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Greetings to quicker Sensory excitement at
card delivery the blackjack table
PRODUCT NAME: Rapid Baccarat are dealt from the shoe, Rapid Baccarat
TYPE OF GAME: Multi-player baccarat dramatically increases game frequency
MANUFACTURER: and security. All aspects of the betting
Star Games/ShuffleMaster process are recorded by the system’s soft-
HOW TO PLAY: To play, players simply ware, and its camera recording and verify-
approach an available seat and buy-in to ing process confirms and documents the
the game using chips, cash, a voucher or a results of each game, ultimately ensuring
marker given to the live dealer. As the count- game security while eliminating the oppor-
down nears zero, Rapid Baccarat alerts the tunity for game manipulation.
players and the dealer that final bets must PLAYER BENEFITS: Rapid Baccarat’s
be placed. Once the countdown comes to intuitive electronic betting interface gives
an end, the player betting screens are locked players access to a variety of options that are
and no additional wagers are accepted. The not available on traditional tables. It features
dealer will then deal the cards to the player multiple baccarat side bets and immediate
and banker positions according to house access to updated trend information. Further,
procedures. The cards are dealt from an because all wagers are resolved electroni-
intelligent card reading shoe that reads the cally, there are no errors in pays and takes.
cards as they are drawn and relays this
PRODUCT NAME: Black Jack options and even trying to catch the
information to the system controller. Simul-
TYPE OF GAME: Blackjack multiplayer attention of passers-by.
taneously, a video camera feed displays the
cards being dealt on each player’s touch
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Gold Club a 17-inch touch screen monitor and a bill
screen so they can see the game outcome,
says its five-player Black Jack machine acceptor. The machine is multi-denomi-
and the respective hand values are dis-
is perfect simulation of the live game. national and multilingual. It is ergonomi-
played. Once the banker and player hands
Using touch screen technology, players cally designed to allow players
are complete, the dealer confirms the
play with exactly the same rules as they comfortable use for a long time. For
winning hand on the dealer terminal and all
would at a live table. Ahead of them on a operators it also offers a full range of
winning wagers are paid instantly.
42-inch plasma screen is an animated reporting functions, the standard com-
croupier, which thanks to inbuilt sensors munications protocols and the opportu-
electronic wagering with a live dealer and
can interact with players, welcoming nity to upload their own logo as the
live cards that are instantly read as they
them as they sit, asking their game-play screen saver.
Multi-tasking terminals Compact and good value
offer twice the fun automated poker
G4 Organic Multi-Centre
PRODUCT TYPE: Various terminal con-
figurations offering multiple games
MANUFACTURER: Elektroncek /
Interblock trademark
GAME PLAY: Elektroncek, developer of the
Interblock range, has merged the concepts of
multi-players with that of multi-games leading
to the invention of the G4 Organic Multi-Centre.
This unites two games in one multi-player with
roulette & dice, roulette & bubble, dice &
bubble or any two of them all available in the the multi-game MTGM (Multi-Terminal Gaming
twin format. This means that roulette can be Machine) is the “multi-center” unit, which is
played alongside Sic Bo, Joker Sic Bo, craps, made of multiple individual center units. Each
bingo, keno or you can also play some of the of those center units has its own game running
video games. The multi-game principle allows on it, and is in all aspects completely inde-
the players to individually choose the game pendent from the other units. The play termi-
PRODUCT NAME: Alfastreet Poker game process and the payments.
they wish to participate in on the play terminal, nals, situated around the “multi-center”, are
TYPE OF GAME: Texas Hold-Em Poker OPERATOR BENEFITS: The game is
which can be connected to multiple centre connected to all center units simultaneously
Multiplayer automated, faster, cheaper and easier to
units simultaneously. Players can choose the via LAN connection through a network switch,
MANUFACTURER: Alfastreet operate than the live version and the
game from a wide list of games offered by allowing the player behind the terminal to
HOW TO PLAY: Automated video poker machine is compact but comfortable.
Interblock: roulette Sic Bo, Craps, Video connect to the type of game of his choice.
machine. The rules are the same as in the Good value machine that will help
roulette and keno. The principle does not limit PLAYER ADVANTAGES: The principle of
live version of the popular card game. Every improve return on investment, especially
the choice to only the central units in direct the “multi-center” allows the player to participate
player has his or her own personal monitor in a dedicated poker room.
proximity of the play terminals. The terminals in the game of his choice, although he cannot par-
to check the pocket cards and place bets. PLAYER BENEFITS: Easier approach to
can also be connected to another G4 Organic ticipate in multiple games simultaneously.
Common cards and all the processes of the the game: the machine retains the com-
gaming machine, situated in a different room OPERATOR ADVANTAGES: The main
game are displayed on the large central munity sense of the game.
or floor, which further expands the choice of advantage of the G4 Organic Multi-Center is
monitor. Cards are dealt automatically by SPECIAL FEATURES:Chip cards, touch
available games for the player. The summit of its flexibility in shape, design and functionality.
the machine, which also controls the screen monitors.
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