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IGT’s AVP in the EU
for all
PRODUCT NAME: Advanced Video free spin bonus; MultiPlay video slot,
Platform which lets players play one theme up to
PRODUCT TYPE: Server-based four times simultaneously on the same
gaming platform machine - some games in the family will
MANUFACTURER: IGT allow player to play four progressive
PRODUCT FEATURES: Already jackpots that can be won at once.
installed in Casino de la Vallee in north- Games already developed for the plat-
ern Italy and in the casinos in Lisbon form include Cleopatra, Wolf Run, Lil’
and Pavoa in Portugal, the Advanced Lady and the new themes Hawaiian
Video Platform (AVP) is arguably the Sunset and Golden Eagle.
most powerful, developed and refined
server-based gaming platform on the IGT
market. Using IGT’s sbX technology it is
STAND 3430/3630
highly flexible with the enormous con-
PRODUCT NAME: 13.56MHz Table Top verify transactions while securing and
nectivity needed for today’s games.
Authenticator accelerating payments.
With an impressive portfolio of capabili-
PRODUCT TYPE: RFID Reading Device ALSO ON THE STAND: the widest
ties, AVP electronics allow operators to
MANUFACTURER: GPI range of RFID readers in both 125KHz
download games, systems and soft-
PRODUCT FEATURES: GPI’s and 13.56MHz frequencies ever dis-
ware seamlessly to keep up with chang-
13.56MHz Tabletop Authenticator pro- played; the ECS detection gates; the
ing player demands. The system also
vides a swift and easy way for the dealer 125KHz RFIDPoker table with its pro-
has ability to run the stunning
to authenticate and value the chips at gressive version; a bill validator inte-
REELdepth platform games, which use
the table, along the lines of its 125KHz grated to an RFID-enabled BJ table; a
Multi-Layer Display technology to the
version. Built into the table-top with its roulette table with 13.56MHz bets
create the effect of true depth and
antenna nicely concealed under the recognition; a new revolutionary tech-
allows players to play traditional
layout in front or at the side of the nology based on optical recognition to
stepper reel-style games, video-reel
dealer, this self-contained device secure gaming chips; Paulson FX
games, video poker, all on one machine.
includes a display that indicates in a layout, US casinos preferred layout; a
split second the quantity and the total new range of video-reading roulette dis-
designed specifically for the AVP plat-
value of the chips placed on the screen- plays; innovative plaques designs and
form including Lil’ Lady and Mayan
ing area. Aimed at preventing the intro- finishes.
Riches, which use the same mathemati-
duction of fraudulent chips at the first
cal algorithms as the popular Wolf Run
entry point of the casino, namely the GPI
video slots series of games, and fea-
tables, it also allows for the pit boss to
STAND 3330
tures Stacked Wilds and retriggering
Touch of
keeps its eye
for Orion
on the prize
PRODUCT NAME: Glamour Cash
PRODUCT TYPE: Mystery Local-Area Progressive
PRODUCT FEATURES: The first Orion Networked Product,
Glamour Cash, is a five-level mystery local-area progressive
jackpot system. Glamour Cash enriches the playing experience
with prizes that can transport players to a whole new world of
glamour. The Glamour Cash mystery progressive bonus is
randomly triggered. The player touches each of the five reels to
get five numbers and the chance at a special diamond in one of
PRODUCT NAME: CasinoCams customer. The user is free to choose.
the reels. The sum of the five numbers awards a corresponding
PRODUCT TYPE: Surveillance The cameras can become eye-catchers
progressive amount. Glamour Cash features two nine- and 25-line
Cameras or remain completely discreet; in either
Orion Deluxe and two 50-line Line Plus base themes.
MANUFACTURER: Dallmeier case, the video surveillance will be seen
ALSO ON THE STAND: Orion’s Multi-Game series, Game Pack.
PRODUCT FEATURES: Compared to as part of the overall interior design. The
The first Game Pack offers five new Orion games in one Twinstar II
conventional standard cameras the latest design variants will be shown at
or Slant top cabinet for optimum variety and greater player
Dallmeier CasinoCams are designed to IGE 2009, ranging from burl wood,
satisfaction. The games featured in the first Game Pack are Orion
meet the specific requirements of stone, carbon to crystal look.
Deluxe Games Imperial Dragons, Nubian Gold and 7 Gods of Luck
casinos. Owing to a specifically devel- ALSO ON THE STAND: the VMC-1
and Line Plus games Samba Parade and Lucky Leprechauns.
oped software the CasinoCams, which Eagle video management centre, a
are equipped with Dallmeier Cam_inPIX modular and therefore flexible
technology, adjust quickly and optimally ergonomic control unit with individual
STAND 3060 to the different scenarios in a casino.
components including keypad, joystick
Specially developed presets ensure that or Jog-Shuttle. SeMSY video manage-
Dallmeier CasinoCams deliver top ment software that enables easy opera-
quality pictures in specific casino condi- tion and administration of several media
tions. The presets, combined with the data streams and provides live-render-
usual user-friendly menu navigation, ing and recording of video and audio
allow for an easy, quick and cost-effi- data at any point in a networked
cient installation of the camera in any system.
surveillance situation. Each model of
CasinoCam is also available as a DALLMEIER
DesignCam in a design created exclu-
STAND 3374
sively according to the wishes of the
58 January 2009 • igepreview
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