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House calls for Shuffle Master plays
Super Bingo
its electronic hand
PRODUCT NAME: Super Bingo format widens the number of jurisdictions PRODUCT NAME: Ulti-
TYPE OF GAME: Bingo multiplayer where the game can be played. mate Draw Poker
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Super Bingo comes equipped with eight 17-inch touch Table
combines the fun of bingo with the strategy of screen monitors and bill validators from MANUFACTURER:
roulette. The newest product in the Gold Club JCM and is preconfigured for networks, Shuffle Master
product range, it features an eight-station TITO and player tracking systems. For DESCRIPTION: Shuffle
machine with a central glass air-driven bingo players, the machine is multi-denomina- Master’s new Ultimate
dome containing 37 or 38 numbered balls. tional, multilingual and has a range of Draw Poker is an exciting
Using a roulette-like layout on their individual other user-friendly features such as drag- draw poker game that
touch screens, players can make a wide and-drop function, “save game” and features head-to-head
range of wagers on the outcome. The bingo “max bet” functions. play against the dealer
and an optional bonus
bet that wins when the
player's final hand is two
pair or better. Players
may bet against the
dealer, bet on the value
of their own hand or both. Shuffle
optional live-video feed background,
Master's fully electronic Table Master
progressive jackpots, a blackjack tour-
platform also offers popular table games
nament mode and a new odds bet for
like blackjack, three card poker and Ulti-
blackjack. Once each player receives his
mate Texas Hold’em. Featuring a video
first two cards and the dealer’s up card is
dealer and five player positions, Table
revealed, each player is offered true
Master’s fast-paced play almost doubles
odds based on the likelihood that their
the number of hands played per hour
final blackjack hand will beat the dealer’s
and can operate 24/7 without constant
final blackjack hand, and have the oppor-
tunity to match their original wager to
ADDED FEATURES: The Table Master
take odds and receive an additional
platform features new video dealers, an
Shaking up a
traditional favourite
roulette in
PRODUCT NAME: Alfastreet Sic Bo sum of the three dice, values of each single
an authentic,
TYPE OF GAME: Sic Bo Multiplayer die as well as other combinations.
lifelike way
HOW TO PLAY: The rules are the same as automated, cheaper and easier to
in the live version of the popular and tradi- operate than the live version and because
tional Chinese game. The game is played of the regularity of rolls, more games per
PRODUCT NAME: TouchTableMultiPLAY can accommodate up to 21 players per table.
with three dice that are shaken by the hour can be played.
machine on a central carousel wheel. Players PLAYER BENEFITS: Easier approach to
MANUFACTURER: TCS John Huxley chip handling, calculation of winnings and
place their bets on large individual touch the game.
CONCEPT: TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette payouts are fully automated by the system.
screen monitors and have a wide range of SPECIAL FEATURES: Automated oper-
is an industry first merging a traditional This delivers total game security, reduces
combinations on which to bet, including the ation, touch screen monitors.
Roulette table and live croupier with a full costs and substantially increases the number
sized electronic multi-player betting surface. of games played per hour. Due to automated
It uses the latest 56” Quad HD LCD screen to bet and payout transactions TouchTable
give a life-like representation of the layout. MultiPLAY Roulette increases turn over by
Unlike a traditional Roulette table which uses reducing ‘wasted time’ between games.
cloth layouts and gaming chips, TouchTable By taking control of game resolution the
MultiPLAY Roulette uses an electronic multi- system eliminates all dealer errors and allows
player betting surface. It still allows players to gaming staff to focus more on the customer
enjoy the game of roulette in an authentic way experience rather than game supervision.
but adds all the additional benefits of elec- ADVANTAGES FOR PLAYERS: Unlike
tronic betting. The most noticeable feature of any other touch screen betting interface Touch
the gaming surface is its life-like characteris- ID technology can identify each individual
tics. Not only is it the same size as a traditional player and their betting activity. Each of the 7
table layout it is also photo-realistic. The player positions displays a personalized touch
reason for this is that it features the very latest menu. The menu accesses game features
screen technology available. To maximise such as favourite bets, repeat bets, neighbour
efficiency and improve profits TouchTable bets and future revenue generating features
MultiPLAY Roulette is available as single, such as side bets and progressives. It also
double or triple table format. All can operate gives players the ability to highlight across the
with just a single live wheel and croupier but layout each and every bet placed per game.
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