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campgrounds). Then head to Parker Ridge
for a short, 2.5-kilometre hike up to the
saddle and get blown away by surprising
and awesome views of the saskatchewan
Glacier cascading into the North
saskatchewan River valley. After a couple of
hours, head back to the Icefield Centre and
learn more about the lifecycle of glaciers
by walking through the comprehensive
Glacier Gallery (open from early May to
Day 2: WilCOx Pass TRaVERsE
(11.2 kM TRaVERsE)
If you choose to completely traverse
Wilcox Pass (highly recommended), rather
than turn back halfway, you’ll need two
cars or to hitchhike your way back. But if
you don’t want to hitch a ride, bring your
road bike. One of you can drive about 12 crowds of tourists arrive and their buses (Don’t venture on the glacier since deep
kilometres down the parkway and park interrupt the pristine view. Walk along the crevasses lie hidden below thin layers of

across Tangle Falls and cycle back to Wilcox wide trail leading to the toe of the glacier snow.) After a hearty breakfast, leisurely
Pass trailhead – a great warm-up for the and get carried away by the history of this make your way back home to Calgary.
s: N
day’s hike! glacier, which has receded more than 1.5 Map and Guide: The Columbia Icefield T
Nearly an hour after walking up the kilometers in the past 130 years and lost map produced by Gem Trek Publishing is
Wilcox Pass trail, through a 400-year-old more than half its volume due to global excellent. Further to directions, it has all points
forest, you will emerge into a wide-open warming. standing toe-to-toe with the of interest identified including hiking trails,
space and be greeted by astounding views Athabasca Glacier, its vastness is sure to accommodations and lots of fascinating facts
of alpine meadows, glaciers and snow- mesmerize and captivate your imagination. about the area.
covered peaks. If you’re looking for a Zen-
like hike, this is it. Children and adults alike
will get that overwhelming realization that
they are part of something much bigger and
unquestionably magnificent.
Day 3: aTHabasCa glaCiER
(1.2 kM RETuRn)
Rise with the sun and drive to the
Athabasca Glacier parking lot – well before
ticket to the outdoors
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