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Atronic plays
EGT’s Vladimir Dokov and
Daniel Van Marissing
community card with
slot innovation at its best
Slot innovation was worked exceptionally well;
brimming over on
the slot with no reels.
the stand of Atronic
Presented in the Titan, a
fully functional, oversized
where a huge US
video gaming machine,
licence was sending
now upgraded to operate
visitors into a new
on the Hi(!)bility platform,
Deal or No Deal - What’s
dimension along with
Your Deal game takes
a new branch in players to where some want
community gaming
to be all the time, through
and a slot with no
to the bonus features. Stand-
ing at 6.5 feet high and over
reels. 3 feet wide, the Titan’s
departure from traditional
communityfeel reels invites players to spin
ATRONIC a 12-section wheel that
could land on one of three EGT’s Olia Ah-Ahmed
Stand out products stood exciting Case bonus trig-
out proudly on Atronic’s
Atronic’s Gerhard
gers. Whilst traditionalists
G2e booth with much of
Burda, Sylvia Dietz and
may gasp at the concept,
what is currently cool in
John Lancaster with
the maths behind the games
First show of
slots on show in some spec- the Stargate SG-1 slot remains the same behind
tacular configurations. the reels and anyone focus- strength for EGT
Visitors were swept into ing on consumer choice
a new dimension of linked
will see it as a must have for
gaming with Stargate SG-1,
Heribert Moik
2009. euroaways Classic Blend jackpot
a multi-bonus progressive with the Elsewhere, there was also EUROGAMES TECHNOLOGY system supporting up to 16
link based on the block-
the US launch of the new independent progressives
buster movie and popular
Tree of
Asian themed Dragonboat, Such is the expansive ambi- with up to four denomination
TV series. The eye-catching
offering a new tournament tion of Euro Games Technol- levels each and up to three
Stargate SG-1 merchandis- concept with exciting ogy, the Bulgarian based slot mystery jackpots.
ing package drew crowds graphics and story line manufacturer was exhibiting Completing the showing
from across the convention based on the traditional at G2e for the first time this were EGT’s electronic
floor. Chinese Dragon Boat races. year with its Vega Vision line roulette and semi-electronic
Community gaming was Modern technology met up central to its plans. Black Jack table.
also a major theme with classic comedy on The Presented in its elegant EGT’s managing director
Tree of Riches and Deal or Three Stooges, an e2 link dual monitor upright and Vladimir Dokov said: “This
No Deal Join’ n Play demon- concept based on Larry, slant top machines, EGT was was the first participation of
strating the new bound- Moe and Curly’s slapstick showing 14 Vega Vision EGT at G2E Las Vegas, and I
aries slot designers are adventures. Players enjoyed games, the newest of which, can say that we are particu-
pushing in terms of added the nostalgia of black-and- Gold of Roma, Age of Troy, larly pleased with our pres-
playing experience. In the
The community
white video clips from the Summer Bliss, Book of entation. The company
spectacularly presented
version of Deal
original films, while Magic, Kashmir Gold and products definitely attracted
Tree of Riches, players can or No Deal thrilling to three levels of Casino Mania are all 20 line, serious interest from visitors
celebrate the joy of shared progressives and multi- five reel slots. New out for the from North and South
wins and experience that tiered bonus rounds in vivid show were White Wolf and America and Asia. Several
money does indeed grow contemporary graphics and Samba Queen. large-scale projects are in
on trees. A mystery trigger colour. Vega Vision + was also on the negotiation phase. I defi-
starts the Tree of Riches State-of-the-art e2 Slant show featuring its 22 inch nitely think that participation
bonus round where players cabinets demonstrated the main screen and a wide 26 in an expo of this class
choose interactive bird latest in player comfort. inch second screen. Games speaks volumes about the
characters to help them Users were immersed in the included Great Egypt and high level of our company’s
shake the tree and win big. action on the e2 Slant’s 19- Lucky Buzz. As was EGT’s development.”
Golden bills offer additional inch or 22-inch dual screen
bonus rounds with even cabinets - and could easily
higher prizes. A nice added see the long-term benefits
touch is how the falling for their casino floors,
notes float from the top thanks to the cabinet’s
Indoor relief for smokers
communal screen onto the adaptable technology.
individual slot screens. Atronic also presented a outofthebox
Deal or No Deal Join’ n wide range of new core SMOKE SOLUTION
Play, another addition to the games for both the e² and
proven Deal or No Deal Harmony cabinet families. Smoke Solution’s export
titles, and an exciting part Games on show included - manager Niels Sigh was
of Atronic’s Community among many others - showing the SmokePoint
Bonus Series, also thrilled Treasure Hunt, Mystic cabin, aimed at more liberal
visitors. Awed by the sight Pearls, Treasure of the Pyra- jurisdictions where they just
of five integrated vertical mids and Toucan Treasures, want smoking not to interfere
46-inch LCDs, visitors featuring unique and inno- with others.
would have been riveted by vative features such as Wild The SmokePoint is an open
the highly interactive Deal Stays Until it Pays and Sur- cabin with a powerful but
or No Deal Join’ n Play guar- rounding Wilds. quiet extraction fan and filter
anteed bonus. The game On the systems side, the that pulls in smoke and
also took the whole Deal or newly launched state-of- odours allowing smokers and
No Deal game show feel to the-art table display Dis- non-smokers to carry on
a new level and proved why playMaster was livening up socialising. It has already
a slot machine is now no the atmosphere around been installed in the Casinos
longer just a slot machine. table pits by providing Austria-operated venues in
The fourth stand out game information and Copenhagen and Munkeb-
element on the booth was a
The bonus only version
history as well as the ability jerg, which have reported that
unique, somewhat bizarre of Deal or No Deal to run multi-media shows despite the restrictions, and that customers are happy
sounding concept which and ticker messages. attendance has not declined with the solution.
38 January 2009 • G2ereport
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