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Happy ending Volcanic fun
guaranteed in the jungle
PRODUCT NAME: Cindereela symbols on a winning line. Cindereela is PRODUCT NAME: Wild Tiki
FORMAT: Five-reel 10-line video also wild, substituting for everything FORMAT: Five-reel, 20/25/30-line video
MANUFACTURER: Novomatic except Fairy. The game is available in MANUFACTURER: Konami Gaming
CABINET: Novomatic MST cabinets multi-denomination and multi-language PLATFORM: K2V 2.0
FORMAT: Coolfire II formats; tokenisation is also available.
BASE GAME: With a jungle paradise
BASE GAME: This fairy-tale based game BONUS FEATURES: Three or more Fairy
adventure theme, Wild Tiki is a fairly high
transports players to a magical kingdom symbols appearing on a winning line trig-
volatility game that features a Re-Spin
where dreams really can come true. With gers up to 30 free games: prizes won
bonus as well as an Xtra Wild Feature with
all the famous elements of the Cinderella during free games are doubled. If three
free games and Wild symbols. Wild Tiki,
story, such as Prince Charming, pump- or more Fairy symbols appear on a
which appears only on the central three
kins, slippers and the Fairy Godmother, winning line during free games, she will
reels, substitutes for all others except the
Cindereela is a fairly high volatility game turn the clock back and randomly award
scattered Volcano. Housed on the K2V
that offers a maximum prize of 10,000 more free games. All free games are
platform, designed for Konami’s latest
times the bet per line for five Cindereela played at the current bet.
generation of video slot games, it can be
combined with internal, stand-alone pro-
gressives without controllers, such as
Quick Strike and Cashaway.
feature sees eight free games awarded
to the player when three or more scat-
tered Volcano symbols appear. The more
Volcano symbols, the more Wild Tiki
symbols will appear on the central reels,
increasing the chances of winning. Any
winning lines that include Wild Tiki are
paid out at double.
Automatic for the people
Tago on the table
PRODUCT NAME: the same fashion. The “Automatic Tie”
Automatic Punto Banco bet wins if there is an automatic tie after
PRODUCT TYPE: four cards, for example a 6-6, 7-7, 8-8 or
PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic
Traditional table game 9-9 tie. It pays out at 22:1. In the event of
Table version of Tago
MANUFACTURER: Tie, whether Normal or Automatic, all
Abbiati Casino Equipment bets get a Stand-off and the relevant
DESCRIPTION: Tago combines
DESCRIPTION: Automatic Punto Banco winning tie bets, Normal or Automatic
the player involvement of Texas
introduces three new bets into conven- are paid.
Hold’em poker in betting rounds
tional punto banco rules and is suitable ANALYSIS: The house edge for the Auto-
with a Baccarat-style game play, in
for either a five per cent commission matic Bank and Player bets is 4.7 per
which up to eight players bet
game or Punto Banco 2000. The “Auto- cent, while the Automatic Tie edge is
against each other to achieve a
matic Bank” bet wins if the bank auto- 11.75 per cent. Under normal circum-
score from three cards closest to
matically wins after four cards, for stances, Automatic Bank or Player bet
that of the dealer, with a rake for
example, a Bank natural 8 or 9, or a Bank will occur around 20 times per shoe. The
the house. The live version of the
7 against Player 6; it pays at 4:1. Similarly game is already in operation at the Casino
game was devised by Swiss
the “Automatic Player” bet pays out in Palace in Bucharest.
company Treasure Team and has
now been adapted for an electronic
table, similar to its poker table, by
Slovenian company Alfastreet on
an exclusive licence. The electronic
table format makes the return for
the operator on this enjoyable game
all the more attractive.
Tago table has all the same fea-
tures as Alfastreet’s poker table
and also includes a tournament,
custom-designed for this game,
which imposes a time-limit on
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