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Gastroparesis and Dysmotilities society. Tandem canoe on-side turns
Two of Ed’s grandchildren are affected by
the disease).
From hiking his interest has flowed into
enthusiasm for tracking his hikes using
The tandem on-side turn uses the following four stroke sequence
global positioning satellite (GPs), a skill
to turn the canoe to the bow person’s on-side.
he easily learned after he once became a
little disoriented on a descent of Mount
Bow: Forward stroke.
Yamnuska and ended up just a little lost. He
Stern: Forward stroke.
now enjoys geocaching as well.
Both paddlers tilt the canoe
Just don’t ask him to cook, even though
toward the inside of the turn.
he’s a former baker. While in service during
the second World War, it was discovered
he was colour blind. He was given two
choices: a discharge or the job as a baker
with a construction battalion, and he chose
the latter. Now he leaves the cooking to
staff at his seniors’ residence, where he
lives independently but has meals in a
community setting and occasionally has
Bow: Forward stroke.
to rush home from hikes to make sure he Stern: Stern draw to
doesn’t miss a meal.
initiate the turn.
When asked to provide a few sage words Both paddlers continue
for other seniors who might be interested in
to tilt the canoe toward
hiking, his advice was good for any novice
the inside of the turn.
hiker, regardless of age. First off, go with a
group. “I started hiking alone,” notes Ed,
pausing for an overview of the Bow River
from the first trail lookout, “but my daughter
didn’t like it. so I bought a satellite phone.
’Course I never had to use it.” He likes the
camaraderie, organization and sense of
security that comes with an organized
hiking group. secondly, don’t try to prove
yourself, he says. If you can do it, do it, but
don’t overextend. Just enjoy the journey.
Ed hikes mostly with the Calgary
Outdoor Club, but he’s also joined the
Chinook Outdoor Club and the seniors’
Bow: Bow draw to control the
sharpness of the turn.
Outdoor Club of Calgary for jaunts. One
Stern: Forward stroke.
favourite hike is Burstall Pass in Kananaskis
Both paddlers continue to tilt the
Country and he’s looking forward to group
canoe toward the inside of the turn.
trips to Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail
and Lake O’Hara in Yoho National Park
Bow: Forward stroke.
this summer.
Stern: Forward stroke with
stern pry to stop turn.
Both paddlers level the canoe.
Working as a team, tandem paddlers use the This is an excerpt from The Heliconia
stern position to initiate the turn, and bow
Press’ new release Canoeing – The
position to control the turn. Both paddlers
Essential skills and safety available for
provide momentum when not actively
$16.95 at 888.582.2001 or
involved with a steering stroke. CALGARY  SUMMER 2008 35
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