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Now is the time
both eyes open, so let’s suppose the day
has come to pick your puppy. That adorable,
for puppy love
little, pot-bellied cutie with the
unconditional love is going to be your raison
d’etre for hitting Calgary's outdoors –
sometimes at 4 a.m.!
¦ YOu’RE sTANDING with eyes closed, 1. Let’s start with what you need before you
face turned up towards the brilliant sun. bring your new puppy home. Buy a crate. It
Breathe deep and smell the musty grass provides your pet with a safe, secure, and
peeking out from winter’s opaque remains. happy place to be. You need to choose the
You are exuberant with the thrill of being correct size of crate with an area small
alive. It’s natural to want to share our enough that your puppy will not want to
contentment with someone. Who better soil it. Check out local pet stores, and ask
than that eight-week-old puppy in the them to explain the benefits of each.
window you’ve been dreaming about? 2. use a crate pad or mattress to mimic the
There are many factors to consider. If comfort and warmth of the puppy’s mother. latex toys that are easier on the puppy’s
you’re an apartment-dweller whose idea of It gives you peace of mind when you put intestinal tract. socks and shoes should be
outdoor activity is a tour of one of the puppy to bed, too. If the puppy is soiling the stored out of reach because nothing smells
downtown districts, you should probably crate repeatedly, the bedding may have to more appealing to your newest family
leave that blue-eyed husky on the farm. Or, be removed. member than you.
if you enjoy plying the Calgary trials in your 3. Get a leash, collar, identification tag and 5. Enrol in a basic obedience course to
hiking boots, perhaps that border collie is microchip when your puppy has its shot. increase the understanding between puppy
just right for you. The collar should be removed at bedtime and you. socializing your puppy in the world
While deciding which breed is because collars and tags can get caught on is a must. Introducing everything in your
appropriate for your lifestyle and family, crates. As well, don't forget to talk to your world to your puppy within the first six
common sense is your best friend. The vet about the most appropriate type of food months of his life is key. When your pet
library and Internet contain lots of for your puppy’s needs. associates food and comfort with your
information about specific breeds and their 4. If you have small children, keep their environment and interests, you can do
attributes. It’s best to choose your pet with stuffed toys away from the puppy. Choose anything together.


Whether you are looking to hike to the top of
Mt. Kilimanjaro or kayak around the pristine
islands of Belize, we can take you there.
Ask us about our ACTIVE Adventures...
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