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Big Event
for WMS
Protocol from
PRODUCT NAME: Big Event Poker
PRODUCT TYPE: Communal Poker
PRODUCT FEATURES: Big Event Certification Programme
Poker is the first Communal Poker & GSA University
product using WMS’s Big Event server PRODUCT TYPE: Tech-
technology. IT allows players to enjoy nical Services
their favourite poker games with the COMPANY: Gaming
added benefit of a ‘winning’ community Standards Association
experience. Big wins for the entire bank PRODUCT FEATURES:
are possible in bonuses like 4 to a GSA protocols are
Royal. The Big Event Bonus has a time- appearing in gaming testing. After certification they are listed
based trigger. An extra bet gets the devices around the world, making it in the certification registry, which opera-
player a shot at the four random com- increasingly important for operators to tors can then browse to find products
munity bonus events: Free Hands Poker know that the devices they are consid- that will interoperate with all the other
- seven free hands with twice the pay ering purchasing and installing on their GSA-certified equipment. GSA Univer-
table; 4 to a Royal - four cards to a pos- gaming floors have been certified to sity has overview courses for execu-
sible Royal Flush, with a fifth dealt ran-
backwards in time for winning adven-
work as intended with the protocols.
tives and in-depth courses for
domly and prizes from a pair of Jacks
tures; Glinda the Good Witch and
Additionally it is important for engineers
engineers. The Executive Awareness
up; Poker Pots - simple stud bonus, the
Wicked Riches, Transmissive Reel
and executives to have a working
Series is a quick way for busy execu-
better the five-card hand, the better the
games on popular Wizard of Oz licence;
knowledge of the protocols. GSA has
tives to raise their awareness about
prize; Chip Bonus - a random credit
Lucky Penny five-reel video game; Extra
launched two new programmes. The
what protocols actually enable casinos
Extra Luck three-reel mechanical game;
first, GSA Certification Programme
to do. Technical classes aimed at engi-
the new state-of-the-art Bluebird2
helps both operators and manufactur-
neers for both OEMs and testing labs
Em In: Compete to Win Community
ers to be assured of consistent imple-
offer two levels.
Gaming product, winning together but mentation of GSA protocols. From the
with an edge; in the Sensory Immersion
STAND 3060
GSA webpage, manufacturers can GAMING STANDARDS ASSOCIATION
strand Time Machine, go forwards and submit products for independent STAND 3021
Innocore Earls Court | London | 27th - 29th January
launches Intel
PRODUCT NAME: DPX-E105 with the cost-effective Intel ATOM
PRODUCT TYPE: PC-based Gaming processor. A full feature set of I/O and
Board COMs designed specifically for gaming
MANUFACTURER: Innocore Gaming devices is also included, making the
PRODUCT FEATURES: Innocore DPX-E105 an ideal integrated platform
unveils a new ‘Entry level’ arrival in the for many gaming, amusement and kiosk
successful DPX series at IGE 2009. The applications. The overall system is
DPX-E105 is a complete industrial com- fanless and the gaming functions share
puter system that offers great perform- the same API as Innocore’s other DPX-
First Choice
ance and very low power consumption series boards. The DPX-E105 comes as
an all-in-one-box solution. The system
is housed in an attractive, high perform-
For Gaming
ance aluminium extruded case that
combines small dimensions, When over 200 of the gaming indus-
229x180x77mm, with state-of-the-art try's most respected manufacturers
passive cooling and rugged construc-
launch in excess of 2,000 products at
tion. The powerful 1.6 GHz ATOM CPU
the same expo, you know that it’s an
runs with only very modest heat dissipa-
event which means business.
tion (2.5W) and offers excellent graphics
Be part of the experience
performance for two independent dis-
plays through the integrated graphics
2009 will see ICE and ICEi incorporated under
engine. The E105 system provides com-
the International Gaming Expo umbrella brand
- the largest and most comprehensive gaming
prehensive gaming specific I/O and exhibition in the world.
security derived from the field-proven,
robust designs used on the DPX-S
STAND 3332
56 January 2009 • igepreview
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