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Three flies for
calgary waters
Steak and
strawberries with
A veteran fly fisher’s
balsamic reduction
must-haves L
¦ There are plenty of great places

Strawberries and balsamic vinegar go
to fly fish in and around Calgary,
s: J wonderfully together and are even better
on a juicy steak that has been grilled to
and they are quite different from
perfection. This recipe was inspired by
one another. But whether you
PHEaSanT TaIL nYMPH, SIzE 12, 14, 16
Claude Lauzon, and is best served with a
This fly was born in England like the sport
crisp spinach salad.
consider yourself a hard-core
of fly fishing itself, and it is the best all-
Bow River addict, or are content
round imitation of a mayfly nymph. In the
to spend a few hours on your
community lakes in Calgary and surrounding
towns, fish the P.T. on a floating fly line and
community lake or the Elbow
a leader tapered to 4X or 5X. Work the
River after work, there are a few
area where the water deepens offshore by
flies you simply must have. No
casting, letting the fly sink for a few seconds
and then retrieving it back slowly. In the
fly fisher would ever limit him/
Bow and Elbow
herself to just three, of course,
Rivers, fish it with Freeze the steaks in a Ziploc freezer
bag until you’re ready to pack your cooler.
but this hypothetical conundrum
the same outfit,
but add a small You can make the balsamic reduction a
does reveal the best of the tried
strike indicator
day or two before you leave. Heat 1/2 cup
and true. Don’t go near the water
to the leader
of balsamic vinegar in a small pot over
medium-low heat, and cook slowly until
without these.
about three feet
above the fly.
it reduces by half. Remove from heat. The
ELK HaIR CaddIS, SIzE 14, 16 Cast upstream
syrup will thicken as it cools.
This dry fly was developed in Montana and let the fly drift drag-free through the
Pour the syrup into a plastic container and
and has since become the most popular drop-offs at the heads of pools and along
refrigerate until you leave. Pack the butter
caddis imitation in North America. It’s inside-corner current seams. When the
with the other butter you will take on your
trip. Pack the strawberries so they’ll not be
effective on both moving and still water. use indicator hesitates, set the hook and let the
bruised, and then pack the seasonings.
it in your local lake when the fish are cruising party begin.
At Camp
and feeding on the surface, but be sure to BOW RIvER BUGGER SIzE 4, 6
Season the steaks with salt and cracked
also visit the Bow during its two important Originated in the ’80s by Bow River fly-
black pepper, and grill them to your
caddis hatches. The first is sometimes called fishing guide Peter Chenier, this streamer is
definition of “perfection.” Remove the meat
the Victoria Day hatch because it occurs a variation on the venerable Woolly Bugger.
from the grill and let rest for five minutes.
in late May. Check the Bow in Fish Creek Though it’s hard to say what it imitates –
Meanwhile, melt 1/2 tablespoon of
Park, but don’t likely a leech or a minnow - it catches fish
butter in a small pot. Chop the tops off
dawdle; the best everywhere. the strawberries and slice them. Add the
fishing occurs in It works in strawberries and sauté just until the berries
a short window both lakes are warm and starting to soften. Add the
just before runoff and streams
balsamic reduction to the straw berries
begins around the when cast out
and heat through. Remove from the heat
end of the month. and retrieved
and add one tablespoon of butter. Stir to
The second hatch back with an
combine until the butter is melted. Spoon
– the summer erratic motion. It’s best in the Bow in late
the sauce over the steaks.
caddis – occurs June when the water is clearing from spring InGREdIEnTS
after runoff and runoff. use a sinking-tip fly line and a short 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
provides late-evening fishing from early leader with a tippet no lighter than 2X. Cast
2 8-ounce strip loin steaks
July through september. Hit the river about across stream, let the fly swing below you
1 /4
teaspoon cracked black pepper
9 p.m. and plan to stay late. While you’re on a tight line and hang on.
teaspoon kosher salt
out there, think of a good explanation for Jim McLennan is an Okotoks writer and fly-
tablespoons butter
why you’ll be dozing off at work the next fishing instructor. His latest fly-fishing book is
cup fresh strawberries
Look for Laurie Ann March's recipe
day. Water Marks.
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