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PRODUCT TYPE: Electronic
Showing an i for
DESCRIPTION: Matjaz Petek,
a good deal
marketing and sales manager,
said: “Alfastreet has built its
Poker machine with a different
approach from the competition
PRODUCT NAME: i-Table hour while eliminating errors. Further, its inte-
and I can say it is a pretty
PRODUCT TYPE: Semi-Automated Blackjack grated card and bet recognition functionality unique machine on the market.
MANUFACTURER: Shuffle Master instantaneously records a variety of crucial We have a lot of experience in
DESCRIPTION: the i-Table combines a table game data points and its real-time
Multi-player games and we have
which is a game of chance, and prom-
variety of Shuffle Master’s products to create access to all card data gives the i-Table the
included all our knowledge in the field
ises to deliver a lot of excitement to the
an exciting new table game experience. Utilis- ability to offer players true odds calculated by
into our new Poker machine. European
Casino floor. Alfastreet is going to be
ing six touch-screen player stations embed- the value of their initial two cards against the
markets will be the target markets for
the first manufacturer to offer the game
ded in a standard size blackjack table, the dealer’s up-card.
i-Table combines an intuitive electronic ADDED FEATURES: The i-Table platform pro-
it's debut later this year. Our key cus-
in the electronic format. Also the new
betting interface with a live dealer who deals vides casinos with an unprecedented level of
tomers are very positive about the intro-
Keno Multi-player, Alfastreet R8
the selected game from either an i-Shoe Auto game versatility: its integrated software and
duction of Poker machine as they trust
roulette, Video Baccarat Multi-player, a
card reading shoe or one2six Plus continuous hardware configuration makes it easy to
the Alfastreet brand and they also trust
Dice-Sic Bo Multi-player and a Multi-
shuffler for games like blackjack and bac- switch between popular shoe-dealt games
our capability of innovation and the
wheel roulette technology, which will be
carat, or the i-Deal specialty shuffler for like blackjack and baccarat as player demand
ability to make the game player friendly
connected to the new SL line of single
games like Three Card Poker. By automating dictates. which guarantees better performance of
the betting process, the i-Table dramatically the machine on the floor.”
increases game security, accuracy and speed, SHUFFLE MASTER
ALSO ON THE STAND: Debut of the
resulting in a significant increase in rounds per
new Multi-player game called TAGO,
EGT presents its
new vision of a
slant top
PRODUCT NAME: Vega Vision+ Slant
DESCRIPTION: EGT will present new
games such as White Wolf and Samba
Queen on the widescreen machine
Vega Vision+ Slant Top, with its 22”
Top of the Shop
main screen, and 26” second screen.
The cabinet has a set of ergonomic
at Suzo Happ
features for enhanced player comfort
and comes with a chrome-plated metal
PRODUCT NAME: Round Topper colour behind a translucent bezel or
surface elegantly combined, eye-
PRODUCT TYPE: Gaming Machine white LEDs through a black or chromed
caching LED illumination attracts Accessories bezel. It comes equipped with XTopper, a
attention, exclusive stereo sound and MANUFACTURER: Suzo Happ customised USB control board designed
integrated IntelliTouch touch screen for
PRODUCT FEATURES: The Round for Suzo Happ by Heber.
an enhanced playing experience.
Topper is the first release of a new ALSO ON THE STAND: Illuminated
product line combining the technologies Handle Mech Ball, use any colour through
EURO GAMES TECHNOLOGY of Suzo Happ, Starpoint and Heber. The two multi-coloured LEDs controlled from
STAND NUMBER 3310 Round Topper allows cost-effective the host machine; Towerlight Topper, a
development of any games using a disc mini topper box to be mounted on any
or wheel, such as roulette, lottery wheels towerlight and equipped with multi-colour
or clock games. It features a newly devel- LEDs; Round Video Topper, from the same
oped integrated disc-mech with two family as the Round Topper with an added
motors creates a new dimension in these 19-inch Samsung LED panel; Reel Topper,
types of games, such as a front and back as with the Round Topper but with three
disc mounted in sequence or a disc and Starpoint reels with 12 symbols each - a
arm that can be independently controlled four-reel version is under development;
and run at different speeds and direc- Hess HE 303 Note Counter and Sorter.
tions. The lower section has two optional
windows for display game features. SUZO HAPP
There are two illumination effects: multi-
STAND 4240
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