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Novomatic’s seat at Piano roulette proves
electronic poker a multi-player dual
PRODUCT NAME: TX-01 their cards with their hands to conceal them PRODUCT NAME:
PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic poker/ from other’s glances and reveal them in PlayMe
roulette multi-player private by tapping on the touchscreen. GAME TYPE: Multi-
MANUFACTURER: Novomatic ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: The game is player options in a grand
GAME DESCRIPTION: The TX-01 offers based on the Novo Unity II platform and piano
the hugely popular Texas Hold’em Poker gives operators maximum flexibility with MANUFACTURER:
game in a fully automated 10-player configu- three popular Poker variants, namely; Unlim- Casino Technology
ration. It incorporates the complete poker ited, Limited and Pot Limited Texas Hold’em GAME PLAY: PlayMe, the
installation consisting of 10 player stations Poker. The reporting tool Management new automatic multiplayer
and one 57” centre TFT-display embedded in Console delivers the complete game statis- station implemented into
an elegant table. Each of the individual player tics as well as accounting and reporting for grand piano cabinet, now
stations at Casino Zaragoza is equipped with all games to the operator’s floor manage- offers automated roulette,
a high-resolution 21.6” touch¬screen monitor ment system. In accordance with the respec- slot play and a dueling
in 16:10 screen format and cash handling tive gaming jurisdiction’s licensing and piano experience where
devices for banknote acceptance. The moni- regulatory requirements, operators can also two live pianists entertain
tors are embedded level with the beautifully decide to implement the second game, Novo players. Unconventional
handcrafted Brazilian rosewood table and Wheel of Cash, on the TX-01 table that allows yet inspired by the belief
can be electronically tilted by the player to them to offer their guests either Poker or this of the company that a
ensure maximum comfort. The huge high- alternative 10-player Roulette version. synergy of art, entertainment and high could be remotely linked and located for
resolution centre screen displays the com- technologies, Casino Technology says instance at the near bar countertop or
plete layout of a traditional poker table with this is the new avenue for attracting players elsewhere in the premises of the casino.
the individual player bets in the pot and the and keeping their interest longer. PLAYER BENEFITS: Creates a unique
community cards at the centre. All relevant OPERATOR BENEFITS: Using all the atmosphere allowing visitors to enjoy,
information is seen from each of the player advanced technological features of the relax and socialise while playing. PlayMe
positions, providing a detailed 3D-outline of successful Casino King series Auto- roulette attracts players not only with the
the game at all times. The individual touch- matic Roulette multiplayer station, options for fast and risky betting, along
screens also show the complete table with all PlayMe ensures simple operation, easy with comfortable play, but also enchants
players’ bets and the community cards as maintenance and great player comfort, them with the unusual interactive tools
well as the individual Poker hand face-down. along with flexible options in utilising the and bonus to enjoy the music and being
As in the real card game, players will cover casino floor. Additional player terminals in touch with the live performers.
Mechanical blackjack Mastering the art
that’s just Organic
of the multi-player
G4 Organic Card TYPE OF GAME: Five station e-Table
PRODUCT TYPE: Electro- with video dealer
mechanical blackjack MANUFACTURER: Shuffle Master
MANUFACTURER: GAME PLAY: A video dealer prompts
Interblock players to place their bets. The video
GAME PLAY: The electro- dealer deals cards to all active positions
mechanic gaming machine and each player in turn is prompted to
Organic Card is the first make their subsequent game decisions
machine capable of shuffling (determined by the game type). To facili-
and dealing real cards in a tate game play, Table Master includes
Blackjack game. The G4 audio prompts given by the dealer. For
machine automatically shuf- example, should a player become dis- by the venue during game set-up. Table
fles and deals all cards, tracted and delay in making a betting Master can operate 24 hours a day, 7
ensuring a totally random dis- decision, the dealer will prompt them days a week without requiring constant
tribution of up to eight decks, arranging cage for sensitive electronic devices and accordingly. After each player has made supervision, and its electronic platform
the cards and dealing them at the same USB communication in the Play terminal. their game decisions, the dealer will ensures that venues and regulators have
time - the machine constantly shuffles. OPERATOR BENEFITS: Interblock’s complete their hand according to house access to detailed game information
The casino can configure the number of family of G4 Organic video gaming procedures. Once the dealer’s hand is including coin in and out, jackpots and
decks, minimum and maximum wagering machines are available in switchable complete, all active wagers are instantly game win / loss.
limits and all variable blackjack rules. format, allowing each individual gaming and accurately resolved and the video PLAYER BENEFITS/SPECIAL FEA-
Players bet on large 19” touch sensitive terminal to independently switch from the dealer moves on to the next game. TURES: Because it is fully-electronic,
LCD displays, completely resistant to all current running game into any other sup- OPERATOR BENEFITS: Offers games Table Master often features lower
kinds of liquid spills or scratches. G4 ported game including Roulette, Black- like Blackjack, Three Card Poker and minimum betting amounts than live
Organic gaming machines interface with jack, Baccarat or Horse Racing. In many Ultimate Texas Hold’em electronically. tables. Further, its game play is intuitive
surroundings using a dynamic full-spec- countries live games like roulette or black- All game activity is generated via the and quicker than a live table, as there is
trum LED illumination and detect the pres- jack are not allowed in arcade markets. unit’s internal random number genera- no down-time required for shuffling,
ence of the player using infra-red motion However, electromechanical devices can tor, and all game variables including clearing the table and resolving wagers.
detection sensors. G4 supports SAS 6.02 introduce those traditional games to this betting minimums and maximums, hold Its table-like format also replicates the
online protocol, has a metal enclosure so far unexploited market segment. percentages and more are established live-game experience.
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