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PlayMe Grand
Piano back
twice as strong
Any Las Vegas connoisseurs will recognise all too well the concept
of duelling pianos from a night spent in New York New York’s piano
bar. Add a roulette wheel or a slot terminal to the offering and it’s
easy to see where Casino Technology is coming from.
Rositsa Stefanova and
Sonia Nikolova show
the Gemini Sensa
doublingup Ukraine, Czech Republic, phere in the gaming area.
CASINO TECHNOLOGY Bulgaria and Cyprus, Casino Casino Technology’s engi-
Technology was offering neers went even further in
After the successful launch of more daring solutions based offering another unconven-
PlayMe grand-piano roulette on the same concept. tional solution by adding
at G2e 2007 Casino Technol- The latest development slots to the mix. PlayMe
ogy was back offering a range PlayMe Dueling Piano pro- Video slot is a multi-station
of new variants revealing vides unique entertainment platform completed with
further the product’s unlim- value along with an increased selected video-slot games.
ited options and multifunc- number of player seats. It rep- All necessary video-slot fea-
tional use, in terms of spatial resents a configuration of two tures are built-in the grand
configurations and engineer- grand-piano cabinets with a piano cabinet.
ing solutions. shared automatic (or semi- Also being launched for the
Introduced a year ago in automatic) roulette wheel first time in the US market was
Las Vegas the innovative that can either work in a group the group’s new Gemini Sensa
concept, where the betting or as stand-alone roulette ter- slot. Developed following
terminals and the roulette minals independent from analysis of players’ require-
wheel are built in a real each other. Its construction ments, research and customer
PlayMe Dueling
Piano gets the vote
musical instrument, was a provides great convenience feedback from thousands of
of confidence
major success appealing to for the operators, as it can be Gemini units around the
both visitors and experts and suited to fit in places with dif- world, the new development
was announced as ‘the most ferent size and floor plans. keeps the essential ‘musts’ of board technology, ensuring monitor provides a real-time nearby machines. New games
striking feature in automatic An additional attraction its predecessor but also takes instant player control and entertainment broadcast. included Deep Water Fishing,
multiplayer machines’. and excitement comes with a huge jump ahead in player user-friendly intuitive play. There’s also an improved Kilmanjaro Treasure, Ocean
After the warm reception the option for duelling entertainment and enhanced Two panorama LCD displays stereo sound system which Madness, Queen of Nubia,
from clients and its subse- pianists, which enhances the user features. provide a better viewing area focuses the sound towards Dancing Queen and the new
quent success in a range of entertainment element and The most important new for greater visual impact, the player, limiting the acci- multi-game offering Multi
countries, including ensures great live atmos- feature is the innovative key- whilst a third auxiliary dental noise interference from Gemini VIII.
Electroncek closing in on US licence verdicts
closeencounters States is a third generation
ELECTRONCEK market and we’ve already
had notable installs of G3 in
Electroncek is hoping to the markets where we’re
take some huge strides in licensed. Some licences
the New Year in terms of take a long time to be
license approvals for sales granted but we’re told we
for its Interblock range of could have some positive
automated products in the news in terms for the
United States. International Gaming
Although it cannot reveal Exhibition.”
exactly where due to the The group has also
Peter Moffitt,
president of
sensitivity of the process, installed its first Electro
the chance to replicate the Mechanical blackjack
success of its G3 range of game into its first venue.
roulette, blackjack and “The data that the venue
EasyStart to
bingo products in is reporting is highly
California, Arizona and encouraging,” Chapman
New Mexico, in the said.
nation’s biggest casino The group was at G2e
markets was clearly new customers alike at G2e. Electroncek’s Marty Glazman showing its new range of
whetting the appetite of Sales director Timothy
and Timothy Chapman with
displays for its automated
intelligentdevelopment president of Octavian, which sales staff and potential Chapman said: “The United
the new display
roulette range.
OCTAVIAN recently gained a listing on
the OTC Bulletin Board
Octavian launched EasyStart exchange in New York.
at G2e, its low entry cost, “In a way, the economic
scaled casino management downturn will help us:
Elite gaining velocity
system that offers casino casinos need to maximise
operators of all sizes access revenues from their opera- terminalvelocity ance, the Velocity’s comfortable layout
to essential data and intelli- tions and they want to do it at ELITE CASINO PRODUCTS encourages players to enjoy lengthy
gence to help them manage very little cost, which is pre- play times.
and develop their businesses cisely what EasyStart and the Elite Casino Products launched the The Velocity slot cabinet features a
- see the November 2008 other products in our range latest product in the Millennium Slot patent-pending door opening mecha-
edition of Casino Review for are about.” Cabinet Series, the Millennium Velocity nism that provides partial accessibility
a detailed look at the product. Moffitt continued: “The Slot Cabinet, combining the traditional for daily and minor maintenance (ticket
“We have been seeing a quality of people at G2e was appeal of an upright cabinet with the refill, printer or DBV service, or button
good deal of interest in our excellent - it’s the tough comfort of a slant top. panel exchange) and full accessibility
products from casinos even ones and the smart ones Engineered to give players an abun- for game maintenance. Elite Casino’s
in more mature gaming who will still be around at dant amount of personal playing space, Jayne Alm and James O'Keefe are pic-
markets,” said Peter Moffitt, the end of it all.” as well as generous leg and foot clear- tured here.
40 January 2009 • G2ereport
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