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Multi-playing the
Tournaments and
game: the role of
multi-players in
jackpots keep
today’s casino multi-players on the ball
multi-tasking the future map for multi-
The markets that
BY PHIL MARTIN players forever.
Whilst carousel multi-
drove the huge
players are still
popularity of
incredibly popular, automated multiplayer
linking to the live game
casino games are
has allowed terminals to
maximise the space on
changing and players
the gaming floor. Semi- want more features so
automation of live
manufacturers have to
games has opened new
doors for operators and
step up to the plate.
manufacturers and
Boštjan Stopar of
recently many markets
Gold Club told Hugh
have seen the birth of
The decade long electronic casinos,
Sorrill about the
diversification of the many of which
multi-player sector has circumnavigate laws behind his company’s
seen it splinter off in restricting live games
new tournament,
several directions with by automating certain
Boštjan Stopar, general
the umbrella jargon of aspects of the live
jackpot and other
manager of Gold Club
multi-player now game. features. of without a dealer. There are,
covering many different Terminal play has also of course, other games out
product groups. led to the merging of featureevents there, such as blackjack, but
Whilst roulette led the two product segments: INTERVIEW card games have proven much
multi-player charge, a the multi-player and the more difficult to replicate, cer-
host of automated, electronic table. Digital Through accidents of history, tainly with real cards.”
semi-automated and card systems and Slovenia is home to more world- In its own blackjack multi-
video games are now electro mechanical renowned manufacturers of player, Gold Club uses elec-
available covering multi- dealing have allowed multiplayers than any other tronic cards but it is also trying
player roulette, blackjack and other card country. The concentration of to replicate the live game as
blackjack, poker, dice, games to follow roulette expertise has allowed impor- much as possible through an
horseracing and bingo. down the multi- tant developments to be made interactive animated dealer
And a sector that was player/semi-automated both in terms of cabinet design that senses when players sit
once confined to route. Slot halls have and in the games themselves, down. It greets them and reori-
carousel play has now become more casino despite most being based on ents the on-screen display for
evolved to include like in terms of their classic casino table games. each turn to reinforce the sense
electronic tables and appearance and the Gold Club, for example, of personal attention.
semi-automated tables games they offer. whose general manager is The genius of the multi-
with terminals spreading Where once they could Boštjan Stopar, has developed a player format is that given a
out into the far reaches only offer slots and tournament element for multi- basic model, it can be adapted
of the gaming floor. automated roulette, player roulette. He said: “While to suit many locations, varia-
The advantages for some now even see video slot machines are still tions and jurisdictions.
player and operator dealers interact with popular, and are even becom- Roulette tournaments and a chance at the big money Eastern Europe has proven
alike have been well customers from the ing more popular as players
jackpots are refreshing one of
prizes, as well as take part in to be a particularly fertile
documented. The end other side of an learn to trust them as they enjoy
the mainstays of the multi-
multi-level jackpot bonuses, market for multi-player games
user will benefit from electronic blackjack all the bonus features, there are
player offering
something that will appeal of all kinds, largely thanks to a
less intimidation for the table. still very many people who probably to the more occa- much shorter history of casino
novice and greater Multi-players have want to compete with each Stopar, “but tournaments also sional player,” he said. operations, the need to keep
privacy for the also allowed forms of other, not just the machine.” have important advantages for Of course, multi-players (and costs down and different player
experienced, whilst roulette style betting Gold Club’s newest innova- casino managers: they generate Gold Club) focus on much expectations of the gaming
operators can choose into markets where the tion for electronic roulette a lot of money in a short time more than just automated experience, which include
from a long list of pros game is not permitted allows operators to set up tour- and the yield matches much roulette.“On ev ery casino floor, being able to see a real, if
including less with electronic dice naments where players start more closely the ideal percent- even in purely electronic mechanical, event on which
overheads in terms of equivalents of the game with the same amount of age from money-in.” casinos, there has to be a full they are betting. Best use of
labour costs, games allowing players to money then play for a fixed Last year Gold Club also mix of games,” said Stopar, limited space is also important.
that run 24/7, more place bets in a roulette period. The person with the launched a system that allows “including slot machines from “As these markets mature,
games per minute and format. The end user is most at the end wins and their multi-player roulette machines different manufacturers, differ- players develop different
less player disputes/ clearly the winner with a name goes up on a leader board to link into progressive jack- ent games, a mix of paytables requirements, which means
human error. The greater array of games with operators deciding what pots along with standard slot and volatility. One reason why that we have to work hard to
emergence of terminal to choose from as well sort of prize to offer. machines. roulette dominates in this ensure that multi-players con-
technology just under a as more variety in how “Good players really want to “This means that players on format is that it is the easiest tinue their huge popularity,”
decade ago changed to the play them. prove how good they are,” said the roulette machines can have game to make a full simulation said Stopar.
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