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Speeding up the Speedy Bingo and
roll of the dice Keno on a wheel
the outcome. As soon as the dice have
stopped, the results are displayed on each
player’s terminal and all winning bets are
immediately paid. Once a point is estab-
lished and as long as the subsequent dice
throws do not result in craps and end the
game, the players may continue to wager
on each consecutive roll.
OPERATOR BENEFITS: Built on a state-
of-the-art electronic table platform that
enables traditional craps wagering on
individual betting terminals, Star Craps
PRODUCT NAME: Star Craps offers all the fun and excitement of a live
TYPE OF GAME: craps game in a completely secure,
Multi-player video craps random results environment. All game
MANUFACTURER: Star Games outcomes are produced by the unit’s
HOW TO PLAY: To be eligible to throw the internal random number generator, and
dice, a player must make a pass line wager because it is fully electronic, Star Craps
PRODUCT NAME: of the game is very much simplified.
on the first roll. As soon as the betting can operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Alfastreet Keno/Bingo OPERATOR BENEFITS: Being auto-
countdown meter reaches zero, all betting without requiring constant supervision
TYPE OF GAME: mated, the game is cheaper and easier
is stopped and all wagers are locked in. and security the way a live table does.
Keno and Bingo Multiplayer to operate than the live version. The fact
The shooter will be selected from one of PLAYER BENEFITS/SPECIAL FEA-
MANUFACTURER: Alfastreet that all 20 numbers are determined
the players who has the “accept dice” box TURES: Star Craps players have access
HOW TO PLAY: An automated keno or almost simultaneously means that more
selected, and the dice tray with five die will to all of the bets available on a traditional
bingo machine, which features a wheel games per hour can be played.
appear on the player’s terminal. After live craps table, and the interactive touch
with 20 balls that are launched simultane- PLAYER BENEFITS: Easier approach to
selecting two dice to throw, the shooter screen features help screens that assist
ously. Players place their bets on the indi- the game, the machine retains the com-
will throw the dice using the touch screen novice players in understanding the
vidual touch screen displays. Every player munity sense of the game. Its speed also
to “toss” them past the throw line. As the various bets. Additionally, the interactive
has many betting possibilities and can play means more involvement in the game.
dice are thrown, the dice throw appears on touch screen enables them to “throw”
six bingo or keno cards in one game. Pay- SPECIAL FEATURES: Automated oper-
the central display so all players can see the electronic dice.
ments are automatic and the whole process ation, touch screen monitors.
The evolution Fantastic plastic
of Roulette
roulette centrepiece
Roulette Evolution
M-P Series Electronic
Table Game
TION: This multiplayer
features state-of-the-art
technology and exciting
community play action.
Terminals link to a remote
roulette wheel which can
be live, automated or ani-
mated, depending on
jurisdictional mores, and
available either in single-
or double-zero formats.
PRODUCT NAME: Pepo configurations up to 120 terminals and is
TYPE OF GAME: Roulette Multiplayer designed to cater to each casino’s own
Operators can select their
MANUFACTURER: Gold Club floor space and layout requirements.
preferred multi-denomi-
nation options and con-
Pepo roulette configuration consists of has a 17-inch touch screen and a JCM bill
figure the game speed to optimise the drag their virtual chips, better simulat-
integrated gaming terminals linked to a validator and the entire machine is ready
balance between player interaction and ing live action and have a full range of
fully automated roulette wheel. The for linking to networks, including TITO
hands per hour. Other options include a bets to choose from, including Series
exclusive and innovative design of this and cashless systems as well as player
large-format LCD results display. bets. Wheel action appears on a small
seven-player machine incorporates tracking. Players can choose from several
PLAYER BENEFITS: Play takes place viewer window that can be enlarged at
touch screen displays in stations languages and from several denomina-
in real time on individual touch screens. a touch. Game help and information is
arranged in a star formation. The stand- tions and have the benefit of drag-and-
Players can choose which language to also available through onscreen
alone version featuring just the fully auto- drop functionality as well as “save game”,
use and their chip values. They can also buttons.
matic wheel is available in various “max bet” and “double up” functions.
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