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Say goodbye
to back pain by
add a modification to ensure that your core is
always being challenged and getting stronger.
Advanced Level:
Glenmore Reservoir
training your core
Change your base from a squat on two feet to
loop via causeway,
a one-leg squat, or add movement by trying a
Nose Creek
BY HannaH daYan squat with a shoulder press (“Hands up!” just
Pathway (Zoo to
like in the movies, and then press your arms
64 Ave N.E.)
¦ sports enthusiasts of all shapes
Fitness Routes:
and sizes often suffer from back pain.
Western Headworks Pathway (17 Ave. s.E.
This all too familiar injury can cut short
to Chestermere Lake), Carburn Park to
the time people spend on the track, in
Elbow Drive via Bow River the gym or on the playing field.
A weak centre or core is one reason
BIcYclE people experience this pain. The core
is made up of all the muscles that
Pack into a small saddle
connect in some way to the vertebrae
bag: a spare tire tube,
in the spine; some experts include
CO2 inflater or small
the muscles around the hips. With a
tire pump, small tire
better understanding of how these
levers, a multipurpose
muscles work together to support the torso, overhead until they’re straight). You can also
mini tool, Band Aids or
you can boost your core strength and stamina, add equipment, and do a squat on a wobble
small basic first-aid kit.
and skip the pain pills. board.
kaYak PaDDlE SIzINg
Core training can teach your torso muscles Remember these three basic tips:
For whitewater kayaking, size the paddle
to work as a unit to support the spine. so, rather • Get a medical exam before starting
by holding it over your head with your
than doing isolated movements (e.g. crunches) any exercise routine.
arms out at
think of whole-body movements. That means • Once you have mastered one version
your sides
almost any full-body exercise, from squat to of an exercise, change it.
and your
push-up, can strengthen your core. • Never hold your breath during
elbows bent
As you master one version of an exercise, exercise.
at 90°. Your
hands should
be about one
hand’s width
from where each blade begins.

37 Recreation Trails

Monkman Pass Memorial
Hiking Trail

4 Provincial Parks

ATV, Snowmobile &
simply pour rubbing alcohol into a spray
X-Country Skiing Trails

bottle and mist the insides of the shoes
Horseback Riding

before and after wearing. If used regularly,
Riverboat Tours
rubbing alcohol can
keep shoes from

Day & Lantern Tours to
Dinosaur Trackways
smelly in �
Dinosaur Camps
the first �
Community Centre Exhibits

Dinosaur Discovery Gallery
gEOWHaTINg? unwind
Geocaching, basically, is hiding a cache of

Aquatic Centre
goodies, including a log book, absolutely

9 Hole Golf Course

anywhere. You then publish
the latitude and longitude
of your cache, and people
lasting impressions
Tumbler Ridge
Visitor Centre
try and find it with no more Tumbler Ridge, BC Toll Free:
than a $100 electronic
Email: CALGARY  SUMMER 2008 29
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