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with pain and fever relief medication Bring the field guide and plenty of pencils
for kids. Routinely check your children in a plastic zip lock bag.
for ticks, bug bites or scratches and 8. CREaTE advEnTURE
treat accordingly. Kids are constantly bombarded with
4. FUEL and HYdRaTE aBUndanTLY virtual adventure in video games and
Kids expend a lot of energy running movies. Here’s your chance to give them
around, on and off the trail. Make sure a taste of real-life adventure. Bring Walkie
to have healthy and fun snacks – such Talkies for playing hide and seek around
as cheese and apples, and trail mix with camp, set mini-challenges looking for
plenty of chocolate bits – readily available natural treasures or objects you hid, and
(placed in the top of your pack or in your introduce them to map-and-compass
pockets). Make sure to keep your children reading, and when experienced enough, let
well hydrated by making them drink them lead the way.
water every hour. 9. UnLEaSH CREaTIvITY
5. STaY TOGETHER Scrapbooks are all the rage and a great
Children are curious by nature, but way for kids to create their own memories
that curiosity needs to be in check when of their trip. Bring sufficient disposable-
traveling in the backcountry. Never ever let film cameras and let their creativity
your child be unsupervised or run far ahead unfold. You’ll be amazed by what they
on the trail – you never know what hidden photograph. Make a photocopy of the trail
dangers lie around the next bend – it could map to include in the scrapbook so your
be a bear, a cougar or a 100-metre cliff. child can indicate campsites and various
6. BRInG FRIEndS areas they enjoyed.
Parents should bring their children’s They can also draw the most memorable
friends when possible. This is a definite part of their trip and write stories or poems
must if you have an only child. Kids love to about their experience.
play with one another while hiking; it helps 10. BRIBInG…
take their minds off the actual walking, Okay. I admit it! On two separate
which gets boring after 30 minutes. They occasions, I’ve had to turn to bribery to
sometimes also compete with one another, motivate our daughter to carry on – and – it
which gets them moving at a good pace. saved the trip. I only bribe when absolutely
7. PLaY aLOnG necessary and strategically wait until
Without the usual home distractions, we’ve past the halfway mark. At this point,
parents have a great opportunity to share each child starts with $20, a token reward
childhood stories with their kids, tell jokes for what they have just accomplished.
and sing their hearts out. It’s also a great Then each child gains one dollar for
opportunity to play “I spy with my little each kilometre without complaining or
eye” and have each child record all of the fighting. But if they engage in unfavourable
wildlife they’ve encountered on the trip behaviour, they lose a dollar. Finally, each
in their very own copy of Rocky Mountain child can spend their earned money on
Nature Guide published by Lone Pine. whatever they want.

Most kids have a low tolerance for
discomfort but enjoy jumping into puddles,
streams and mud, and climbing trees or
boulders along the trail. Make sure to bring

two of everything including hats, shoes/

boots, clothes and plenty of non-itchy wool Rock, Ice & Mixed Climbing Toll Free 1.866.678.4164
socks. If your children are on medication
Canmore, AB
Ski Touring ·
make sure to bring extra and don’t forget
Hiking Vacations

non-toxic sunscreen, bug spray, colourful

band-aids, antibacterial ointment along CALGARY  SUMMER 2008 17
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