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The cost of smoking
bans in Europe
Smoking bans have
upinsmoke confirmed: “Cigarette and restaurants), in all indoor With this in mind, the Greek casinos reinforced
FEATURE smoking and gambling often waiting areas, as well as in air- Greek casinos sent a letter to their support for the govern-
co occur.” The excitement ports, ports, on public trans- the Minister of Health in early ment’s efforts to protect
revenues at casino
With the density of gamblers during the game in expecta- port and in taxis.” December 2008 asking that minors and to limit the nega-
across the world.
who are also smokers being tion of the outcome leads to However, as Diavatidis the gaming area in casinos be tive effects of passive
so high, casinos across the stress, which in turn is com- explained, the MoH can exempt from the ban. Within smoking, committing them-
Three members of
world have been hit hard pensated by smoking. What is declare the terms and condi- the letter, special emphasis selves as a sector to: install
the European
wherever smoking bans have clear, though, is that the tions under which specially was placed on the following and guarantee high quality
been introduced. removal of the smoking/ gam- separated and ventilated facts: Greek casinos con- ventilation systems in
Of the 12 countries expe- bling relationship has severely smoking areas can be estab- tribute more than E500m per gaming areas, perform
riencing either a partial or a hampered GGR. lished, thus leaving room for annum to the State Budget, regular controls by inde-
total smoking ban in Europe, Stamatis Diavatidis, new exceptions. He believes that entrance to the gaming area pendent surveyors on air
gave their views
all but one suffered with dra- projects manager at Club introducing a ban in Greek is only permitted to people quality in smoking areas and
recently at the
matically reduced Gross Hotel Loutraki in Greece and casinos would have even over the age of 23, so minors enforce the requirements of
Gaming Revenues. Atten- vice president of Grand more dramatic effects than are not affected and more the new law in restaurants
International Casino dances at these venues have Casino Beograd in Serbia, on gaming floors in other than 70 per cent of the casino and all public areas.
been hit by a drop of said: “In Greece, although we jurisdictions. customer base are smokers. Diavatidis added: “We are
between 5.9 and 14 per cent do not at present have any “It is important to under- Diavatidis argued that still waiting for the minister’s
organised by the whilst GGR has suffered far law in force imposing a stand that the law is addressed alternative and illegal offer- response but are optimistic
ECA and Clarion.
worse being slashed by partial or a total smoking ban in a country where, accord- ings, such as online gaming, that casinos in Greece will be
between seven and 39 per in the gaming area, in line ing to World Health Organisa- cannot be subjected to this either excluded from the total
cent, the latter stat coming with the European and global tion Statistics for 2008, 52 per legislation. smoking ban and will con-
from Portugal which has trends, in late December the cent of adults are currently “The impact on countries tinue operations almost like
been hit particularly hard. parliament passed a law on smokers,” he explained. “Ciga- in which a ban was already they do today, or will be
Slot play also seems to have “Protecting minors from rette consumption per capita enforced showed a signifi- allowed to provide large
suffered the most. tobacco & alcoholic bever- in Greece in 2007 amounted cant slump in visitation and enough smoking gaming
Whether there is some- ages”. It declares a smoking to 3,000 for the year, exceed- revenues,” he said. “The eco- areas to accommodate their
thing within the psyche of the ban as of July 1 2009 in all ing consumption in countries nomic crisis had forced coun- smoking clients. If not, and
slot gambler that means they indoor work places, in indoor like Spain, Russia and India. It tries like Hungary, or cities taking into consideration the
are more likely to smoke places offering and/or pro- is also worth noting that over like Atlantic City in the US, to extremely high percentage of
remains to be proved, ducing food and beverages, 70 per cent of males aged postpone the introduction of smokers among the country’s
although a 2002 study by the in the interior of entertain- between 35 and 54 are, or smoking bans.” population, coupled with the
University of Connecticut ment centres (including bars used to be smokers.” Closing the letter, the global economic crisis and its
26 May 2009 • report
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