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IGT playing the Atronic forms q for
right four tune cashless tickets
PRODUCT: MultiPlay Video slot sives, each relating to a different game. PRODUCT NAME:
PRODUCT TYPE: Four slots in one Progressive start-up amounts increase qpon cash
MANUFACTURER: IGT per game, awarding the largest progres- PRODUCT TYPE: Cash-
CONCEPT: MultiPlay aims to revolu- sive on Game 4. MultiPlay complements less ticketing solution
tionise slot play just like the multi-hand new widescreen models, the G20 Upright MANUFACTURER:
feature changed video poker. It’s the and the G22 Slant. Atronic
only slot product in the industry to give CONCEPT: qpon cash is
players the option of playing their a ticketing solution
favourite game up to four times with indi- designed for players and
vidual outcomes - all on the same operators on the move.
machine. As players wager higher, they First-to-market innovationFFirirrst-to-msst-to-mmarketarkeett t innovinnoovvavationtion It enhances players’
can play up to four games at the same gaming experience and
time. Up to four games begin spinning OfOffff-the-chartsfftf-f-tf-the-tthee-chart-chhtartttss decreases operational
independently, enabling a clear under-
costs. qpon cash also
standing of each game’s outcome, each increases control over
with exceptionally high base game hit
Introducing MultiPLAoducing MultiPLAAYY VYVideo Slots. It’’ss thes thee
only slot prnly slot prooduct in the industry to give playersduct in the industry to give players
ticket handling and sup-
frequencies. Initial performance
the option of playing e option of playing their favorite game up to fourtheir favorite game up to four
times with individual outcomes – mes with individual outccomes – all on the sameall on the samme ports promotional tick-
numbers show MultiPlay drives big
And, players love it. Initial performanceAnd, players love it. Initial performance
numbers show MultiPLAmbers show MultiPLAAAYY drives big numbers. TheYY drives big numbers.drives big numbers The
eting. It enhances
numbers. The proven Cleopatra Multi-
proven oven
ClCleopatraeopatra MultiPLA MultiPLAAYY VY Video Slots gameideo Slots gamme
theme makes it all the moreme makes it all the mmore fun.e fun.
players’ gaming experi-
Four equal-sized game scrFour equal-sized game screens. Bonuses thateens. Bonuses tthat
Play Video Slots game theme makes it all
play one after the other and that can be initiateday one after the other and that can be initiated
on up to all four games at one time.n up to all four games at one time. ence while decreasing
TTooo learn mor learn more about MultiPLAe aboutt MultiPLAAYY VY Video Slots,ideo Slots,
the more fun. MultiPlay boasts four
and to check game availability in your ard to check game availabilityyy in your area, pleaseea,,p pleease
contact your IGT sales rntact your IGT sales repre esentative or visitesentative or visit
your operational costs.
powered by - Atronic’s most
equal-sized game screens. Bonuses that
You’ll also enjoy more control over ticket
powerful and robust platform to date.
play one after the other and that can be handling, and see great marketing
initiated on all the screens impact with the ability to offer promo-
module with barcode scanner and printer
The Right Choice.The Righht Choice.
tional ticketing. qpon cash offers com-
interface. Operator sets ticket expiry
Easy Bet wagering and other flexible bet
IGT EurIGT Euurope BVope BV
BiBijlmermeerstraat 30jlmermeerstraat 30
prehensive connectivity of numerous
22131 HC Hoofddorp131 HC Hoofddorp date and ticket value limit. Enhanced
options which simplify betting as players
TTeelephone: +31 23 568 7100elephone: ++31 23 568 7100
Fax: +31 23 568 7101Fax: +31 23 568 7101 slot machines. It also interfaces with system validation for ticket number cre-
make one-touch, one-bet decisions.
© 2009 IGT009 IGTT.. All rights reeserved.served.
“Cleopatra”is a trademarks or ropatra”is a trademarks or registeregistered trademark of IGTed traddemark of IGTT,, or its licensors in the US and/or, or its licensors in the US annd/or Star|Slots and supports the SAS com-
other countries.r countries. ation. Increased control over ticket
Some themes have up to four progres- munication protocol. qpon cash is
redemption and issuing.
Taking roulette displays The name’s Bond,
to the Maxima
Games Bond
PRODUCT NAME: PRODUCT NAME: Games Bond speedy cars, sexy girls, dangerous bad
Cyclops-Simula/Maxima PRODUCT TYPE: Video slot guys, clever gadgets and vodka
PRODUCT TYPE: Roulette Displays MANUFACTURER: Amatic martini’s, shaken not stirred. In this 5-
MANUFACTURER: SET Production GAMEPLAY: Amatic is offering players reel game with five, 10 or 20 win lines,
CONCEPT: Part of the Cyclops series of to become Bond, James Bond, on its three bonus symbols on any position
roulette displays that features an in- latest slot machine, which includes activate the bonus game. During the
built wheel camera. The Simula and bonus game you will have
Maxima are new multimedia versions the chance to win addi-
that allow TV and other video content to tional free spins and a lot
be streamed on to Simula’s 19- or 21- of extra credits. The girl
inch screen or the larger 24-inch screen symbols are wild during
on the Maxima. At the same time, they the bonus game. A casino
allow for a range of other information to jeton symbol multiplies
be displayed, including table mins and win line winnings and is
maxes, the dealer’s name and some also wild during the
simple statistical information. bonus game. A Games
ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Both dis- Bond symbol substitutes
plays feature ‘Real Sim’ technology, all symbols except
which makes it possible to display scatter and bonus
quickly and in real time all the events symbols. With the
happening on the roulette wheel. The appearance of satellites,
displays are easy to install without lots airplanes, boats and so
of wires and intrusive technology. on in this exciting game,
Games Bond takes
players on an adventure
full of stunning graphics
and unique sound
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