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far in advance to pack for cool nights but
some people thought Canadian weather was
exaggerated. Those people had a cold night.
Our ride that day was rewarded with more
incredible wildlife spottings. Deer, bighorn
sheep and dozens of mountain goats graced
our day. I actually became skilled enough
on the mule to manage taking photos while
remaining mounted. We traversed a steep
ridge walk in our pursuit of wildlife viewings,
and I didn’t need help once. I was becoming
an outdoorsy-type!
Barry showed us how to spot animal
droppings so we’d know what kinds of
animals were nearby. We spotted lots of
cougar and grizzly droppings as we went.
Our group joked about feeling like prey,
knowing these creatures were so near.
DaY 5 – spectacular ride today. The
winding trails led us up high and then
opened onto the secluded Rainbow Lake.
This was a real treat and total surprise as
no one expected to have lunch gathered
instinctively knowing just how experienced At each camp there was a large kitchen tent around a lake. The trees surrounding
its rider is. equipped with tables where the camp cook this area were hundreds of years old and
Today we rode to Flint’s Park Camp. The prepared meals. provided a picturesque backdrop.
terrain was very challenging, with steep That evening we rode into Mystic, our
trails overlooking 7,000-foot drop offs. final camp. I jump down from shea and
The other tourists gasped appropriately, grabbed my waiting gear. It took me only
impressed with views of the Canadian
wilderness. I was impressed too, but admit
to squeezing my eyes shut on the scary,
steeper parts of the trail. Barry let me know
that closing my eyes while on horseback is
a stupid thing to do. His point was quickly
made after I got whacked on the head by a
spruce branch I hadn’t seen.
We unloaded our gear and chose tents
again. This time setting camp went more
smoothly than before and I felt like I was
getting the hang of it. I made it to the
The Canadian Rockies
kitchen tent in plenty of time to visit with That evening we enjoyed a campfire and
Hiking & Backpacking Edition
the others before the huge meal was served. the American tourists taught the Europeans

Detailed Maps •
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how to make smores. The evening became

Trail Guides, •
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especially chilly. The days were warm •
Elevation Profiles •
3D Maps...and much more
enough to wear just a light shirt but the • Critical and
nights were quite cool even though it was Informative Info Maps for Banff, Jasper,

Import and
Yoho, Kootenay, and
DaY 4 – A frosty night’s sleep. Literally.
Export to GPS
Assiniboine, Kananaskis.
Last night’s chill turned into a Canadian
freeze as temperatures dipped to -8 degrees
Celsius overnight. The other tourists were
stunned, most having never experienced TFITTING
these temperatures before. I was thankful
for being Canadian and able to anticipate
what cold feels like. I made it through the

night just fine with my thick sleeping bag
and fleece blanket.
The tour company had informed guests
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