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Xtra moves puts
TITO on the tables
comes in
on World
PRODUCT NAME: TableXchange update Player’s Club Cards, enabling
PRODUCT TYPE: TableXchange is a players to receive loyalty points for activ-
revolutionary new device that allows ity at table games. In addition, FutureL-
players to use TITO cashout vouchers at ogic’s TableXchange provides a variety
table games. of administrative interface features to platform
MANUFACTURER: FutureLogic assist the dealer. These include a pro-
DESCRIPTION: TableXchange connects grammable touch-screen with player
table games to the casino’s existing TITO position, currency-type, table-limit
PRODUCT NAME: WM Gambling Platform part in a variegated system of tourna-
network by scanning and printing selection, manual printer controls, and
PRODUCT TYPE: Software equip- ments.
cashout vouchers. This technology pro- the ability to print promotional coupons
ment/gambling: Casino, Poker, Betting, For the first time ever, the Betting module
vides a common currency across the on demand.
Scratch&Win, Bingo meets the needs of both players and
casino, creates a bridge between slots
MANUFACTURER: World Match licensees. On one hand, the user can count
and tables, and helps casinos identify FUTURELOGIC
GAME DESCRIPTION: Revolutionary on a highly advanced front end offering
valuable crossover players. TableX-
software platform that can manage numer- comprehensive information, and on the
change further streamlines casino oper-
ous different modules simultaneously, other, the licensee can offer dynamic, cus-
ations by virtually eliminating the need to
including casino, poker, betting, scratch & tomised results management as well as
replenish chips at table games. To buy in,
win and bingo. A new product that com- creating bets on different levels. Last of all,
the player gives a TITO voucher to the
plies with European Union normatives, the Bingo and Scratch & Win modules
dealer. TableXchange scans and dis-
offers a profitable investment and enables recreate online all the simplicity and spon-
plays the voucher value on the device’s
users to play in perfect safety with no taneous fun of traditional games.
LCD and touch-screens, allowing the
border limits. ADDED FEATURES: Unique gambling
player, dealer, and security operations to
The Casino module stands out for its inno- account with numerous advantages for
confirm the voucher amount. The player
vative interface that offers all the classic both the players and the licensees: players
then receives chips and a TITO voucher
games in a simple but comprehensive can access all the game modules without
for any cash balance. To cash out, the
format for traditional users and a more having to open different accounts, while
dealer simply collects and enters the
advanced, professional format for experi- licensees can enjoy the simplified manage-
value of the player's chips on the alpha-
enced players. ment and increased potential of the single
numeric keypad. TableXchange then
The Poker module offers players the account.
prints a cashout voucher for the player.
chance to interface with an average daily
Added features: TableXchange is fitted
network of over 5,000 players, compare WORLDMATCH
with a Magstripe reader to record and
different sports poker versions and take
Plenty of
character with
EGO cabinet
DESCRIPTION: The new cabinet fea-
tures outstanding player convenience
and optimum serviceability for opera-
tors. A 16:10 wide screen will make
players feeling closer to the game,
Golden touch
giving a sensational graphic and sound
experience. The location of key player
components enhances players’ comfort
to a new level such as the positioning of
for auto-roulette
player tracking units between the main
display and the button panel, easy
access to the card reader, bottom
PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic Roulette
located speakers and comfortable
located printer. Operators will enjoy the
DESCRIPTION: Modern and comfortable Omega Plus is an eight player auto-
serviceability enhancements including
mated roulette terminal with touchscreen monitors. In the Plus version Omega has
two different hard meters’ positioning
table top illuminated bill validators, discrete foot rest lights and a led lighted orna-
options. The solid metal structure con-
ment crossbar. All these features make the user experience even better and the
firms the nature of Magic Dreams’ cabi-
elegant design more attractive. Omega Plus like all Gold Club’s multiplayer
nets, but always with a look to a modern
roulettes and Unica independent wheel can transform into Super Bingo roulette,
where the wheel is replaced by a glass dome with plastic numbered balls. This
and lighter design that make EGO the
solution is aimed at the markets where roulette with wheels are banned.
pioneer of a new era for the Italian slot
ALSO ON THE STAND: Gold Club will also present its brand new Texas Hold’em
manufacturer. The perfect mix between
Poker for ten players and Black Jack/Baccarat for five players. Also on show will be
chrome and painted details make this
Gold Club’s biggest touchscreen roulette Vega in new colours and the high end
cabinet a product with its own person-
Pepo roulette. Five Neon systems will be connected to three Unica independent
ality that won’t fail its aim to scoop the
roulette wheels, one of which will be a Super Bingo Unica. These will host tourna-
competition on the gaming floor. ments throughout the show and will be connected to Gold Club’s progressive Jack
Pot and to the Vision Online Cashdesk.
66 January 2009 • productnews
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