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One eyed
Supervision of
Set to
the slot floor
PRODUCT NAME: SlotScanner and increased security. The MultiSite
PRODUCT TYPE: Slot Management provides easy control of dislocated
it all
System venues from Head Office. Real time
MANUFACTURER: Advansys data, various alarms and swift decisions
DESCRIPTION: SlotScanner enables enables to manage venues to better
supervision of the slot floor from the performance and lesser costs.
operational, marketing and manage-
ment perspective, enhances casino ADVANSYS
PRODUCT TYPE: Displays for American
profitability and increases player
roulette with video reader
MANUFACTURER: Set Production
DESCRIPTION: The system is called so
Accounting & Cage controls, monitors
because it consists of a camcorder which
and analyses the financial, security,
watches the roulette ball like the eye of a
maintenance and activity time issues of
Cyclops. It has no analogues and no other
each slot machine. The Ticketing
sensors except for the camcorder. Audio
system is a software solution for man-
and video outputs allow pictures and
aging ticket-in, ticket-out operations by
sound to be transmitted. The open data
linking all gaming machines that print
communications protocol, the use of
and read cash-out tickets. The Player
standard interfaces RS-232 and Ethernet
Tracking enables supervision of the slot
allow similar devices into the network.
floor from the marketing and CRM per-
ADDED FEATURES: One second reading
spective. It provides necessary informa-
of the ball, own operational system
tion to identify best customers and
MULTEX (not Windows), compact con-
nals for remote game on American
build their loyalty. The Jackpot can help
troller, complete statistics of all events on
roulette, poker terminals, electro-
create progressive and mystery jack-
the wheel, technology Real-Sim - reality
mechanical roulette
pots for wide or local area progressives
simulation animation, any video informa-
as well as for the stand-alone variation.
tion including TV, any network solutions
The CashLess moves the money around
and multimedia possibilities.
casino floor faster, with lesser expenses
Koi over
new slot title
Party time from
fun loving Casino
MANUFACTURER: Aristocrat Europe
DESCRIPTION: 5 Koi is a new oriental
fish-themed Power Pay game for XCite.
The 5 Koi oriental theme has evolved
through the use of Chinese symbols, the
familiar Lucky Coin as scatter, the lus-
cious Golden Carp as substitute and
PRODUCT NAME: Dancing Queen by one until he finds three records of the
four Chinese Lucky Wish symbols;
PRODUCT TYPE: Video Slot same kind. Depending on which type of
Prosperous, Good Luck, Wealth and
MANUFACTURER: Casino Technology records has been uncovered, the player
Lucky. These symbols create a theme
DESCRIPTION: Dancing Queen is a enters one of the three types of free
that is appealing across the globe and,
medium volatility video slot game with five games modes: Pop Party, Disco Party or
combined with the highly volatile game
reels and nine, 15 or 25 winning lines. The Techno Party. In Pop Party the player
design, is sure to be a success.
max win is 10,000 times the bet times the gets initially 10 free games, which could
ADDED FEATURES: Whilst playing 5
bet multiplier. The game features an strong be restarted. During the mode the Wild
Koi, the free games are won when three
gaming concept, combining interactive symbol could appear on second and
or more scattered coins appear. Players
bonus feature with three different types of fourth reels, multiplying the wins where it
move to a second screen feature and
Free games modes, featuring attractive features by two and four respectively. If
choose up to 20 Free Games with a mul-
winning combinations. The Wild symbol both are featured in the winning combi-
tiplier of up to 30 for the correct coloured
Disco Girl appears only on the second and nation the win is multiplied by eight
Koi symbols substituting in a win. An
fourth reels and substitutes for all other In Disco Party the player gets initially 15
additional 5 Free Games are awarded if
symbols including the scatter. The Scatter free games, which could be restarted. All
the Power Pay button was played in the
symbol Disco Ball appears on three, four the wins are doubled. In Techno Party
game that started the feature. During the
or five scatters on the screen to trigger a the player gets initially 10 free games,
Free Games, a Red Packet anywhere on
bonus feature with free games mode which could be restarted. During the
reels one and five awards a random
ADDED FEATURES: The player enters a mode the whole third reel on the screen
prize of 50, 20, 15, 10 or 2 multiplied by
new bonus screen, where they have to is a Wild reel.
the total number of credits staked.
choose from 12 disco balls, which
covers three different types of gramo- CASINO TECHNOLOGY
phone records. He opens the balls one
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