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Taking e-cards Looking to Inspire the
to the MAX game of blackjack
PRODUCT NAME: TableMAX TableMAX systems allow operators to PRODUCT NAME:
TYPE OF GAME: Electronic table game offer table game style gaming to players Inspired Blackjack
MANUFACTURER: TableMAX in jurisdictions where table games are PRODUCT TYPE: Semi-
HOW TO PLAY: Offers electronic poker, not permitted or where the casino pit is automated blackjack
blackjack and Caribbean Draw and Stud not live 24 hours. TableMAX also sup- MANUFACTURER:
poker. In Progressive Blackjack, side bets ports the product post install by hosting Inspired Gaming
are focused on the number of consecutive promotions to help familiarise players CONCEPT: Automated
Aces dealt to a player in any one hand, and operators alike with its games. Blackjack is Inspired’s
regardless of split and/or double-down PLAYER BENEFITS: Players can now pioneering automated
rules. The TableMAX version of Caribbean enjoy table game style gaming 24 hours a banker game that bolts
Stud Poker is played on the company’s day, even in jurisdictions where table onto a live blackjack
electronic table game platform, taking the games are not permitted. The community table and is aimed at
game to a multi-table/multi-casino style of play and a proprietary life-chang- both the UK and interna-
network. On the TableMAX platform, ing progressive jackpot add to the excite- tional casino markets.
players compete for slot like progressive ment. Additionally, TableMAX games offer With unsurpassed
jackpots. Jackpots are paid when a player players extremely low table minimums. methodology, the casino
successfully is dealt a sequential royal product offers the choice
flush or a reversible sequential royal flush. of two different modes.
Caribbean Draw poker allows the player to The first ‘fully automatic’
discard up to two cards, which further mode allows an unlim-
enhances the feel of a live table game expe- ited number of players to
rience and increases the player’s interac- participate remotely, and bet on multi-
fits of playing live at the table but without
tivity. The game also features an exciting ple hands, via an electronic terminal.
any distractions.
optional 50 cent side bet, enabling Table- Innovative camera recognition software
MAX’s exclusive progressive jackpot. is used to track play and the game is
multi-content terminal allows Automated
OPERATOR BENEFITS: Operators dealt by a croupier taking direction from
Blackjack to be delivered alongside
report that since installing TableMAX a dealer console. The second mode
Inspired’s best in class Multi-Win
systems on their slot floors, it is not allows remote terminal players to ‘back
Roulette, offering the customer ultimate
unusual to find players waiting three bet’ on live players seated at the table,
choice and flexibility with two casino
people deep to get a chance to play. meaning the players have all the bene-
staples on the same terminal.
A Pearl without price
Virtual cards and
chips, real enjoyment
PRODUCT NAME: Pearl by operators thanks to its industrial PRODUCT NAME:
TYPE OF GAME: Roulette Multiplayer strength operating system, Windows Digital 21
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pearl is a PRODUCT FEATURES: Each station Hosted electronic black-
compact roulette with five gaming sta- has a 17-inch touch screen interface and jack table
tions that combine ergonomics with con- JCM bill validators; they surround a high MANUFACTURER:
temporary design. The latest roulette quality, GLI-approved roulette wheel DigiDeal
format in the Gold Club stable, it is under a glass dome. The machine is on- PRODUCT DESCRIP-
designed for locations with limited space line, TITO, cashless and player-tracking TION: Played on
and, says the manufacturer, boasts a ready. It can also be connected to a DigiDeal’s next genera-
level of reliability that will be appreciated jackpot to allow players to participate in tion multiplayer digital
bigger money prizes. table system with virtual
Players can also make cards and chips, this
use of other features, classic blackjack game
such as drag-and-drop features a live host that
function, the game brings the appeal and
history displayed back social interaction that only
66 numbers, “save a real person can com-
game” and “max bet” bined with state-of-the-
functions. For operators art TITO technology and
the machines comes full network connectivity.
equipped with a wide OPERATOR BENEFITS: the Digital 21 table a true casino table
range of security fea- The Digital 21, says DigiDeal, offers a game. Credits are always in view and
tures and reporting func- level of productivity, security and available for play from the onscreen bank
tions. accountability, not available on tradi- - full or partial cash-out by ticket can be
tional table games. The digital table made by the dealer at the player’s
system is fully network capable and com- request. The 12-inch touch screen dis-
patible with SAS-enabled financial track- plays are simple to use and feature
ing systems. friendly graphics including play advice
PLAYER BENEFITS: A live host makes and clear signals as to the game outcome.
38 May 2009 • multiplayersreport
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