent on 2007. Foreign limited impact on results
abroad, the
tion of ten Austrian casinos visitors accounted for 37 per as the venue, which cele-
Casinos Austria
last November, and qualifying cent of guests, while 17 per brates its 150th anniver-
events on win2day, that ended cent of the total were first sary this year, reported
Group believes that in a final table at Casino Linz timers. Women accounted for an increase of 20 per cent
it has the energy and
in the centre of the country. 43 per cent of guests. in gross revenues to 8.1m
The event attracted 1,503 In its home market, Casinos francs (E5.3m), which
innovation to ride players and raised the profile Austria offers 71 American included takings from its
them out.
of the casinos. Roulette tables, 58 poker conference business.
Casino Vienna remains the
“Beat’em All was not only tables and 57 blackjack tables; Gross gaming rev-
flagship Austrian venue,
the name of Europe’s largest other games bring the total of enues in 2008 increased
generating GGR of E43.6m live poker tournament, it was live games to 236. It operates by around two per cent to
also confirmed as the motto 1,846 slot machines. 13.5m francs (E8.9m)
of Casino Austria in the race “Over the years and the from visitor numbers that
surebet made of 12 per cent to up to E3.8bn. The number of for supremacy in the gaming decades, the 12 casinos have remained roughly the
CASINOS AUSTRIA E2.96bn. The difference was visitors to Casinos Austria industry,” said the company, established themselves as same as in the previous
due to restructuring and venues everywhere rose by noting the increasing compe- leading tourist attractions year. Net profit for the
State-owned casino and financing costs. 12 per cent to 22.3m, however tition from the 50 casinos just bringing great value to their casino was also stable at
lottery monopoly operator The group, which operates in Austria itself, the numbers across the country’s borders area,” said the company. 1.8m francs (E1.2m).
Casinos Austria Group suf- 75 casinos, including 12 in its declined three per cent to just and from changes in the home “[They] are each in their own “We are still young and
fered a 16 per fall in net profits domestic market, is also the under 2.4m. Nevertheless, the market. “If a veritable finan- way very special locations, dynamic,” said company
in 2008, the company has state lottery provider and runs 12 saw turnover rise by 1.4 cial crisis is appearing on the many housed in great palaces president Peter Honeg-
announced. The group saw its an online betting service, per cent to E281m, bringing horizon, a company must with a wide range of distinc- ger. “Despite the negative
bottom line reduced from Its gross gaming net profit up 24 per cent to struggle hard to preserve its tive interiors. Casinos Austria economic news, in this
E41.4m in 2007 to E34.9m revenue (GGR) totalled E10.2m. position.” is making great organisa- anniversary year, we want
last year (down 15.7 per cent), E1.18bn, up 4.4 per cent, In its annual report, the The casino in the capital tional and financial efforts in to surpass last year’s
despite an increase in bets while group turnover was also company said: “2008 was a Vienna remained the biggest order to maintain them.” earnings in fiscal 2009.”
Swiss Casinos ready to invest despite falls
mixedpicture figure. That brought Swiss which the company blames country, and at holiday times,
SWISS CASINOS HOLDINGS Casinos Holdings revenues on a reduction in the number such as Easter. The casino has
of 116.5m francs (E76.7m), of visitors due to the smoking now seen more than a million
Swiss Casinos Holdings, down five per cent from the ban; it believes they have visitors pass through its
which has interests in five previous year. been attracted to other doors since it opened.
casinos in Switzerland (three The Swiss-owned venues both at home and Swiss Casino Holdings had
of them controlling inter- company is the majority abroad where there is no capital of 99.9m francs
ests), has seen its annual net shareholder in Grand Casino smoking ban. (E65.7m) and cash of 85.6m
profit for 2008 fall by 22 per St Gallen, Casino Pfäffikon- Casino Pfäffikon-Zürich- francs (E56.3m) at the end of
cent to 17.9m francs Zürichsee and Casino see, near Switzerland’s last year - both up on 2007 -
(E11.8m). Schaffhausen. It holds half of largest city Zürich (which and had reduced its debt by
The five casinos together Casino St Moritz and is a does not have a casino of its 11 per cent to 31.1m francs
reported gross gaming rev- minority shareholder in own), went against the trend (E20.5m). The company said:
enues (GGR) only slightly Grand Casino Kursaal Bern. by recording an increase, “Swiss Casinos thus has a
lower, however, at 174.6m Grand Casino St Gallen albeit less than one per cent,
Casino Pfäffikon-Zürichsee
went against the trend by
Cantonal law it has to close solid foundation for further
francs (E114.9m), less than saw a fall in GGR of 8.5 per in GGR to 42.8m (E28.1m),
recording a slight increase in
for six days more per year investment and new proj-
one per cent off the 2007 cent to 47.1m francs (E31m), despite the fact that under
gaming revenues in 2008
than other casinos in the ects.”
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