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Player Driven Innovation
key to design at WMS
In the unseemly mêlée that is the world economy at the moment,
is the Bonus Multigame, “People have been
Subsino adds
there are more than a few companies reeling punch drunk. So far
which allows players to waiting eagerly for the new
choose between four dif- content to be released,” said
Tomb Crasher to
WMS Gaming is not one of them: its dukes are up and it’s looking
ferently themed reel games Lucas.
games mix
chipper. Hugh Sorrill reports
with new logos and colours With strong games within
on the outer screen over- these four platforms, WMS is crashingtheparty
laying the reels, which now mixing it up, present- SUBSINO
include some blank car- ing at G2e for the first time,
touches. The bonuses are for example, a Transmissive Taiwanese-based Subsino was
either interactive or Reels game that is also a in attendanceat G2E showcas-
respins, depending on the Community Gaming instal- ing several new games includ-
player’s choice of game. lation. Monopoly Grand ing Tomb Crasher, Angcor,
Two new games within Hotel Big Event has a three- Deep Shaking and Treasure
the Community Gaming reel base game with the now Island. Pictured here are
strand are a new version of familiar video screen overlay Subsino’s Hunter Wu and Ter-
Reel Em In with a Compete but it is now patched into a rence Lin with a selection of the
to Win element and Power- big bonus game that allows new games.
ball. all the qualifying players to
“This new Reel Em In now take part, with characters
has a competitive bonus,” choosing positions and
marketing director Candace prizes on a Monopoly board.
Lucas told Casino Review. “It “This is not just about
means that in the bonus putting out more games,”
round, everyone is playing said Lucas, “it’s about putting
against each other; hitting out the right games to the
the button faster in the main right people at the right
game gives the player a time. This has been what’s
higher bonus multiplier but driven us. Almost all our Weiya
the result of the bonus game games come out at about the
demonstrating its
is randomised. With its big same time across all our
screen and graphics, this is world markets. We make sure
cabinet collection
the next generation of Com- we do our market research
munity Gaming.” too: we go back and engage trophycabinet
Another new variation is our players so that when WEIYA
the Powerball: Power Seat. they sit down the experi-
“We love this,” said Lucas. ence they have is the experi- Slot cabinet and monitor man-
“Random selection among ence they want.” ufacturer Weiya was showing
Marketing director Candace
the qualifying players puts The impressive big new its latest in cabinet design with
Lucas in front of the Monopoly
one person in the Power concepts and games are not its LCD thin type super slot
Grand Hotel Big Event Seat. That means they can the complete story of cabinet range boasting the
trigger the Powerball, course. A good proportion CAD 2, CADS 1 and CAT015
which bounces around the of the company’s bread and options. Weiya’s Robert Lin is
bonus screen using a real- butter is generated by tradi- pictured with some of the
time physics engine that tional standalone machines company’s slot cabinets.
makes the ball behave and multi-level local area
exactly as it would in reality. progressives. WMS has
We want the experience to brought in several new
be as real as possible.” games for its three-reel
The company is also mechanical multi-line offer-
extending the community ing including Witches Brew
concept into video poker and Double Swords and
with the introduction of Big Shields. There is also the
Event Poker, a networked popular G+ Series of video
game that offers randomly reel games, with new titles
triggered bonuses to qualify- including Rising Fortunes,
ing players. There are four Blue Moon, The Big Money Odrex looking at
bonuses, including ‘4 to a Show and Black Knight.
Gambling of the
Royal’ that sees players One of the factors that has
Competitive edge on
awarded a free poker hand helped keep WMS’s rev-
the new community
of four suited cards between enues healthy has been its
bonus for Reel Em In 10 and Ace with a fifth card leased or participation game visionofthefuture
face down. programme. This is a cost- ODREX
A new game on the effective way for many oper-
combinedinspiration lent technology platforms New games for Transmis- Sensory Immersion plat- ators to install the very latest Odrex’s Olga Shymko was
WMS GAMING that form the new founda- sive Reels include two ver- form is Time Machine. With technology. Some operators, helping demonstrate the
tions of WMS’s product sions of the Wizard of Oz, surround sound created by however, like to own their virtues of the Ukranian
A few years ago WMS Gaming range. Transmissive Reels originally developed for the Bose speakers in the chair, machines - are obliged to in company’s new upright
decided to concentrate on combines ever-popular reel Sensory Immersion plat- the game transports the some jurisdictions - so WMS roulette slot game which allows
developing new concepts games with video technol- form. Wicked Riches with its player backwards and for- has released Transmissive players a spin on the roulette
and technology: it has since ogy for great entertainment; Flying Monkey bonus round wards in time where they Reels games for sale and it as well as bonus options to
come up with products of Community Gaming brings will appeal to those who can win bonuses, for also launched an upgrade play card and dice games.
finesse that at the very least a whole bank of players want to play on the dark side, example, by lobbing things kit that give Bluebird cabi- Labelled as Gambling of
sit comfortably within the together for the bonus while Glinda the Good at a T-Rex in the hope that it nets almost all the function- the Future, the company’s
gaming zeitgeist and at the games, spreading the appeal; Witch, is designed for those will be discouraged from ality of the new Bluebird 2 stand was also showing its
very best define it. Players, Sensory Immersion and with a bit more pink in their eating you. cabinets. latest betting terminal which
and therefore operators, are Adaptive Gaming have ele- lives. The company has also WMS has also added a new “Both of these will help accepts bets on all manner of
responding positively, testa- ments that attract players added a new Monopoly title chapter to the growing Star operators who are looking sporting events. Known as the
ment to which are WMS’s used to home consoles, the to the platform: Reel Estate Trek themed game on the carefully at how they invest Bookmaker terminal DeLuxe it
financials and a packed-out former offering fantastic Tycoon has multiple bonus Adaptive Gaming platform, during the downturn,” said accepts bets for all the essen-
stand at G2e. sound, graphics and point- rounds with different enter- in which players can earn Lucas. “We are not blind to tial football, hockey, basket-
The company calls it a of-view features, the latter tainment experiences on medals over time that give what’s happening in the ball, volleyball, handball
‘Player Driven Innovation’ progression through game each spin. them access to higher levels economy and our commit- championships, as well as
approach to game design, levels and plot and content A brand new addition to and new content, almost no ment is to make sure we ATP and WTA tournaments,
and is built on the four excel- development. theTransmissive Reels suite matter where they play. understand their needs.” Formula 1, keno and lottery.
32 January 2009 • G2ereport
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