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Casinos to play
the community card
globalgamingexpo2008 to compete for the same jack-
LAS VEGAS pots at the same time when-
ever any of the players got
Banks of linked gaming lucky. Wheel Of Fortune
machines with shared bonus Special Edition really brought
rounds look set to captivate community gaming to life
slot players into 2009 with with its huge depiction of
more and more slot manu- the game show’s wheel
facturers playing the com- around which slot players
munity card in their latest sat. On the back of this eBay
collections. was launched last year with
The world’s top manufac- its 40-inch, big-screen reels
turers were at G2e showcas- establishing a powerful pres-
ing how the shared slot ence. WMS has been one of
experience has grown in the pioneers of community
popularity since the onset of bonus games which form a
the Multi-Level Progressive key element of the
era. With virtually every slot company’s product develop-
specialist now selling MLPs ment strategy. Using its valu-
in a variety of configurations, able Monopoly licence, it has
the latest technological combined that with another,
advances have seen develop- Transmissive Reels, to offer
ers offering the chance for all the entertainment and
players to not only play for flexibility of video slot
the same jackpot but to share machine gaming to the tradi-
more of the gaming experi- tional stepper machine
ence along the way. Although market. It has also seized on
not an altogether new the zeitgeist to bring in a com- where everyone takes part Atronic’s Deal Or No Deal experience with a difference the show in terms of tech-
concept with previous years petitive element to its com- and benefits to a greater or Join’ n Play and Tree of Riches with its DualVision slot nology was most probably
seeing the introduction of munity gaming strand lesser extent. The competi- were two perfect signposts where two games can be ReelDepth, a truly unique
community-based games, through Reel Em In. tive element now being for where such community played at once via a couple concept allowing players to
their prevalence at this year’s Community gaming arose introduced recognises that games are heading with friendly playing experience. switch the mechanics of the
show certainly highlighted from a recognition that winning out over the other huge, all consuming playing IGT took this a step further game in terms of number of
their potential for the future. women, who make up a huge guy - or girl - is fun too. experiences delivered spec- allowing players to play one reels, lines etc as they so
Games such as IGT’s Indiana proportion of the slot This year several other tacularly to groups of theme, four times on an indi- desire. Such complex tech-
Jones paved the way with machine player base, tend to manufacturers were chomp- players. Elsewhere, Bally was vidual slot via its MultiPlay nology could revolutionise
triggers allowing all players enjoy inclusive activities ing at the community bit. emphasising a shared playing technology. But the star of the slot industry once more.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water
bigfish original GEN7 including dynamic rates two “wheel” bonuses, one
ARISTOCRAT scorecards, player selectable bet unique to the game theme, and a
and line structures, hi-res graph- second that is common in all Hit
Aristocrat launched its new Jaws ics, full 2.1 CD-quality stereo the Height games.
Jackpot link which puts a new spin sound. The Viridian RFX houses Jackpot Royale sets new slot
on Universal Studios’ classic the latest in advanced reel and standards by presenting the first
Academy Award-winning film. The lighting technology from Games- multi-game, multi-denom, Double
complete Jaws link package has man, touch screen interactive Standalone Progressive jackpot.
been hand crafted to excite players bonusing and is driven by the same With Jackpot Royale, the number
with themed cabinets, game powerful, flexible and efficient of lines automatically changes
fishing chairs and signage technology that drives our superior depending on the denomination
designed to really stand out on the performing video product - the the player chooses.
gaming floor. The range of exclu- GEN7 platform. Viridian RFX is In systems, the all new Oasis
sive Jaws jackpot video slot games RoHS compliant, maintaining Aris- 360 gives a more in-depth player
combine iconic Jaws music, film tocrat’s commitment to a greener profile than ever before, unsur-
footage and symbols to deliver an gaming environment.” passed by any other system. Oasis
action-packed and unforgettable
Daniel Lindsay
In the video slot category, Hit 360 gives a complete, 360-degree
player experience. Jaws is all
with Banana
the Heights breaks new ground in view of players with the flexibility
about the hunt and the thrill of the King and Jaws design, function, jackpot potential to communicate with them how
chase and brings new levels of and operator flexibility. The slot is you want to, in an easy-to-use
excitement to your gaming floor. an entirely new game category that Windows-based toolbox.
Also on show was the revolu- on the award-winning success of mechanical reel slots. Viridian RFX features “Firecracker Jackpots" It even enables players to use
tionary Viridian RFX stepper. As its Viridian video slot cabinet, Virid- utilises many of the same proven that are fun for players and flexible their players card across the
the company explained: “Building ian RFX houses 3 and 5-reel features and capabilities of the for operators. The slot incorpo- entire property.
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