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Bally Technologies will machines and backend Global Networks Corp has
use Certicom’s Game servers. The Game entered into a letter of intent to
Guardian SBG Certificate Guardian SBG platform
Authority (CA) Server and will be integrated into
Bold move
acquire a proprietary technology
suit and the associated existing
Game Guardian SBG Bally Technologies’ for Global revenue account contracts from
Client to enable secure, rapidly growing line of
one of the industry leaders in
authenticated server-based gaming real-space casino-based
Bally in Certicom deal
connections between solutions. gaming technology and gaming
applications, gaming machines.
addition, gaming venues can enhance tors a secure gaming experience with
yield management during busy server based control, account infor-
periods by offering low denomina- mation, multi-factor authentication
Everything an
tion games to devices as well as and military-grade encryption. The
kiosks. Sona Gaming System is built upon the
operator needs
The Sona Gaming System reduces powerful Sona Gaming Platform, an
the need for additional labour allow- architecture which allows Sona to
ing casino staff to implement changes offer in-casino, internet and mobile P2P is a live multi-player
to their floor more quickly and effi- systems in conjunction with each
virtual poker room system
ciently (rather than making game other or separately. The mobile appli-
changes one machine at a time, the cation is simply an extension of the
designed for land-based
back-of-the house system can update web and casino applications, inte-
gaming establishments.
all machines simultaneously). Another grating the same look, feel and navi-
is device and network agnostic, offer- exceptional feature is the ability to gation that customers expect. ahybridsolution
ing a property many advantages such customise and display only the games Sona provides a system that has PGI
as the ability to generate incremental the operator chooses at specific enhanced features and is exponen-
revenue by extending the casino floor times, so a property can differentiate tially less expensive - per location - The P2P virtual poker
to ancillary areas; e.g. race and sports itself via networks, systems, play and than a stand-alone slot or other elec- system is based upon
books, bingo areas and restaurants. In content. The system provides opera- tronic table game. standard internet technol-
ogy such as TCP/IP com-
munication, SSL encryption
and is designed to satisfy
the exacting requirements
of the world’s strictest reg-
ulatory jurisdictions.
P2P is what might be
termed a “hybrid” solution:
all bases
A small executable program the operator’s existing
containing graphics, sound player reward system,
files and communication enabling the player to use
protocols is downloaded their club card to access
on to the gaming device. the game.
BetStone offers both a complete stand-alone
When launched, it estab- The most popular poker
multi-game system and a comprehensive
lishes a socket connection variations are offered as
networked or server based gaming (SBG)
with a remote application both cash games (AKA ring
server, where the system games) and tournaments.
platform. The format provides operators
logic and the RNG reside. Players may even play mul-
with ‘unsurpassed quality’. A robust database tiple tables/tournaments
stores all system data. simultaneously. Try doing
aqualityservice unique and proprietary plat- allowing downloading of the machine on the floor at any Designed for massive scal- that in a live poker room!
ABBEY ENTERTAINMENT form, acts as a ‘universal latest and most popular time of the day at the click of ability and 99.999% For the operator, the
adaptor’ by linking in various content to any Betstone a mouse button. uptime, P2P is an enter- Game Management
Powered by Microgaming, a and different peripheral machine on the gaming floor. Betstone is currently sourc- prise-level gaming system. System offers table and
major technology innovator devices such as note valida- The player plays against a live ing new content from third Gaming terminals come tournament management,
and industry leader in the pro- tors, coin mechanisms and server held offsite in a central party suppliers all around the in many forms: traditional High Hand and Bad Beat
vision of video slot and casino printers to establish a player location. world to provide the greatest slot cabinets, bartoppers, progressive jackpots,
games, BetStone offers high platform that ‘plugs and plays’ Betstone is currently variety of themes, features desktop kiosks, wireless player tracking, cashless
standards in gaming engineer- with minimum set-up. exhibiting at all major trade and graphics of any SBG oper- devices etc. For the player, player account manage-
ing, game play, security, fraud Each unit has a Betstone events throughout the world, ator. It currently has access to P2P is designed to resem- ment, accounting and ana-
control, servicing, administra- SBG PC installed along with as well as presenting at forums a library of over 400 games, all ble an internet poker room lytics… everything an
tion and, above all else, prof- Betstone’s own proprietary and seminars associated with of which will be migrated to in both form and function, operator needs to control
itability. Input-Output (IO) Board. The the gaming industry in the Betstone SBG platform in incorporating the most every aspect of the virtual
By purchasing one BetStone IO allows the operator the general. Each BetStone can the near future. desirable features of both poker room.
unit, operators need never buy choice of peripheral (note/bill house hundreds of games, With its back office man- online and live poker. The P2P allows the land-
another piece of hardware for acceptor, coin mechanism, allowing operators the flexi- agement system, Casper, an system features cashless based gaming operator to
single or double-screen con- thermal printer, hopper) best bility to choose which games operator can get real time data account-based wagering. benefit from the financial
soles, kiosks or machines. suited to their market, and it suit their player bases, and by from any machine on the floor, A player can establish an leverage and operational
Whether stand-alone or net- also ensure easy integration of becoming a BetStone client from anywhere in the world account at the casino efficiencies offered by
worked (SBG), adding games to buttons, meters, keystrokes operators will directly benefit as long as they have an inter- cashier, make a deposit virtual poker, while satisfy-
the BetStone platform is a and tower-lights. from access to this formida- net connection. and be playing within ing both their regulators
simple task. Furthermore, each unit has ble library. Popular content Betstone SBG is suitable minutes. The player track- and the poker-playing cus-
BetStone, through its an active internet connection can be loaded onto any for all territories worldwide. ing module can be linked to tomers they serve.
Innovation in technology
LVGI is looking to
playersatisfaction gaming floor, casino opera- ing wagering opportunities, casinos to communicate with add-on to the PlayerVision
gain a reputation for
LVGI tors are able to bring innova- advertising and television to the player to optimise system, increases the incre-
tive new content that both new and legacy video revenue across the enter- mental sports book revenue
delivering server- Las Vegas Gaming Inc’s increases time on device, slot machines from multiple prise or turn idle machines by turning video-based slot
based applications
theme for the G2E show was percentage of wallet and manufacturers. into digital billboards to machines into race and
on today’s gaming
“Innovation in a legacy overall player satisfaction.” In the core suite of appli- display promotions and sports book kiosks.
world: delivering server- The PlayerVision system, cations, the NumberVision advertising on machines Combine that with PV-TV
based applications on LVGI’s award winning tech- application allows casinos to across the venue. and you have a hot combi-
today’s gaming floor.” nology, was on display at add-on number style games Completing the core suite nation to increase race and
Jon Berkley, CEO of LVGI, G2E. The system, which is to their existing video slot of applications, the PV-TV sports book revenue and
said: “Innovation in a legacy the first to market with product. In Nevada, the application allows players to time on device.
world is a theme that points Server-Based application wildly popular Nevada view their favourite televi- Be on the look out for new
to the fact that we are able to delivery, provides a core Numbers keno game is sion show, race or sporting applications on the PlayerVi-
deliver Server-Based appli- suite of applications that offered to players as an up event (picture within picture) sion system from LVGI that
cations on to the gaming enable casino, VLT and slot sell at cash out. while playing their favourite will continue to drive prof-
floor today. By bringing the operators to dramatically Also included is the AdVi- video slot game. itable solutions to the
PlayerVision platform to the increase revenues by deliver- sion application that allows WagerVision, a premium gaming floor of today.
December 2007 serverbasedgaming 49
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