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You ride
how far to
A beginner’s
guide to cycle
Always carry the tools you need with you the amount you ride to where you are
regardless of how long the trip is. comfortable. Along with all the other
benefits of riding to work you might even
sTEP 4: PREPaRE yOuRsElF MEnTally inspire someone else at your office to ride
This is by far the most important and as well. Enjoy.
I WAs LIKE YOu. One of those people who most difficult part. The first few rides are Richard is holding a free workshop for those
want to start cycling to work but think it is going to be hard so mental preparation is that want to learn more about communting
just too far or requires too much effort. We essential. Start out with one day a week and how to get started. It will be held on June
all know there are many reasons to ride to or drive half the way to the office and 17 at 7:00 pm at the McKenzie Towne Hall.
work: health, the environment, traffic, or ride from there. Go to bed early and leave Email Richard at for more
only having one car between the two of you yourself lots of time in the morning to get information.
(or none at all). Regardless of your reasons ready. Check your bike the night before and
you can do this if you just think beyond make sure it is ready to go. Ride your route
«CO TIP: Bicycle Emergency kit
those excuses. What follows is a practical a couple of times on the weekends until
Pack into a small saddle bag: a spare tire
guide to getting started from someone who you are ready.
tube, CO2 inflater or small tire pump,
had the same doubts as you do. It may seem hard at first but it will get
small tire levers, a multipurpose mini tool,
easier. Don’t think you have to ride five
Band Aids or small basic first-aid kit.
sTEP 1: Plan yOuR ROuTE days a week, either. Gradually increase
The City of Calgary has a very extensive
bike trail system with much of it completely
off the road. You will be surprised how little
•Historical galle
road you have to ride on. Pick up a map at
•Tax FR
your local Co-op store and plan the best
with a
EE gift s
route, keeping in mind there may be more
historical boo
great selection of
than one route to work or home.
•Kids activity a
sTEP 2: aRRangE yOuR OFFiCE
July to September
One of the hardest things to do is get
ready for the day after riding in. If you
email for a
n appointm
have a shower at the office, great – buy
everything you need and leave it there. If
Mary S
t N
chaffer’s J
o Longer:

you don’t have a shower, a quick “bath”
1908 and 1911”
with some baby wipes in the handicap stall
of the washroom does the job. Bring extra
July 1—Septem

ber 15, 2008
clothes to work and don’t forget a belt and
a pair of shoes. Find a place to let your
cycle clothes dry for the day or you can roll
Our Su

them up in a dry towel and stick them in an
Feature Exhibits
empty file drawer.
sTEP 3: PREPaRE yOuR bikE
Get a tune-up to make sure it is road
Students & Se
Adults $5.00
worthy. Learn how to change a tire and fix
niors $
a chain. Carry two spare tubes in case you

have a flat on the way to work. This ensures
you are not left without one on the way
10 am to 5 pm dail
home. Practise fixing a tire on the weekend
d at
400 P
m the Aq
id Lake
c Center
so you are not scrambling if it does happen. CALGARY  SUMMER 2008 13
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