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lost your running Mojo?
Five simple steps to help ex-runners
rediscover their motivation
¦ I’m in a funk. I can’t seem
to get motivated to run. It’s
something I love to do — and
want to do — but that first step
seems so hard to take.
I’ve been like this before. Back in 2004,
after running two marathons the previous
year (Vancouver in the spring and Victoria
in the fall – both in rain, no less), the desire
to run completely vanished. It was like I’d
suffered a running overdose, and a one-
year stay at rehab, otherwise known as
the couch, seemed like the perfect refuge.
In retrospect, my reaction at the time
shouldn’t have been that much of a surprise.
If you complete a major running goal, don’t
be surprised to find your motivation lagging
after the event is over.
But I got my mojo back in 2005 and
started to train again. I entered a few more too because there’s someone to
races (10Ks) and began running with some chat with,” she says.
friends from work. But now I feel like I’m on 2. get healthy: Attend to your nagging
the verge of slipping into my second severe aches and pains. The fear of further
slump. Work is busy and so is the home injury can put a damper on re-starting
front. There never seems to be enough time any running program.
to get out for a run (at least that’s what I 3. Watch other runners: Heading to
tell myself). After canvassing a few of my a prime running locale such as the
friends, these five tips rose to the top of the pathways near Eau Claire is a great way
list of ways to get your groove back. to spark a flame.
1. Join a running group: Whether it’s 4. sign up for a race: saying “I do” to a
heading out with co-workers after the race commitment has always stoked
9-to-5 grind, or joining a more formal my running mojo. There’s nothing like a
run club, which you can sign up for deadline to get you motivated to run.
at most running stores, hitting 5. Remember how it makes you feel:
the pavement with a group Running is special. On the best
of friends is an easy way days, it can be both meditative
to recommit to running. and invigorating. Problems slip away,
It’s a good type of peer you feel re-energized, and it’s a
pressure. My friend Dana wonderful way to meet new friends and
says it’s harder to back deepen the relationship with people
If the Shoe Fits ...
out of a running date you already know.
The toe box of running shoes should be
if a friend is counting so I think it’s time to get off the couch and
roomy enough to wiggle your toes. Ensure
on you to show up. make a plan. I’m going to commit to a race
there is a thumb’s width between the end
“Then it becomes this fall and start running more with friends
of your toes and the shoe. The heel cup
a social event from work. Mojo, here I come.
should fit snugly without slippage.
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